Hana Japanese Eatery

5524 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013
Sunday's hours: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

fresh soy beans steamed and lightly salted


japanese pan steamed dumplings


tender slices of slow marinated pork.

Tatsuta Age

bite size bits of lightly fried chicken seasoned japanese style.

Ebi Tempura

shrimp and vegetables cooked in a delicate batter served with tempura sauce.


breaded oysters cooked to a golden perfection.

Asari Sake Mushi

clams steamed in a light mixture of sake, ginger and soy.

Ika Kara Age

sweet butter marinated squid breaded to a crunchy finish.

Agadashi Tofu

lightly cooked tofu served in tempura sauce with bonito.

Miso Shiru

a delicate seasoned soup made with soy bean paste.


a clear fish broth with a light unique flavor.

Gyuniku Tataki

seared usda choice beef topped w/ginger sauce and served with mixed greens

Agadashi Tofu

premium tofu mixed with gourmet spring mix with sesame dressing.

Umi No Sachi

fresh tuna, salmon, octopus and white fish on top of gourmet spring mix served with lemon soy and sesame oil.

Tori Kara Age

japanese seasoned crispy chicken on top of mixed greens with hana house dressing.


avocados and fresh sliced parmesean mixed with greens and hana house dressing.


grilled atlantic salmon glazed with a traditional teriyaki sauce.


fresh ahi tuna marinated in hanas special sauce.

Habachi Gyuniku & Ebi

usda choice ribeye cooked teppan style accompanied with a succulent buttered shrimp.

Habachi Gyuniku & Hotate Gai

usda choice ribeye cooked teppan style served w/large tender northern scallops.

Habachi Gyuniku & Ise Ebi

whole lobster tail served with garlic butter and usda choice ribeye.

Hana Tempura

lightly battered shrimp, white fish and calamari served with seasonal vegetables and tempura sauce.

Hana Bento

9 pieces chefs choice sashimi, california roll shrimp & vegetable tempura

Tempura Udon

large white japanese noodles in a soy broth with shrimp and vegetables lightly battered on the side.

Tempura Soba

thin brown buckwheat noodles in a soy broth with lightly battered shrimp and vegetables on the side.

Ebi Yakisoba

pan fried shrimp, vegetables & noodles presented on a cast iron hot plate.

Yasai Yakisoba

pan fried vegetables & rice flour noodles presented on a cast iron hot plate.

Yakibuta Ramen

egg ?our noodles topped w/marinated slow cooked pork, bamboo, fish cake & seaweed.

Yasai Yaki Udon

pan fried large white japanese noodles & vegetables.

Hana Katsu

golden breaded chicken breast infused with koso butter

Hana Gyuniku

usa choice new york steak with sweet sauteed onions cooked to order.

Hana Yasai Suki

assorted seasonal vegetables, tofu & clear noodles simmered in a sweet japanese broth.

Ao Yasai

mixed gourmet greens with your choice of miso, ginger or sesame seed.


steamed japanese white rice.

Hana An Mitsu

aloe vera accompanied by mandarin oranges, blueberries & red bean paste w/a cherry on top.

Cream Filled Tempura

cream lightly battered to a golden crunch.

Tempura Ice Cream

your choice vanilla, mango, strawberry, or green tea ice cream lightly battered & served with chocolate sauce.

Macha Ice Cream

a scoop of delicious green tea ice cream.

Ichigo Mochi Ice Cream

your choice vanilla, mango, strawberry or green tea ice cream surrounded by a rice flour shell.

Kisetsu No Kudamono

a variety of seasonal fresh fruit specially cut by chef kaz.


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