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on opposite day we decided to see what it would be like to mix orange with its nemesis, strawberry. the result was surprisingly good. then we added orange sherbet, and it got crazy good.


thats just your tongue basking in the tropical oasis of pineapple, coconut and low-fat frozen yogurt. race you to the cabana!

Berry Banana Squeeze

cows are so 2004. its time to focus on the essentials of goodness: sweet strawberries, happy bananas and lip-puckering orange juice.

Mango Passion

were passionate about our mangos. we even named all of ours. theres manny, mary, mindy, milford. we could keep going. but theres more to discuss, like the pineapple, passion orange guava juice beverage and low-fat frozen yogurt also hidden in these delicious smoothies.

Strawberry Sensation

so smooth. so creamy. so, sensational. the irresistible blend of strawberry, tropical fruit juice beverage and low-fat frozen yogurt has been known to make a tongue go weak in the knees.

3-berry Blast

they say good things come in pairs. but add a third, and they come in mind-blowing explosions! strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, oh myalmost forgot the low-fat frozen yogurt.

Strawberry Xtreme

strawberries, banana, tropical fruit juice beverage and low-fat frozen yogurt were at first tasty, but not yet extreme. then we dropped the e, and now this smoothie goes all the way to eleven!

Pomegranate & Berries

we were going to call this smoothie a million dollars in a cup, but our lawyers thought we should be more transparent in our marketing. pomegranate juice beverage, strawberries, raspberries and low-fat frozen yogurt. pomegranate & berries.

Berry Pom Twilight

team berry or team pomegranate? both are fighting for the loving affection of nonfat dairy blend. it was a tough decision between the innocently sweet blackberries and raspberries and the dramatically dark and mysterious pomegranate juice beverage. so we threw splenda brand sweetener into the mix to smooth things over. now theyre one big happy family.

Pineapple Berry Daylight

by day, its known for its pineapple, strawberries, orange juice, nonfat dairy blend and splenda brand sweetener. but by night, its super citrus centaurhalf pineapple, half strawberry, fighting evil fatty villains while youre asleep.

Strawberry Delight

strawberry and bananaclassic smoothie staples. nonfat dairy blend and splenda brand sweetenerfriends of waistlines. to say its a match made in heaven wouldnt be entirely true since its made by our employees behind the counter.

Tropical Sunlight

whew, its getting hot up in hur. weve been crazy busy concocting this tropical ray of sunlight. mango, pineapple, passion orange guava juice beverage, nonfat milk blend and splenda brand sweetenerit might just be our craziest invention yet. well, that and the fruit asylum.

Orange Julius

we had a dream, that one day, oj would no longer stand for orange juice. no, it would stand for that delightfully charming mix of orange juice, sweetener and magic awesome powder known as an orange julius. the world caught on. and now, its a classic.

Strawberry Julius

when strawberry met banana it was love at first sight. now the paparazzi are doing everything they can just to keep up with strawbanana as the couple race around the globe in their sweetened magic-awesome-powder-fueled jet adopting children. delicious. celebrity. julius.

Tripleberry Julius

theres no separating the flavor bond of this berry trifecta. when raspberry gets in trouble, blackberry and strawberry always have her back. they are besties for life. three musketeers. bffs. but dont tell the ice, sweetener or magic awesome powder, because they feel left out.

Mango Julius

saddle up your flip-flops and grab a sunhat. this julius original is a sweetened mango-and-awesome-magic-powder escape to exoticville, or as some like to call it, that bench at the mall!

Pine Colada Julius

not going anywhere? bring the vacation to you. take a sip of the ice-cold pineapple mixed with magic awesome powder and sweetener and imagine youre at a white sandy beach with a coconut drink in hand, hula dancer at your side and crashing waves at your feet. oh, and watch out for falling coconuts.

Strawberry Banana Julius

you know how they say the apple doesnt fall far from the tree? well, this julius is as pure at heart as the old faithful orange julius. except this cup of frothy goodness has strawberries, sweetener, magic awesome powder and ice.


bananas are awesome because they smile at you, which is a pretty great way to start the day. add a banana to your drink and youll soon be smiling back. check out all the fantastic stuff thats in a banana!

Protein Powder

your body is a temple. sometimes you need to make renovations. our protein boost has all 22 amino acids - the building blocks of cells and strong muscles.

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