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Seasoned Tuna Medley Bowl Lemon & Cracked Pepper

with a quick-open lid, you can enjoy lightly marinated, perfectly seasoned premium tuna in no time. perfectly seasoned with fresh cracked pepper and a delicious touch of lemon.

Seasoned Tuna Medley Bowl Sundried Tomato & Basil

simply peel to enjoy delicious, lightly marinated, seasoned premium quality tuna with sweet sundried tomatoes and a hint of fresh basil.

Prime Fillet Solid White Albacore In Water

we hand-select solid white albacore and pack it in pure water. this is our firmest, whitest, best albacore ever. so delicious, you'll want to enjoy it all by itself.

Prime Fillet Albacore Steak Entrees

our premium albacore fillets come fully cooked and seasoned to perfection.

Solid White Albacore In Water

our delicious solid white albacore tuna is available in several convenient sizes to compliment any recipe.

Red Salmon

this premium alaskan canned salmon is our prized catch. red salmon (also called sockeye salmon) have a rosy color and a rich, delicious flavor. it is best served in dishes that showcase its beautiful color, and texture.

Pink Salmon Steaks

seafood meals made easy. fully cooked and seasoned to perfection, these tasty salmon steaks are a fast and easy way to serve a scrumptious seafood supper any day of the week. simply add a side and dinner is done!

Blueback Salmon

our select salmon product features pure sockeye salmon at the very peak of their flavor (when the scales on their backs are actually turning blue.)

Pink Salmon

a plentiful species, pink salmon is an exceptional value and makes a perfect ingredient in a variety of salmon recipes .

Keta Salmon

our best value; keta salmon is terrific for adding flavor to hot dishes like soups and gumbos.

Tiny Shrimp

more than 100 delicious tiny shrimp per can- just the right size for appetizers and salads.

Regular Small Shrimp

youll find over 50 delicious small shrimp in each can. bite-sized and perfectly suited for salads or hors doeuvres.

Regular Medium Shrimp

with up to 55 shrimp per can, our medium shrimp make a great addition into salads and hot dishes.

Regular Large Shrimp

with 20-30 large shrimp per can, these meaty shrimp are ideal for hot dishes such as casseroles.

Deveined Small Shrimp

more than 50 delicious small shrimp in each can. these shrimp come conveniently split, deveined, and ready to dress up your favorite salads and hors d'oeuvres.

Fancy Whole Baby Clams

typically 200 - 300 clams (yellow clam species) in each can, bumble bee fancy whole baby clams are perfect for pasta sauces, dips and chowders.

Chopped Clams

bumble bee chopped clams are perfect for pasta sauces, dips and chowders.

Minced Clams

bumble bee minced clams are perfect for sauces and dips.

Smoked Clams

bumble bee smoked clams bumble bee smoked clams are steamed, shucked by hand, graded, and then smoked in large 'smoke boxes'. smoking comes from natural hardwood, usually cherry wood

Sardines In Water

sardines in pure water for a clean, natural taste - no sauce or added oil .

Sardines In Soybean Oil

a traditional favorite

Sardines In Tomato Sauce

sardines in tangy tomato sauce

Sardines In Mustard Sauce

sardines with yellow mustard - an original american favorite

Sardines In Louisiana Hot Sauce

hot and spicy - sardines in real louisiana hot sauce

Sardines In Soybean Oil With Hot Green Chilies

sardines in soybean oil with real hot green chili peppers- a taste of the southwest.

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