Chopsticks Near Ansley

1529 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:30am - 10:00pm

Tuesday: 11:30am - 10:00pm

Thursday: 11:30am - 10:00pm

Friday: 11:30am - 10:30pm

Saturday: 11:30am - 10:30pm

Sunday: 11:30am - 10:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)
Vegetables Spring Roll (2)

Curry Spring Roll

Spicy Cabbage

Spicy Cabbage With Ginger Chicken

Scallion Pancakes

House Mushroom Soup

Spinach Tofu Soup

Hot & Sour Soup

Wonton Soup

Vegetables Soup

Moo Shu Pork

Pork With Mixed Vegetables

Pork With String Beans

Pork With Mushrooms & Snow Peas

House Mushroom Soup

Seaweed Tofu Roll

Stuffed Zucchini W/ Chili-garlic Sauce

Empire Chicken

Crispy Portabello Mushroom Topped

w/ a beef and tomato basil sauce

Stir-fried Yukon Gold Potatoes

w/ pickled shir-li-hon and minced garlic

Wok Seared Chicken

w/ red chili and vegetables

Roasted Butternut Squash

w/ vegetables in plum sauce

Fish Filets Wrapped In Crispy Bean Curd Skin

w/ apple cider slaw

Vegetable Ho Fun

House Ho Fun

Portabello Mushroom W/ Sesame Sweet Sauce

Bean Curd Skin Roll Filled W/ Bean Sprouts

Salmon Filets W/ Black Bean Sauce

Salmon Filets Hunan Style

Pineapple Chunks

Fried Banana With Sesame Sugar

Fried Apple With Sesame Sugar




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