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Grand Sampler

if you are looking for a grand gift of chocolate, this is the one. this package contains 11/2 lbs. of fresh chocolates.

Large Sampler

a best seller! the 1 lb. assortment of premium chocolates makes a great gift for a thank you to clients or to treat yourself.

Small Sampler

the perfect 1/2 lb. box! a little bit of everything in it.

Chocolate Bliss

the eversopopular perfect pecan box turtles and tempting toffee tied together with the 1 lb. large sampler. delicious variety.

Royalty Chocolates

feeding an office, a family, or treating someone really special? chocolates fit for a king or queen! 15 piece box turtles, 12 piece toffee, 10 dipped pretzels, and 24 luscious truffles.

All Dark Chocolate

if you love dark chocolate, this package is for you! 4 dark pecan box turtles, 9 dark chocolate caramels, 4 dark dipped pretzels, 5 dark chocolate grahams, 6 dark chocolate truffles.

All White Chocolate

is white chocolate your favorite? weve included all white chocolate truffles, white peanut butter bon bons, white chocolate pretzels, white chocolate raspberries & cream popcorn.

Perfect Gift

the perfect $25 gift. anyone would enjoy this sampling of premium chocolates, which includes: 3 pecan box turtles, 4 tantalizing truffles, 3 buttery caramels, 3 english toffees and 2 dipped dutch pretzels.

Sweet Treats

some of our favorite chocolates are wrapped together in this sweet gift. included are the cultural trail mix, chocolate covered popcorn, and 8 oz. peanut butter crunch

The Popular Tower

perfect pecan box turtles and the tempting toffee assortment are two of our biggest sellers.

Well Rounded Tower

eight piece chocolate truffles, six piece english toffee, eight piece pecan turtle squares.

Tower Of Chocolates

this luscious tower includes a 15 piece box of milk and dark chocolate caramels, a six piece box of tantalizing truffles, a four piece pack of peanut butter bon bons, white chocolate raspberries & cream popcorn, and cultural trail mix. how delectable!

Tea & Truffles

heres a wonderful gift for you, a friend or a client. there are 18 individually wrapped black, green and herbal teas beautifully packaged with six tantalizing truffles.

Tea & Chocolates

enjoy a variety of black, green, and herbal teas accompanied by our gourmet chocolates. there are 18 individually foil-wrapped tea bags and our 8 oz. gourmet chocolate assortment.

Truffles 4 Pieces

Truffles 6 Pieces

Truffles 8 Pieces

Truffles 14 Pieces

Truffles 16 Pieces

Truffles 24 Pieces

Buttery Toffee 6 Bars

Buttery Toffee 12 Bars

Buttery Toffee 18 Bars

Turtle Squares 4 Pieces

Turtle Squares 8 Pieces

Turtle Squares 15 Pieces

Chocolate Covered Caramels 4 Pieces

Chocolate Covered Caramels 6 Pieces

Chocolate Covered Caramels 15 Pieces

Wrapped Buttery Caramel (no Chocolate) 12 Pieces

Chocolate Covered Popcorn

our gourmet popcorn is grown and popped in indiana! we fully coat our crunchy popcorn in luscious milk, dark, or white chocolate.

Peppermint Crunch Popcorn

our fabulous peppermint crunch popcorn with dark chocolate and white chocolate handcoated over peppermint popcorn and candy cane sprinkles. perfect office gift! available december february.

Red Candy Cinnamon Popcorn

the nostalgic taste of candy red hots on popcorn coated in milk or dark chocolate. available december february.

Peanut Butter Bon Bons

our creamy, sweet bon bons will put you in peanut butter paradise. the four pack is perfect for bridal showers, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, and the list goes on!

Peanut Butter Crunch

our peanut butter crunch could possibly be one of the most delicious sweets on earth. we mix just the right amount of peanut butter, white chocolate, dark chocolate chips, and crisp rice cereal to create this addictively delicious confection.

Peppermint Twist

just in time for the holidays. if peppermint is your thing, then this is the gift box for you! creamy peppermint bark, handmade candy cane truffles, peppermint crunch popcorn, and dark chocolate peppermint cream cookies. available december only.

Office Treats

six dipped grahams, six dipped pretzels, six dipped oreos, cello bag of peanut butter crunch.

Large Office Treats

six dipped grahams, six dipped pretzels, six dipped oreos, cultural trail mix and chocolate covered popcorn.

Corporate Gift Bag

one large sampler, peanut butter crunch, three piece buttery toffee, two chocolate covered popcorn, gourmet chocolate bar.


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