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order online - Oatmeal Raisin from Fugakyu on
Oatmeal Raisin

full of raisins and whole toasted oats

order online - Ginger Molasses from Fugakyu on
Ginger Molasses

chewy, spicy, addictive

order online - Valrhona Chocolate Chip Cookie from Fugakyu on
Valrhona Chocolate Chip Cookie

two kinds of chocolate make this cookie doubly good

order online - Valrhona Double Chocolate Chip Cookie from Fugakyu on
Valrhona Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

for chocoholics only, with walnuts

order online - Peanut Butter from Fugakyu on
Peanut Butter

creamy peanut butter and chopped nuts

order online - Meringue Clouds from Fugakyu on
Meringue Clouds

light-as-air meringues full of almonds or chocolate

order online - Raspberry Crumb Bars from Fugakyu on
Raspberry Crumb Bars

buttery base, sweet raspberry jam, streusel crumb topping

order online - Granola Bars 3 from Fugakyu on
Granola Bars 3

oats, honey, walnuts, cranberry-apricot-apple jam

order online - Almond Biscotti from Fugakyu on
Almond Biscotti

classic crunchy italian cookie made for dipping

order online - Belgian Chocolate Brownies from Fugakyu on
Belgian Chocolate Brownies

dark, dense, moist, decadent

order online - Coconut Macaroons / Chocolate Chip Macaroons from Fugakyu on
Coconut Macaroons / Chocolate Chip Macaroons

order online - Smoked Turkey from Fugakyu on
Smoked Turkey

vermont cheddar & cranberry chutney

order online - Homemade Hummus from Fugakyu on
Homemade Hummus

cucumber, red onion, sprouts

order online - Applewood-Smoked Bacon from Fugakyu on
Applewood-Smoked Bacon

lettuce & tomato

order online - Fresh Mozzarella from Fugakyu on
Fresh Mozzarella

basil pesto & tomato

order online - Curried Tuna from Fugakyu on
Curried Tuna

apples, golden raisins, carrots

order online - Roast Chicken from Fugakyu on
Roast Chicken

avocado & jicama

order online - Roast Beef from Fugakyu on
Roast Beef

horseradish, crispy onions & tomato

order online - Roasted Lamb from Fugakyu on
Roasted Lamb

tomato chutney & goat cheese

order online - Grilled Roast Chicken from Fugakyu on
Grilled Roast Chicken

brie, arugula, roasted red peppers & caramelized onions

order online - Grilled Portobello Melt from Fugakyu on
Grilled Portobello Melt

fresh mozzarella, roasted tomatoes & basil pesto

order online - Grilled Tofu from Fugakyu on
Grilled Tofu

olive and red pepper tapenade, roasted veggies

order online - Kid's Pb+j from Fugakyu on
Kid's Pb+j

creamy peanut butter with raspberry jam

order online - Kid's Grilled Cheese from Fugakyu on
Kid's Grilled Cheese

grilled to perfection with white cheddar

order online - Lemon Lust from Fugakyu on
Lemon Lust

tart & bright lemon curd in a flaky sweet tart shell

order online - Chocolate Truffle from Fugakyu on
Chocolate Truffle

dark bittersweet chocolate custard baked into a sweet tart shell, topped with a dark chocolate glaze

order online - Fresh Fruit from Fugakyu on
Fresh Fruit

creamy vanilla cream & fresh seasonal fruit in a sweet tart shell

order online - Ooey-Gooey Caramel Nut from Fugakyu on
Ooey-Gooey Caramel Nut

all kinds of nuts in a dark caramel flavored with a hint of orange & vanilla in a crisp tart shell

order online - Milky Way from Fugakyu on
Milky Way

dark chewy caramel & milk chocolate mousse with milk chocolate curls in a tart shell

order online - Midnight Chocolate Cake from Fugakyu on
Midnight Chocolate Cake

deep, dark devil's food cake filled with a silky milk chocolate buttercream and finished with bittersweet chocolate ganache

order online - Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake from Fugakyu on
Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

milk, dark, and white chocolate mousse in between flourless chocolate cake layers

order online - Lemon-Raspberry Cake from Fugakyu on
Lemon-Raspberry Cake

lemon pound cake brushed with lemon syrup, filled with lemon curd, crushed raspberries, buttercream

order online - Carrot Cake from Fugakyu on
Carrot Cake

classic carrot cake made with raisins and walnuts and spices, frosted with sweet cream cheese icing, and decorated with candied carrot slices

order online - Boston Cream Pie from Fugakyu on
Boston Cream Pie

sponge cake, vanilla cream, coffee syrup, chocolate ganache

order online - Hazelnut-Almond Dacquoise Avail As Slice Or Whole Cake from Fugakyu on
Hazelnut-Almond Dacquoise Avail As Slice Or Whole Cake

hazelnut and almond meringues with coffee buttercream & dark ganache and decorated with hazelnuts. 4.50 per person/slice

order online - Chicken Fingers from Fugakyu on
Chicken Fingers

order online - Tossed Salad from Fugakyu on
Tossed Salad

our freshly made salads come with pita bread and your choice of dressing

order online - Alfredo Pizza from Fugakyu on
Alfredo Pizza

white sauce, spinach, artichokes, tomatoes, chicken

order online - Cheeseburger Dinner from Fugakyu on
Cheeseburger Dinner

dinners include salad and choice of side

order online - Baklava from Fugakyu on


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