Bamboo Grill

54 S Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621
Sunday's hours: 12:00pm - 9:00pm
Pansit Malabon

thick rice noodles with mixed vegetables & shrimp

Pansit Guisado

thin rice stick noodles with mixed vegetables & pork

Pansit Palabok

vermicelli noodles with mixed vegetables & smoked fish flakes

Pansit Sotanghon

clear noodles with mixed vegetables & pork

Tokwa't Baboy

fried tofu & sliced pork in soy sauce & vinegar

Shrimp Mami "hot Noodle Soup"

shrimp noodle soup

Beef Mami "hot Noodle Soup"

beef noodle soup

Chicken Mami "hot Noodle Soup"

chicken noodle soup

Arroz Caldo

boiled rice porridge with chicken, roasted garlic & green onions


boiled rice porridge with tripe, toasted garlic & green onions


vermicelli noodles with diced pork & mixed vegetables


braised bean threads with chicken, toasted garlic & green onions


egg roll filled with groud beef served with sweet & sour sauce

Lumipiang Sariwa

mixed steamed vegetables rolled in rice paper with peanut sauce


steamed chicken bun served with peanut sauce

Pork Bbq

two (2) pork barbeque sticks


tropical fruits with shaved ice & milk

Maiz Con Yello

sweet cream corn with shaved milk & ice

Special Bibingka

ground rice with eggs, butter, coconut & sugar

Leche Flan


stir fried pork with garlic rice & fried egg on top


sweet sausage with garlic rice & fried egg on top

Bistik "beef Teriyaki"

thin sliced beef sauteed with garlic & sweet onion

Daing Na Bangus

pan-fried marinated milkfish

Lechon Kawali

deep fried pork belly with liver sauce

Chicken Teriyaki

sliced white meat sauteed with garlic, onion & pepper

Crisy Pata "pork Hocks"

deep fried pork hocks served with vinegar & soy sauce

Fried Tilapia

pan-fried fish with a twist of lemon & soy sauce

Steamed Tilapia

steamed fish served with ginger & scallion

Sizzling Sisig

diced cut pork mixed with onions & spicy pepper

Tortang Talong

chinese eggplant omlet

Nilagang Bulalo

beef boiled to tender served with mixed vegetables

Sinigang Na Baboy

pork cooked in tamarind broth served with mixed vegetables

Sinigang Na Bangu

milkfish cooked in tamarind broth served with mix vegetables

Sinigang Na Hipon

shrimp cooked in tamarind broth served with mixed vegetables

Sinampalukang Manok

chicken cooked in tamarind broth served with mixed vegetables


ox tail with mixed vegetables cooked in peanut sauce & bagoong

Sizzling Bulalo

chunks of beef sauteed with onion, garlic & mushrooms

String Beans

string beans sauteed with onion & garlic


pork cooked with beef blood, simmered in vinegar & onions


stir-fried oriental mixed vegetables sauteed with bagoong

Grilled Pork Chop

marinated grilled pork chop

Grilled Jumbo Squid

served with sweet & sour sauce

Inihaw Na Liempo

grilled pork belly

Grilled Tilapia

grilled fish stuffed with chopped tomatoes & onions

Chicken Bbq

grilled boneless chicken with special house sauce

Inihaw Na Talong

two (2) grilled eggplants

Vegetable Fried Rice

Chicken Or Pork Fried Rice

Shrimp Fried Rice

Ried Garlic Rice

Steamed White Rice


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