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created from flour tortillas and rolled up into cylindrical shapes with a savory beef or chicken filling blended with spicy ingredients to bring out the full flavor of this delicious appetizer, our taquitos are freshly made each day. served with a dipping sauce and garnish, our taquitos are the perfect appetizer to start your lunch or dinner.

Chili Cheese French Fries

do you love chili, cheese, and french fries? if you do, our chili cheese french fries are the perfect appetizer to get you started. offering the zesty taste of chili along with the satisfaction of biting into hot french fries, our chili cheese french fries appetizer is as satisfying to your hunger as its melted cheese is to your taste buds.

French Fries

whether you are looking for an appetizer or you simply want extra fries with your meal, our french fries are the best in town. crisp, crunchy, and hot! for an appetizer that satisfies your craving for salt, order up our popular french fries and munch away on true potato flavor that has been deep fried to perfection.

Curly Cheese Fries

served with just the right amount of crisp ringlets to satisfy your appetite for golden fries, melted cheese, and the savory flavor of bacon, our curly cheese fries are truly impossible to resist. they are cooked to perfection with an aroma that foretells the delightful culinary experience your taste buds are about to enjoy.

Curly Fries

featuring a one-of-a-kind shape for fries, our curly fries are fun to eat, putting a smile on the face of everyone who tries this delicious appetizer. full of the wholesome goodness of potatoes, our curly fries deliver up a fun way to enjoy eating fries! delicious ringlets seasoned and deep fried to perfection, our curly fries are served with a golden brown crispness that is hard to resist.

Potato Skins

crisp and hearty with delicious flavor, our potato skins are loaded with bacon and cheddar cheese and served up with a generous helping of sour cream for added flavor. broiled to perfection until the skins are crisp and the cheese is melted to a bubbly concoction, our potato skins is an enjoyable appetizer filled with a medley of flavor and seasoned to tempt your taste buds.

Pasta Fagioli

if you love traditional italian foods, then you are going to love our pasta fagioli soup. this hearty soup contains a flavorful medley of protein-rich beans, colorful vegetables, and penne pasta, creating a savory and delightfully delicious broth. top off our pasta fagioli soup with a hearty sprinkling of parmesan cheese for the ultimate experience.

Bowl Of Chili

created for diners who enjoy hot, spicy, flavorful foods, our bowl of chili offers a steaming concoction of ground beef, kidney beans, pinto beans, tomatoes, onions, and more that is satisfyingly delicious. simmered for more than an hour to create the perfect blending of seasonings, our bowl of chili is perfect for anyone in need of a hearty meal.

Cream Of Broccoli

thick and creamy, our cream of broccoli soup is delicious. a pureed blend of onions, broccoli florets, celery, milk, butter, flour, and chicken broth, our cream of broccoli soup is seasoned with hearty, ground black pepper. our cream of broccoli soup is made with quality ingredients, and it is absolutely delicious!

Chicken Noodle

one of our most popular hot soups, our chicken noodle soup features a lightly seasoned broth containing freshly diced chicken breast, traditional egg noodles, and diced carrots, onions, and celery. whether you are looking for comfort food, a meal to make your cold go away faster, or you simply love this type of food, our chicken noodle soup is absolutely scrumptious!


a delicious italian favorite, minestrone soup delivers a burst of rich flavor with each mouthful of hot, savory broth, beans, pasta, and vegetables. offering a tomato-based broth, our minestrone soup provides a hearty bowl of italian flavor. this is the perfect choice for a light dinner, early lunch, or side course for a sandwich or platter.

Napoli Italian Chopped Salad

offering a traditional italian flavor and a bevy of savory ingredients, the napoli italian chopped salad features a delicious trio of meats (capicolla, salami, pepperoni) gently tossed with ripe tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, flavorful banana peppers, freshly made hard boiled egg, sliced red onion and mozzarella. served on a bed of mixed greens (iceberg and romaine lettuce), our napoli italian chopped salad is served with your choice of any one of our dressings.

Taco Salad

enjoy a flavorful trip to the south of the border when you order our delicious taco salad for lunch or as a side dish to your meal. a favorite with our customers, this taco salad features a medley of black olives, jalapenos, and freshly made, spicy taco meat on a bed of shredded iceberg lettuce with crisp tortilla chips. served with both salsa and guacamole, our taco salad is as yummy as it is healthy to eat.

California Shrimp Salad

if you love seafood, then you are going to love our california shrimp salad. we toss together succulent gulf shrimp, fresh avocado, sun-ripened tomatoes, crisp red onion, and artichoke hearts and serve it all on a fresh bed of romaine lettuce and a dusting of parmesan cheese. our flavorful california shrimp salad is perfect for lunch or a light dinner. dine in or call for take out for fast, convenient service.

Spinach Salad

our spinach salad offers a colorful display of fresh greens and ripened tomatoes. it is made with baby spinach, hard boiled egg, bacon, and tomatoes, creating a flavorful mix of fresh ingredients. our spinach salad is dressed with our homemade bacon dressing, creating a unique culinary experience that delights your taste buds. our spinach salad delivers a slightly crunchable salad that satisfies your munching needs.

Gyro Salad

for a delicious taste of traditional greek food, try a gyro salad for lunch or a light dinner entree. freshly made with gyro meat and three kinds of olives, sun-ripened tomato, crisp cucumber, tasty pepperoncini (tuscan peppers), sliced onions, and flavorful feta cheese, our gyro salad delivers a taste that lingers long after youve finished your meal. our gyro salad is served with a dressing of your choice.

Steak Salad

our steak salad is cooked to order and made with savory marinated sirloin steak, red onions, tomato, pepperoncini (tuscan peppers), and feta cheese served atop a deep green bed of fresh romaine lettuce and topped with a touch of freshly ground salt and pepper. this steak salad is the perfect choice for a filling meal no matter what time of day or night it is. served with your choice of dressing. delicious!

Blackened Chicken Salad

our blackened chicken salad is bursting with a brilliant display of fresh greens and plump, juicy pieces of chicken, seasoned, seared and grilled to blackened perfection. served with your choice of dressing, including italian, fat free italian, ranch, blue cheese, 1000 island, honey mustard, vinaigrette, caesar, french, oil and balsamic vinegar. a favorite with many customers, the blackened chicken salad offers a bit of tangy zest in a munchable salad that satisfies the appetite.

Capri Salad

offering the perfect light meal option or appetizer choice, the capri salad delivers the savory flavor of fresh basil, bright-red tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella. the salad from capri, this dish is moistened with oil and vinegar for authentic flavor. it is also served with your choice of dressing: italian, fat free italian, ranch, blue cheese, 1000 island, honey mustard, vinaigrette, caesar, french, oil and balsamic vinegar. you are in for a real treat when you select our capri salad as your menu option.

Chicken Caesar Salad

presenting a pile of plump, grilled chicken pieces with delectable juiciness sitting atop a bed of crisp, green lettuce, the chicken caesar salad is a traditional favorite among salad lovers across the globe. served with your choice of dressing, including italian, fat free italian, ranch, blue cheese, 1000 island, honey mustard, vinaigrette, caesar, french, oil and balsamic vinegar. designed for healthy appetites that enjoy a bit of zest, our chicken caesar salad is created with the freshest of ingredients, combining unique flavors for your culinary satisfaction.


offering a unique, distinctive shape, our stromboli is made with fresh dough daily, delivering an authentic new york style taste for your personal satisfaction. each stromboli contains the freshest ingredients delivering a satisfying mouthful of flavor with each bit. enjoy the taste of mozzarella, pepperoni, ham, green peppers, and onions with our homemade stromboli.


stuffed with delicious melted mounds of mozzarella, ricotta and your choice of two toppings, our calzone offers a savory half circle of true new york style flavor. made fresh daily for our customers with our special recipe for sauce and dough, our calzone offers a hearty, satisfying option for lunch, dinner, or snack. calzones are great party food too!

Southwestern Chicken Pizza

hand tossed and baked to perfection in order to create a delicious crisp crust, our southwestern chicken pizza is made with the freshest of ingredients. each savory bite of our southwestern chicken pizza includes a blended mix of flavors delivered by the generous selection of these freshly chopped ingredients: chicken, bell peppers, red peppers, red onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, mozzarella, cheddar and cilantro.

Taco Pizza

our taco pizza is freshly made each day with our own pizza dough recipe and piled high with seasoned taco meat, cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, and jalapenos. baked to perfection, our taco pizza is a favorite choice for hungry customers with its gooey tasty mix of melted cheese, veggies, meat, and sauce. if you are in the mood for something spicy, try our taco pizza.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

enjoy a freshly made slice of our delicious buffalo chicken pizza made with chunks of tender chicken marinated in hot, spicy sauce, melted cheese, and sprinkled with hot buffalo sauce and ranch dressing. this is a must have pizza for those customers who love buffalo chicken wings! order our buffalo chicken pizza and savor the flavor.

Strawberry Shortcake

ah, a scrumptious creation of freshly sliced strawberries covered in a deliciously sweet syrup, our strawberry shortcake is the perfect ending to any meal. offering layers of fluffy white cake covered in pureed strawberries and topped with a delightful glob of fresh, creamy whipped cream, this strawberry shortcake tastes as good as it looks.

Chocolate Fudge Torte

offering a velvety frosting, our chocolate fudge torte delivers a sweet experience filled with bites of tender cake and decadent chocolate flavor. best served when refrigerated, this creamy chocolate fudge torte is refreshing to eat in more ways than one. it is the perfect choice for chocolate lovers and special occasions.


one of the most popular desserts of all times, the brownie delivers a tasty treat rich with chocolaty flavor and sweet, sugary goodness. a simple, familiar dessert, our brownie is the perfect comfort food, end-of-the-meal treat, or accompaniment for your coffee or tea. this dessert is easy to eat on the go!

Chocolate Cake

if you are a lover of all things chocolate, then this is the dessert for you! the perfect complement to any meal, our chocolate cake delivers a rich mouthful of flavor with each and every bite. this luscious chocolate cake with chocolate frosting will satisfy any craving that you have for a sweet dessert.

Carrot Cake

a dessert lover’s dream come true, this traditional carrot cake is deliciously sweet and moist. each layer is loaded with shredded carrots and covered with our special cream cheese frosting. every wonderful mouthful delivers a hint of coconut, walnuts, and spices. simply the best dessert in town.


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