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Crunchy Waffle Cones

we start with a crunchy vanilla waffle cone that's baked to perfection right in our store. then you build your masterpiece by choosing from more than 24 fresh flavors of ice cream loaded with yummy ingredients. if you're feeling particularly decadent, add any of our fabulous toppings to make it extra special.

Waffle Bowl

freshly baked and loaded with your favorite ice cream and toppings! pile it on!


fresh vanilla ice cream smothered with hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream and whole pecans. now that's a turtle sundae, bruster's style.

Banana Split

a true classic topped with our signature pretzel rod. bring your own banana on thursdays and get 1/2 off the price of your banana split!

Peanut Butter Cup

real vanilla ice cream topped with reese's chunks, warm, yummy peanut butter, fudge and whipped cream. amazing

Hot Fudge Brownie

fresh vanilla ice cream, moist brownie, covered with hot fudge, whipped cream can you say "decadence?"

Dirt Sundae

yummy vanilla ice cream with oreo crumbs and a gummy worm! can you dig it?

Dino Sundae

a cool sundae with vanilla ice cream. your favorite toppings, and a cookie bigger than your head! (well - not quite)

Scoops Sundae

scoops couldn't resist the chance to star in his own sundae! vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles topped with a delicious hand-decorated scoops cookie







Easter Cake

Mother's Day Cake

Father's Day Cake

Thanks Giving Pie

Christmas Cake




Reeses Peanut Butter Cup

Reeses Pieces




Nestle Toll House

Nestle Crunch


Chocolate Caramel Swirl

Chocolate Fudge Ripple



Vanilla Caramel Swirl

Vanilla Fudge Ripple

Vanilla Raspberry Swirl

Yogurt, Sherbet And Ice

we know they're not ice cream, but theyre so good we love them anyway. if youre feeling like something refreshingly different, try our fresh yogurt, sherbet, sorbet or italian ice. you can preview our many flavors in the flavor section. italian ice and sorbet products are 100% non-dairy.

Ice Cap

dig in to your favorite refreshing ice/sherbet or sorbet atop our creamy vanilla ice cream! you're going to love the combination!

Pints, Quarts & Half Gallons

let our friendly staff hand pack your favorite ice cream flavor, or combination of flavors, to go. take home the size thats most appropriate for your latest accomplishment: pint, quart or one-half gallon. bulk sizes are also available. brusters hand-packed ice cream is always fresh, always satisfying, and now, always within a spoons reach.

Ice Cream Sandwiches Maple With Oreo

introducing our new ice cream sandwiches made with real oreo cookies! pre-order them with your favorite flavors or stop by and see what's available. the great taste of the oreo cookie married up with the fresh taste of bruster's, a true win-win!


let us spin your favorite flavor of our freshly made ice cream into a blend of thick, creamy, dreamy delight. whether you prefer a shake or a malt, theres only one way to improve this tantalizing treat: have us make it a large.


enjoy the cool, refreshing flavor of sherbet or italian ice, topped off with sprite. our freezes are the closest youll get to sunshine in a cup.


treat yourself to a classic delicacy with freshly made vanilla ice cream and your choice of fountain drink. go with chocolate ice cream to make it a black cow. try different combinations to your hearts content. whatever floats your boat.


savor the basics with ice cream, soda and your choice of flavoring. theres no cooler way to express your inner desires.


delicious fruit blended to perfection with vanilla frozen yogurt. our mouthwatering smoothies are simple, smooth, refreshing and best sipped slowly. available in banana and strawberry-banana. participating locations only.

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