Kang Suh

2375 Central Park Ave, Yonkers, NY 10710
Tuesday's hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm (Hours of Service May Vary)
Junbok Jook

abalon & rice porrigo

Haejang Gook

with ciotted ox-blood in long simmered beef broth

Dduk Mandoo Gook

rice cake & dumpling soup

Sullong Tang

beef brisket, noodle soup with tong simmered beef broth

Yookgae Jang

shredded beef & assorted vegitable sou

Gamja Tang

potato & assorted vegetable in long simmered pork rib broth

Haemool Gopdol

gopdol with seafood instead of ground bee

Nakji Gopdol

gopdol with octopus

Kimchi Kongnamool Gopdol

gopdol with kimchi & bean sprout

Ojinguh Jigae

a casserole of chopped squid & vegetable soup

Saangtae Jigae

a ceaserole or whiting bah soup with vegetable & tofu

Kimchi Jigae

a casserole of kimchi soup with sliced pork

Soadooboo Jigae

a casserole of soft tofu soup with shellfish & seafood

Kimchi Bokeum Bob

fried rice with kimchi & vegetable

Soegogi Bokeum Bob

fried rice with beef & vegetable

Jaeyook Bokeum

pan fried pork-loin with spicy sauce

Ojinguh Dup Bap

pan fried squid & vegetable over rice

Kal Gooksu

thick noodles & vegetable in anahovy broth

Ddare Gook Bob

assorted vegetable & beef soup

Woojok Tang

soup of long simmered ox feet

Hwe Dup Bob

assorted diced sashimi & fresh vegetable over rice served with hot sauc

Bibim Bob

vegetable bibim bob

Janguh Dup Bob

broiled eel over rice with special sauce

Chung Gook Jang & Bibim Bob

Godeunguh Jorim

Gaajang & Doanjang Jigae

crab marinated

Galchi Jorim

Sa-chol Tang

spicy stew of black goat meat with pepper, sesame leaves and other vegetables

Kongchi Gui & Doanjang Jigae Or Kimchi Jigae

Bulkoki & Neengmyun

grilled tender prime rib-eye marinated in soy sauce & buckwheat noodle in cold broth

Godeunguh Gui & Deanjang Jimm Or Soon Dooboo

Jogae Siraeki Gook

clam & korean cabbage in bean paste soup

Kongbige Jigae

a casserole of bean and curd dregs

Doenjang Jigae

of bean paste soup with tofu & vegetable


assorted, vegetable, ground beef egg yolk over sticky rice served in sizzling alone bowl with hot sauce


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