Yen's Cafe

43490 Yukon Drive #113, Ashburn, VA 20147
Saturday's hours: 11:00am - 10:00pm
Apple Yogurt Juice
Apple & Tomato Yogurt Juice
Apple Mixed Juice
Avocado Calpis
Avocado Milk Juice
Celeriac Mixed Juice
Banana Milk Juice
Banana Yogurt Juice
Banana & Apple Juice
Grape & Apple Juice
Grape Mixed Drink Yogurt
Peach Coffee Juice
Honey Melon Calpis
Honey Melon Drink Yogurt
Guava Milk Juice
Kiwi Fruit Yogurt
Kiwi Calpis
Papaya Milk Drink
Pineapple Milk Juice
Pineapple Yogurt
Pineapple Calpis
Pineapple & Avocado Juice
Mixed Pineapple Beverage
Pear Mixed JuiceStrawberry & Orange Juice
Strawberry Milk Juice
Strawberry & Kiwi Juice
Tomato & Celeriac Beverage
Tomato & Cucumber Juice
Tomato & Orange Juice
Tomato & Pineapple Juice
Orange & Apple Juice
Orange & Lemon Soda
Water Melon Milk Juice
Water Melon Yogurt
Water Melon Juice
Coffee Yogurt
Pretty Woman/ Handsome Man
Orange Juice
Mango & Grapefruit Juice
Mango Juice
Mango Yogurt
Strawberry Juice
Pineapple Juice
Apple Juice
Passion Fruit Juice
Banana Strawberry Juice
Grape Fruit & Kiwi Juice
Sencha Tea-llenium (Mango-note)
Cool-Mint Tea
Lavender Tea
Mango Yogurt
Mango/Passion fruit
Mate Sweet Orange Tea
Orange Eucalyptus Tea
Organic Chamomile Tea
Organic Rose Tea
Peppermint Cut
Perfect World Tea
Power Tea
Jasmine Pearl Tea
Iced Green Tea
Early Harvest Green Tea
Harvest Green Tea
Oolong Tea
Tangerine w/ Lemon Green Tea

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