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108 Prescott Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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Monday: 11:00am - 8:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 8:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 8:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 8:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

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a creamy blend of chick peas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice and sea salt. served with a touch of olive oil and side of tomatoes, dill pickles, olives and pita bread.

Baba Ghanouj

a creamy blend of roasted eggplant, tahini, garlic, lemon juice and a touch of olive oil served with a side of tomatoes, dill pickles, olives and pita bread.

Tabouli Salad

a refreshing combination of finely chopped parsley, onions and tomatoes tossed with bulgur wheat, lemon juice, olive oil and sea salt. served with pita bread.

Grape Stuffed Leaves

hand-rolled vine leaves stuffed with rice, vegetables, chick peas, sea salt and spices. served with labane (tzaziki dip).


hummus, baba ghanouj, tabouli and 4 grape leaves served with olives, tomatoes, pickles, pita bread and labane (tzaziki dip).


filo pastry stuffed with spinach, feta cheese and spices. baked to perfection.

Labane Tzaziki Dip

refreshing blend of azars yogurt and garlic with a hint of mint and a touch of olive oil. served with cucumbers, olives and pita bread.


two layers of lean ground beef, cracked wheat, onions and spices, stuffed with a mixture of grilled ground beef, onions and pine nuts. served with labane (tzaziki dip).

Swiss Romano Parsley Boule

6oz. boule sliced and smothered with garlic spread and sprinkled with herb mix, chopped parsley and baked to order.

Couscous Medley

french couscous, red onions, tomatoes, black beans, chick peas, red pepper, house dressing, spices, sea salt and olive oil.


old fashioned family recipe made with wholesome green lentils and fresh vegetables.

Chicken Vegetable

a hearty blend of fresh vegetables & chicken

Veggie Orzo

a wonderful, hearty soup that combines fall vegetables, black beans, corn, tomatoes and a unique pasta (orzo).

Yogurt Cucumber

a cold refreshing blend of homemade yogurt, mint and garlic, diced english cucumbers topped with diced red peppers, shredded carrots and a dash of parsley.

Creamy Tomato Basil

a wonderful creamy tomato bisque with a hint of basil and spices.

Garden Salad

blend of romaine and green leaf lettuce, red cabbage, carrots, red peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and a dash of parsley.

Greek Salad

a generous portion of our garden salad topped with mounds of feta cheese, olives and sliced banana peppers.

Spinach Salad

a generous portion of baby spinach, grape tomatoes, red peppers, english cucumbers, red onions, shredded carrots and a dash of parsley.


blend of lettuce, red cabbage, carrots, red peppers, tomatoes, english cucumbers, red onions, homemade pita chips, pitted kalamata olives and spices tossed with a lemon herb dressing.

Falafel Salad

a falafel patty served on a generous portion of our garden salad topped with tahini dressing, pickles and banana peppers.

Salad Toppers

toppersdressings: mama linas dressing (creamy vinaigrette) bleu cheese, ranch, fat free raspberry vinaigrette, oil & vinegar.

Baked Stuffed Salmon

north atlantic salmon fillet stuffed with spinach, feta cheese, onions, sun dried tomatoes, olives and mushrooms. served with basmati rice and grilled veggies.

Mashawee Platter

kibbi, kefta and lamb kebab served with grilled vegetables, herb roasted potatoes and a side of labane (tzaziki dip).

Scallopini Rosso

jumbo scallops pan seared, tossed with sun dried tomato white wine pesto on a bed of linguini and grilled vegetables.

Lamb Shank

braised bone-in lamb shank with a curry vegetable sauce served with curried bulgur (cracked wheat) pilaf.

Baked Kibbi

lean beef blended with cracked wheat, onions and spices stuffed with a mixture of grilled ground beef, onions, pine nuts and baked to perfection. served with basmati rice, grilled veggies and a side of labane (tzaziki dip).

Stuffed Eggplant

roasted eggplant stuffed with ground beef, pine nuts and onions, topped with homemade tomato sauce next to a bed of basmati rice.

Mid Eastern Sampler

a tantalizing mix of mid-eastern favorites: half of a chicken tawook wrap, a serving of baba ghanouj or hummus dip, three grape leaves, olives and labane (tzaziki dip).

Vegetarian Delight

a combination of half a falafel wrap, tabouli salad, three grape leaves and olives. served with labane (tzaziki dip).

Azars Whole Wraps

falafel, hummus, baba ghanouj, chicken tawook, grilled eggplant, masterpiece turkey, kefta or beef shawarma smoked turkey, tuna salad or chicken salad

Lamb Kebab

two skewers of tender australian lamb, seared to perfection, .

Salmon Kebab

two skewers of north atlantic salmon fillets, seasoned with our special spice blend.

Chicken Kebab

two skewers of chicken breast marinated with a herb and garlic sauce.

Beef Kebab

mid-western beef tenderloin in azars special marinade

Mahi Kebab

marinated fresh mahi filet with just the right spices.

Seafood Kebab

gulf shrimp and monster scallops, deliciously seasoned.

All Veggie Kebab

two skewers of fire roasted seasoned vegetables

Create Your Own Kebab

choose any two fire grilled skewers to create your own delicious kebab feast.

Original (regular) 11

herbal crust pizza, topped with our special mixture of mozzarella & feta cheese, topped with fresh tomatoes.

By George 11

herbal crust pizza topped with a mix of roasted eggplant, red peppers, onions, tomatoes, parsley and a hint of garlic. topped with a layer of mozzarella and feta cheese.

Pita Pizza 11

herbal crust topped with a mix of mozzarella and feta cheese, fresh baby spinach leaves, olive oil and slice tomatoes.

Meditteranean 11

herbal crust topped with a feta/mozarella mix, fresh tomatoes, strips of chicken breast, kalamata olives & sliced pepperoncini.

Pizza Toppings

Ugly Duckling

a jumbo medjool date, stuffed with almond marzipan topped with a cashew, all dipped in dark swiss chocolate.


cake with a mascarpone cheese, espresso coffee syrup, covered with shavings of semi-bitter sweet chocolate. a unique house recipe.

Awesome Lia

a shredded wheat pastry sandwiched with mascarpone cheese, drenched with honey and topped with crushed pistachio.

Rice Pudding

topped with pistachio and honey. no explanations needed!

Rolled Oat Cookie

a wonderful blend of nuts, grains and seeds. a perfect snack, breakfast or dessert for the healthy conscious. made with spelt flour.

Cheese Cake

homemade recipe with the finest ingredients, attention to details and lots of passion. blueberry or strawberry topping 75

Big Chocolate Layer Cake

big enough for the whole tribe...or for two.


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