Rustic Cafe

20811 N. Cave Creek Rd., #104, Phoenix, AZ 85024

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 3:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 3:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 3:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 3:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 3:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 3:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 3:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)

Served with raisins, brown sugar and milk.

Fresh Fruit (Seasonal)

$2.49 +
Yogurt With Fruit And Granola

Turkey Breakfast Pizza

One egg any style*, red onion, spinach & Shredded Mozzarella

Layered Vegetable Enchillada

Sauteed Zucchini, Red Onion, Jalapeno, Tomato, Roasted Pepper, Corn and Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese between 2 Corn Tortillas and topped with an Egg White, salsa and Avocado.

Tomatoes & Cottage Cheese

Gloria's Breakfast Quesadilla

Bacon, egg and cheddar cheese blend on a grilled, crisp tortilla. Served with salsa & sour cream.


Grilled, crisp tortilla with havarti cheese, mozzarellea, artichokes, spinach & roasted peppers. Topped with balsamic reduction.

Spicy Chicken Quesadillas

Chicken, lettyce, tomato, jalepeno, mozzarella, onion & cajun seasoning. Served with sour cream.


Two eggs any style* with potatoes, and toast. Add bacon, sausage or ham

Green Chili Pork Chop

8 oz. chop with creamy green chili sauce over Cajun potatoes. Topped with 2 eggs any style and toast.

Breakfast Changa

Eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, and cheese rolled in a flour tortilla, and fried. Topped with a Creamy Salsa and cheese.

Isaac's Rustic Chilaquiles

Corn tortilla chips tossed in house made salsa and topped with 2 eggs any style* on a bed of roasted potatoes. Drizzled with Jalapeno Creme Friache.

Italian Turkey Breakfast

Caramelized red onion, tomato and roasted pepper served over Roasted Turkey Breast, topped with 2 eggs any style* and covered with Italian gravy. Choice of side and toast.

Farmers Breadfast

Biscuit and Gravy, 2 eggs any style*, potatoes and choice of meat.

2 Eggs With 1 Pancake, 1/2 Waffle Or 1 French Toast

2 eggs, any style and potatoes.


Spicy marinated pork sausage

Ham Steak

Country Fried Steak

Breaded Sirloin(not processed) with 2 eggs any style, potatoes and toast.

Steak And Eggs

8 ounce grilled sirloin, with 2 eggs any style*, choice of potatoes and choice of toast.

Turkey Egg White Scramble

Turkey, spinach, tomato, roasted peppers and parsley. With potatoes and toast.

Chorizo Breakfast Tacos (3)

Chorizo, Roasted Peppers, Green Bell Peppers Mixed with scrambled eggs with cabbage and green onions and topped with jalapeno Creme fraiche and choice of side.

Chicken Fried Chicken And 1/2 Waffle

With 2 eggs any style* and potatoes and topped with sausage gravy.

Chopped Steak And Eggs

Ground Chuck Steak served with 2 eggs any style*, potatoes and toast.

Corn Beef Hash

Rustic potatoes, peppers, onions, and corned beef made to order.

Cajun Turkey Hash

Cajun potato, turkey, onion, peppers, tomato, spicy sausage and smoked paprika.

Country Hash

Hash browns, onions, peppers, bacon and Sausage gravy.

Southwestern Hash

Cajun potatoes, peppers, chorizo, jalapenos and onions.



Add chocolate chips, whipped cream, or chocolate syrup ....$.75 each. Add fresh blueberries or strawberries ...$1.99

French Toast

Banana & Walnut Pancakes

Topped with White Chocolate sauce and whipped topping.

Salted Caramel & Bacon

Topped with Whipped Cream

Loaded Waffle

Topped with chocolate chips, berries, whipped cream & chocolate syrup.

Build Your Own

Add $.75 for each item Make egg whites for $1.00

Ham And Cheese

Chunks of honey ham and cheddar cheese

The Denver

Ham, peppers, onions, and cheese

Tuscan Veggie

Peppers, onion, mushrooms, calamata olives, artichokes, and cheese

Spinach And Mushroom

Fresh spinach, chopped mushrooms, with provolone cheese

The John Wayne

Ham, sausage, bacon, and Cheese

The Chicago

Three sausages - breakfast, Italian, and ground with cheddar


Gyro meat, artichokes, onion, cheddar jack, calamata olives, tomatoes topped with Feta cheese


Diced fresh jalapenos, tomatoes, cheese, peppers, and chorizo topped with a side of fresh homemade salsa

Ribeye Skillet

Shaved ribeye steak with peppers, onions and mushroom, with 2 eggs any style and toast.

The Spinach And Salmon Skillet

2 eggs any style*, spinach, salmon, red onion, roasted red peppers and feta

Green Chili Benedict

2 poached eggs and green chili pepper on garlic bread with a spicy chorizo hollandaise sauce.

Classic Eggs Benedict

Two poached eggs and grilled ham on English muffin with creamy hollandaise sauce.

California Style Eggs Benedict

Two poached eggs, avocado and spinach on an English muffin with creamy hollandaise sauce.

Deviled Turkey Eggs Benedict

Turkey, 2 poached eggs, roasted peppers and topped with a spicy mustard hollandaise and smoked paprika.

Chorizo Con Queso Eggs Benedict

Onions and chorizo Con Queso Hollandaise over 2 poached eggs on Texas toast and topped with Avocado.

Classic Egg Sandwich

Two fried eggs, two strips of bacon, American cheese, tomato, and mayonnaise served on grilled sourdough bread.

California Style Egg Sandwich

Two fried eggs, avocado, spinach, tomato, provolone cheese and chipotle aioli served on grilled sourdough bread

Turkey Egg White Sandwich

Turkey, egg whites, spinach, tomato and shredded Mozzarella with jalapeno creme fraiche on toasted Rye.

Chicken Fried Chicken Egg Sandwich

Two fried eggs, Chicken Fried Chicken, American cheese and sausage gravy served on a warm biscuit.

Bagel & Egg White Sandwich

Egg whites, havarti, ham, avocado, & tomato, drizzled w/ olive oil. Choice of plain, everything, blueberry or cinnamon raisin bagel.

Arizona Burrito

Two eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, cheddar cheese blend, rolled in a flour tortilla. With sour cream and salsa.

Rustic Burrito

Two eggs, bacon, potatoes, avocado, roasted peppers and havarti cheese, rolled a flour tortilla. Served with jalapeno aioli.

Turkey & Avocado Burrito

Turkey, onions, cajun potatoes and egg whites with swiss cheese.

Con Queso Wet Burrito

Chorizo, Onion, Eggs, Cajun & Roasted Red Peppers, rolled in a flour tortilla and topped with Con Queso Sauce and Avocado.

One Egg Any Style

Toast With Butter And Jelly

Bread choices - white, wheat, rye, sourdough, or cinnamon raisin Gluten Free - white, whole grain and cinnamon raisin add .50

English Muffin (Toasted)


Your choice of rustic potatoes, Cajun potatoes, or hashbrowns

Muffin (Assorted Flavors)

Bagel And Cream Cheese

Salsa, Cream Cheese, Or Sour Cream

Tomatoes Or Avocado

Extra Sauce, Gravy, Or Au Jus

Bacon (4) Or Sausage Pattie (2)

Ham Steak, Corned Beef Or Chorizo

Grilled Chicken Breas Or 8 Oz. Chopped Steak

Grilled Top Sirloin

8 oz

Garlic Turkey Sliders(3)

Turkey, lettuce and tomato with Mozzarella Cheese and garlic butter on a Boullio Roll.

Cheesy Garlic Bread

House made garlic butter sauce on abolilos roll topped with mozzarella cheese. With a side of marinara

Meatball Sliders

Three openface meatballs and garlic bread, topped with melted mozzarella cheese.

Chicken Tenders(4)

with Steak Fries


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