Fosselmans Ice Cream

1824 W Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)
Brown Butter

pure unsalted butter cooked down to create a decadent buttery/nutty flavor straight out of paris

Banana Walnut

pureed sun-ripened banana base with toasted english walnuts stirred in by hand


exotic lychee nuts pureed and blended into our delicious 16% butterfat ice cream to create a taste of old asia


pureed wild maine blueberries folded into 16% butterfat ice cream -- heavenly

Black Walnut

black walnut base with delicious pieces of black walnuts create a true taste of the south


creamy young coconut flesh is the center of this delicious flavor straight out of manilla

Chocolate Chip

tahitian vanilla flavored ice cream with guittard semi-sweet chocolate that melts in your mouth

Burgundy Cherry

black cherry flavored ice cream with oregon bing cherry halves stirred in by hand

Mocha Almond Fudge

mild colombian coffee, pieces of milk chocolate fudge and crisp toasted almonds make for one delicious ice cream


pure ground cinnamon, cane sugar and nothing else -- the perfect ala mode choice

Butter Pecan

delicious butterscotch flavored ice cream with large toasted pecan pieces stirred in by hand

Real Mango

mango imported from india is the backbone of this delicious flavor from the orient


a blend of delicious coconut and cane sugar folded into a sweet cream base


colombian coffee and dutch cocoa create an extremely robust coffee flavor with coffee candy pieces stirred in by hand -- an la favorite

Real Pistachio Nut

california grown pistachios oil roasted, salted, and stirred in by hand create this ice cream parlor standout

Dutch Chocolate

imported dutch cocoa and cane sugar blended together to a create the perfect milk chocolate flavor

Cherry Vanilla

tahitian vanilla-flavored ice cream provides the back drop for luscious oregon maraschino cherry halves stirred in by hand

Rocky Road

dutch cocoa, cane sugar, toasted walnuts and delicious mini marshwallows

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

strawberry ice cream with a hint of white chocolate background studded with guittard milk chocolate flakes -- decadence redefined


an italian classic of cocktail fruit, toasted almonds and walnuts hand-stirred into a brandy and rum background

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

imported dutch cocoa and cane sugar meet oregon red raspberry puree to create the quintessential french desssert

Toasted Almond

toasted whole and diced almonds ensconced in a tahitian vanilla background. simply delicious

Mint & Chip

pure peppermint extract and guittard milk chocolate create the perfect after dinner mint flavor that melts in your mouth

Cookie Dough

delicious chocolate chip cookie dough ensconced in tahitian vanilla ice cream

Macadamia Crunch

our cream is delivered fresh from the dairy, then churned one batch at a time to give our sweet cream the dreamiest taste around.

Peppermint Candy

pure peppermint extract combined with delicious pepermint candy create a holiday favorite that can be eaten year around

Coffee & Cookies

colombian coffee flavor with oreo cookies stirred in by hand -- a natural comboniatation

Raspberry Ice Cream

oregon seedless raspberries create the perfect blend of berries and cream

Coffee & Chip

colombian coffee flavor with guittard semi sweet choc chip flakes

White Chocolate Chip

white chocolate flavored ice cream with mini guittard white chocolate morsels stirred in by hand

Real Vanilla

imported tahitian vanilla -- nothing else!

Cookies & Cream

tahitian vanilla base with oreo cookies stirred in by hand

Rum Raisin

plump and juicy select raisins mixed with a rum based ice cream

English Toffee

creamy toffee background with large pieces of almond toffee stirred in by hand


california strawberries purreed and folded in to a delicious strawberry base

French Vanilla Bean

a blend of three types of pure vanilla extract, vanilla beans and pure egg custard create the classic french vanilla


fresh taro root cooked to perfection creates the true flavor of the pacific rim

Lemon Custard

california lemon juice and pure lemon extract combined with delicious egg custard creates the perfect old time flavor c

Crushed Pineapple Sherbet

delicious hawaiian pineapple in a delightful sherbet base -- sweet, tart and delicious

Orange Juice Sherbet

orange juice is the highlight of this classic ice cream parlor flavor

Raspberry Sherbet

oregon seedless raspberries blended into a sherbet base to create the perfect balance of berries and cream

Apricot Sorbet

ripe apricots pureed into a sorbet to create a classic flavor straight out of grandma's backyard

Black Raspberry Sorbet

oregon grown marionberries are the highlight of this top notch sorbe

Coconut Sorbet

imported coconut milk creates a delicious sorbet with the consistency of ice cream

Fresh Lemon Sorbet

california lemons provide a delicious tart background for this perfect palate cleansing sorbet

Green Apple Sorbet

granny smith applesauce meets sorbet! sweet, tart, delicious!

Kiwi Sorbet

new zealand kiwi's create the perfect sorbet from "down under"

Lime Sorbet

kaffir lime juice and pure lime extract make the ultimate refereshing sorbet

Mango Sorbet

indian mangos creates this amazingly smooth and supple sorbet

Passion Fruit Sorbet

exotic passion fruit juice provides the perfect ratio of sweet to tart in this interesting sorbet

Peach Sorbet

freestone peach puree makes this sorbet a favorite at summer get togethers

Pineapple Sorbet

crushed hawaiian pineapple gives this sorbet an ultra smooth, creamy texture

Pink Champagne Sorbet

the hit of any wedding or new years eve party -- pink champagne sorbet will get any party started!

Pink Grapefruit Sorbet

luscious pink grapefruit juice makes the perfect adult flavored sorbet -- the bittersweet flavor highlights any fine dining experience

Raspberry Sorbet

seedless oregon raspberries folded into this sorbet create the perfect guilt-free berry dessert

Tangerine Sorbet

satsuma tangerines provide the delicious sweet and juicy flavor to this sorbet

Strawberry Sorbet

california strawberries purreed to perfection make this sorbet absolutely delicious

Yuzu Sorbet

imported from japan, the luscious juice from the yuzu fruit makes this sorbet an exotic delight

Creme Fraiche

california produced creme fraiche blended into 16% butterfat ice cream makes this flavor a parisian delight

Moroccan Orange Sorbet

navel orange juice spiced with hints of cinnamon and orange blossom creates a refreshing arabian delight

Coconut Basil Sorbet

rich creamy coconut milk infused with fresh basil puree creates a sweet and savory sorbet reminiscent of the far east

Mexican Chocolate

dutch cocoa meets bold cinnamon to create this mayan delight


delicious hazelnut puree provides creamy decadence to this european favorite

Peach Yogurt

lowfat yogurt with pureed freestone peaches create a guilt free summer favorite

Non-fat Vanilla Yogurt

tahitian vanilla in a guilt free nonfat yogurt base

Pineapple Yogurt

lowfat yogurt with delicious crushed hawaiian pineapple -- a taste of the islands that won't hurt your waistline

Non-fat Chocolate Yogurt

dutch cocoa meets nonfat yogurt that will satisfy your chocolate fix without the calories

Strawberry Yogurt

california grown strawberries in a lowfat yogurt base

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