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Youthberry White Tea

youthful and fresh, this clean and crisp, pale pink, blushing tea is made from candied pineapple and mango pieces with fuji and golden delicious apples added for spirit. 'superfruits' red currant and acai berry create a youthful glow in this medley of smart, bright, refreshingly soft white tea. superfruit enhanced

Peach Momotaro Artisan Tea

hand-tied, this artisanal display is both beautiful to behold and tantalizing to taste. with a crown of chrysanthemums and jasmine flowers, this peach scented white tea unfurls with flavor, can be infused again and again.

Silver Needle White Tea

purity, rarity and fame cloak legendary silver needle white tea downy buds, holding the highest of honors as one of the top ten teas in china. reserved for the chinese imperial family for centuries, this tea is reverently hand- harvested only two days of the entire year. the leaves are uniquely beautiful and silver tipped exuding royalty and an exceptional soft, smooth, sweet-silky luxuriousness.

Silver Yin Zhen Pearls White Tea

ancient and revered, this exclusive pearl-shaped white tea was reserved for the imperial chinese aristocracy until just recently. still a well-gaurded secret, the rare silver needle tea is a masterpiece to tea aficionados. hand- rolled, pearl-shaped tea buds exude a subtle, smooth, silky taste of exotic asia, as each leaf releases a hint of its rarest, purest form.

Strawberry Misaki Blooming Tea

the romance of ripe strawberries is creatively captured in this hand-tied artisan display tea. the white tea ball blossoms into a spray of carnations when steeped. perfect for travel and a masterpiece made for multiple infusions.

Body + Mind White Tea

a romance of the senses indulged with a soft bouquet of jasmine and orchid scents released from these three amazing teas. nothing short of an aromatic masterpiece, this triple tea blends the buddhist lengendary monkey picked oolong, with jasmine pearls green tea, and white silver needle tea creating a perfect floral aroma and taste of jasmine and orchid. uplifting to the body, soothing to the mind and soul with sweet notes that intertwine and enlighten.

Tolife White Tea

a toast to life, this delightfully fruity tea takes time out to celebrate with a clean, clear combination of sweet strawberry, delicate jasmine, zesty orange peel and savory rhubarb. a purely pleasure-filled tea created as a health-inspired blend with the best and the brightest silver needle tea leaves featuring soothing undertones of jasmine dragon phoenix pearls and refreshing rooibos tropica.

Imperial Acai Blueberry White Tea

a majestic summer picnic of acai, blueberry, black currant and lush white grapes in this royal antioxidant blend's muse. renowned for 'superfruit' power and the soft notes of the beautiful hibiscus flower, this white tea is a harmonious, delicious treat that is spontaneous and youthful. radiate the sun's warmth inside and out with this refreshing imperial delicacy.

Chateau Blanc White Tea

taking inspiration from the famed sauvignon blanc, this crisp, light white tea is a fusion of vineyard harvested grapes and red delicious apples combined with the refreshing zest of citrus from mandarin oranges and candied pineapples. subtly paired with sweet fig, chateau blanc creates a soft, grape medley with a clean, citrus finish- a wine connoisseurs' delight.

Lavender Dreams White Tea

enjoy a relaxing evening with this delicate white tea infused with tranquility only lavender can create. sweet floral enriched dreams are just a cup away with aromatic lavender blossoms, candied violets, rose buds and sweet peach. a magical lullaby of soft, silky, smoothness awaits in every sip of this peaceful, dreamy blend.superfruit enhanced

Spice Of Life White Tea

with this nostalgic blend of orange peppered with toasted almond slices, spiced hazelnut and infused with a nutty cinnamon confection, you'll feel connected with loved ones even if you are miles apart. encounter fond memory's warm embrace, softer with the love of white tea, creamy vanilla and caramel.

Precious White Peach White Tea

this pure and delightful peach medley blends sweet dreams with white tea, soft herbs and a delicate fruity flavor for an aromatic calmness that seeps into your night. warm, light blossoms of roman chamomile, sunflower petals, lemon myrtle and rosehips create a blush of herbs for hush-filled nights of comfy, peachy sweetness.

Golden Mojito White Tea

capturing the taste of the newest trend in cocktails is this delicious journey southward. conjure up sun, fun and frolic with a sweet and sour blend of three types of pineapple, sweet orange and 'superfruit' sea buckthorn. mix in a refreshing hint of mint and pure white silvery tipped leaves and you've got a sweet, smooth, latin treat.

Strawberry Paraiso White Tea

shangri-la awaits in every sip of tempting strawberries, papaya with snowy white popcorn. this paradise of soft white tea is a skyward temple to 'superfruits'.

Earl Grey White Tea

a modern turn on a world classic taste, this lighter and brighter earl grey had uplifting apricot nuances and tartly orange flavor from the elite and robust bergamot. all balanced with a smooth infusion of top shelf, superior white tea featuring less caffeine and more antioxidants than sir grey could have ever hoped for.

Scarlet Cloud White Tea

float on a downy white paradise of tea buds amidst a heavenly double-berry cloud of raspberries and blackberries. sweet peaches and a hint of tingly mint relax and refresh with each sip of this rare white mao feng tea's dreamy journey.

Pear Luna White Tea

drift away to a spring moonlit parisian evening with relaxing pear and peach that highlight this sleepy time white tea. sprinkled with roman chamomile, kiwi, papaya and rosebuds that float softly in a sweet, silky, fruity aromatic blend of peaceful calming perfection.

Frutto Bianco Pearls White Tea

this cornucopia of tropical pineapple, creamy coconut chips, kiwi and candied papaya drifts in like a warm mediterranean breeze to invigorate the spirit. make an escape to sunny destinations with citrusy lemongrass and lemon peels that create a summery holiday treat with beautifully, artesian hand-rolled white tea pearls from paradise.

Queen Of Babylon White Tea

exotic journeys along ancient spice trading routes transpire in this rare refuge of a superior sweet and tart white tea blend. rich pomegranate, sweet morello cherries majestically blend with sweet pineapple and golden delicious apple. feel like royalty as you sip this imperial soft blend of magnificent white tea.

Shanghai Orchid White Tea

an exotic union of floral and fruit, shanghai orchid's exquisite fragrance transports you to a meditation garden in full bloom. summoning the harmonious blend of two souls intertwined, the enchantingly spiritual blossoms and delicate fruits conquer all in one sweet sip as this white tea sings top notes of orchid, melon and citrus. love, meet your proverbial match.

White Ayurvedic Chai Tea

journey to india and take in all its exotic pleasures with this modern twist on a sweet and spicy classic. high quality white tea combines with cinnamon, coconut, pineapple, ginger, cardamom and cloves giving this tea a complex, sweet, full-bodied flavor. this proud chai's aroma and spicy flavors deliver a melange of deliciousness sip after heavenly sip.

Snow Geisha White Tea

luscious morello cherries plucked straight from the billowing, gorgeous sakura tree characterize this melodic eastern treat. sip this rare blend of delicate rose petals, soft white tea leaves, luscious cherries and candied cranberry that will take you on sublime journey of the senses.

Matcha Japanese Green Tea

celebrated in the traditional japanese tea ceremony 'chado' known as the 'way of tea' since the 12th century, this highly shaded green tea uses the entire leaf delicately ground into a silky smooth chartreuse colored powder. with naturally occuring vitamins a and c, potassium and iron, nutrients and fiber, this is a healthy alternative to a morning cup of coffee.

Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green Tea

featuring the youngest of green tea leaves scented 6-8 times with summery blossoms of fresh jasmine, this tea is a phenomenon of fragrance and sweetness. three leaves are hand rolled into pearls and slowly unfold the rich and smooth sweet floral flavor for a truly elegant delight. experience the time-perfected trio of leaves releasing a subtle-sweet bouquet of seasonal jasmine.

Blackberry Mojito Green Tea

a passionate salsa dance where rhythm is the unspoken language, this refreshing green tea perfectly captures the latin-inspired minty mojito cocktail. combining succulent blackberries and raspberries with a spearmint kick, this latin wonder is also excellent iced. superfruit enhanced

Peachberry Jasmine Sutra Green Tea

this gorgeous rose-colored blend is infused with sweet jasmine green tea pearls and created from a pairing of luscious strawberries and peaches with sweet floral hibiscus and rosehips. taste the very nature of love and pleasure in this pure enlightening blend of fruits and flowers.

Superfruit Unity Green Tea

this powerful alliance of 'superfruits' combines sea buckthorn berries, cranberries, raspberries with rich rose blossoms, hibiscus blossoms & crisp apple in a delicious green tea marriage. strong subtle and harmonious.

Moroccan Mint Green Tea

a true palate cleanser, this exciting and refreshing blend of chinese gunpowder green tea and moroccan spearmint mingle together like the sun dancing along the desert tan landscape. voyage to the famed gates of africa with every refined palate-pleasing sip.

Sakura Allure Green Tea

elegantly cut bamboo is the base of this enchanting green tea blend, enhancing the clean refreshing taste of cherry, pineapple, mango, rose and hibiscus. the kyoto temple's sakura blossoms in full bloom make the spiritual coupling of floral and fruit come alive as rose and hibiscus intertwine with lively cherry, mango and candied pineapple.

Sencha Jade Reserve Green Tea

this extra fine japanese cultivar is gently steamed to release the light & complex green tea sweetness. most popular as an everyday delight, but elevated by the discerning selection of artful cylindrical leaves which infuse the fresh green taste of an early spring harvest in each & every cup.

Dragonwell Green Tea

this legendary green tea is a top ten tea in china hailing from the zhejiang province. follow the famed crooked river on your trip through zheijian and steep in carefully handmade flat jade green leaves that create a mellow-sweet taste with chestnut overtones. natural sweetness from the jade green leaf establishes a complex palette in this renowed sweet nutty tea.

Jinjaa Citrus Twist Green Tea

a japanese twist on the lemonade stand, this pale hibiscus pink blush is ripened to perfection with heart notes of citrus combined with sweet ginger. ice cubes make this a cool refreshing lemon-ginger green tea summer treat.

Gyokuro Genmaicha Green Tea

the exceptional top tier gyokuro imperial is intuitively paired with toasted brown "genmaicha" rice resulting in a highly aromatic medium bodied green tea blend. this remarkably fragrant medley is sweetly soft and carries a light nutty fragrant taste.

Golden Jade Green Tea

the glistening pride and joy of china, these exquisitely intertwined silver and golden jade tea buds create an orchestra of airy, cocoa flavor on a sweet floral base. flavors rise from the heating, twisting and intermingling of separately processed perfect buds blending to sing a ballad of smooth green tea bliss.

Huang Shan Mao Feng Reserve Green Tea

honored for almost 1, 200 years, this treasured elite delicacy is a top ten tea of china. a high-grade green, both light in color and flavor, and fired to create a sweet creamy and nutty taste.

Emperor's Clouds And Mist Green Tea

a natural wonder of the world, praised as 'green gold' for centuries, this chinese marvel is naturally cultivated in heavenly elevations of 3, 500 feet and mystically shrouded by ethereal clouds and mist. receiving plenty of rain, this curly silver-speckled leaf and bud combination is lightly toasted to carry a gently smoky, softly sweet green tea essence.

Green Tea Heaven Green Tea

a divine way to enter the world of green tea! this tea starts with delicious sencha and builds a heavenly flavor with pinapple, apple, orange, marigold, and mallow blossoms. the angelic flavor is perfect for citrus lovers.

Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea

the finest of japanese teas, gyokuro bushes are covered in shade two weeks before harvesting which creates a light but very complex blend and a luscious deep dark green color. the shading retains chlorophyll, which concentrates both green tea taste and nutrients, making this a healthy, tasty favorite.

Fruta Bomba Green Tea

a fruit explosion in every sip, this colorful tea is a rainbow of flavors.

Maharaja Chai Oolong Tea

rich spices wafting together create the intoxicating taste of india. alluring chai intensely mixes with royal splendor oolong tea creating taste bursts of cinnamon, ginger, clove and nutty cardamom. the famed 'spice route' is conjured up in every rich cup of this robust and most favored chai.

Slimful Chocolate Decadence Oolong Tea

drawing inspiration from a decadent warm hawaiian chocolate cake, this oolong blend is a luxurious mix of robust cacao, creamy toasted coconut, and ginger spice that satisfies even the strongest sweet tooth. pink rose petals add romantic icing to this guilt-free treat enticing you to reach for seconds. have your tea and eat it too! contains nuts

Jasmine Oolong Tea

the most precious of green oolong teas is made more delicate with the gentle scenting of fragrantly sweet jasmine. creating a hint of perfumed wonder, this sublime and aromatic hand-rolled tea is nothing less than a cup of transcendental bliss.

French Spice Quartet Oolong Tea

enjoy a private concert of flavors as lively spices harmonize in a symphony of flavor. this oolong and pu-erh tea blend is created from the famed quatre epices of france with a teavana twist. piquant notes sing of cloves, nutmeg, ginger and sweet cinnamon while black peppercorn, madagascar vanilla and peppermint warm and awaken your palate for a refreshing crescendo.

Anjou Pear-adise Oolong Tea

sink your teeth into a succulent ripe pear in this orchard of oolong delights. a journey into paradise with each sip as the nectarous balance of fruit and floral unfold. the heart song of juicy pear and softly zinging passion fruit melts gently into notes of lemon, papaya and enchantingly fragrant hibiscus to reveal each cup of pear-adise

Toasted Nut Brulee Oolong Tea

savor each sweet sip as this silky modern brulee channels the decadent scenery of the french riviera. this sinless oolong tea aims to capture the moment with heart notes bursting with roasted almonds and hazelnut, warm coconut, cinnamon and caramel.

Thai Mountain Oolong Tea

cultivated at a heavenly 3, 900 feet in one of the highest elevation tea gardens in thailand, this majestic harvest breathes mountain-fresh floral notes of orchid, lily and wildflowers into our prized oolong to create the distinctive creamy-smooth flavor. hand-picked and rolled with delicate precision, these high-grade tea leaves, raised in fog and clouds, elevate this mountain mix to soaring heights.

Yumberry Wulong Oolong Tea

overflowing with delicious ruby red yumberries, this tart berry blend adds bright bounce to a summery dawn. enjoy an orchard walk at sunrise as the middle note of dew-drenched 'superfruits' (including blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries) combine with sun-ripened peaches and kiwi to enrich your morning journey.

Weight To Go! Pu-erh Tea

enticing, tantalizing and truly energizing this rosy blush blend of pu-erh black and green oolong teas merge to create an intoxicating mix of sweet fruit with bright mint. sweet strawberries and golden delicious apples swirl into peppermint and spearmint and create guilt-free, slimful beauty inside and out. superfruit enhanced

Black Dragon Pearls Black Tea

fashionably rare spring-harvested black tea pearls are as coveted as the legendary gems they were inspired by. just as their bejeweled counterparts take years to become perfection, each tea pearl consists of thirty leaves and buds hand picked and immediately rolled before the leaves can dry. the famed pearls carry sweet undertones of chocolaty romance, creating a smooth, sweet-bodied exquisiteness in each cup.

English Breakfast (high Grown) Black Tea

capturing posh, purity and pageantry, this hidden treasure of royal lineage raises this most beloved morning black tea to new heights. each sip unfolds to reveal the complexity of the high grown full leaves. feel like royalty with this elegantly time-honored classic and add a majestic nod to every cup.

Strawberry Slender Pu-erh Tea

guiltless yet beguiling this sweet strawberry blend leaves ordinary taste behind. featuring healthful pu-erh black tea, this blend is a dieter's delight with swirls of vanilla and whole strawberries tempting, tasty and thankfully sin-free.

Earl Grey Black Tea

famously highbrow and high grown, our earl grey is top of the tier when it comes to this timeless classic. a tip of the hat is ensured with the haughty aromatic bergamot that adds amazing refined tart orange to this dark full leaf with prized tiny silver tips, giving this extraordinarily rich black tea its refreshing iconic taste.

Cacao Mint Black Tea

childhood delights are echoed in this dessert-inspired concotion of minty chocolate wonder. refreshing peppermint compliments whole hazlenut and cocoa pieces creating naturally creamy flavors mixed with tingling goodness in everyone's favorite chocolate minty confection.

Taj Masala Chai Black Tea

channeling the majestic splendor of the taj mahal, this spice-infused delicacy inspires awe and wonder with each sip. the height of this culinary classic takes an ancient and traditional chai mix of whole cloves, warm cinnamon, piquant ginger, and anise and modernizes it with india's famed fragrant masala spices of coriander, cardamom and clove, taking you on a sublime, savory tea journey.

Copper Knot Hongcha Black Tea

tying the knot is the ceremonial bliss of the soul-mated bud and leaf. a delicate union, this is a 'meant to be' tea found 2, 000 feet atop the famed yunling mountain range of china then hand rolled into a coil of sacred perfection. gold and black intertwine as one, creating a unique copper hue with sweet honey notes singing legendary declarations of devotion.

Capital Of Heaven Keemun Black Tea

plucked high atop the majestic huang shan mountain range, breathtaking views inspire this decadent golden honey aromatic tea. one of china's most coveted top ten teas is known as the 'queen of fragrance' and the 'king of taste'. this famed royal marriage is apparent with each and every smooth, silky sip.

Amandine Rose Black Tea

travel the globe to faraway scandinavia where we've found the creamiest of marzipans and added a scrumptious decadent mix of toasted roasted almonds from the west, nutty cinnamon and sweet saffron from the exotic east. this truly delicious dessert tea adds a pale blush of red rose petals taking you far away on a decadent black tea journey.

Cha Yen Thai Black Tea

travel to modern thailand with this lush, gorgeous confetti of spices that tantalizes the eyes and tastes at every turn. our thai tea is blended harmoniously with roasted almonds, star anise, red rooibos and black full leaves to transport your senses to pure exotic delight. an alluring sweet sinless journey awaits, featuring delectable star anise, nutty almonds, tingly ginger and creamy coconut.

Darjeeling De Triomphe Black Tea

glasses lifted high in moments of celebratory triomphe- the inspiration for this most coveted 'champagne of teas.' refreshingly young black tea leaves, featuring vibrant gradients of green colors yield a high content of silvery tips and buds.

Himalayan Splendor Black Tea

an exotic gem defined by its lush, silver tipped downy leaves reaching elegantly toward the heavens atop the majestic himalayan peaks. this rare black tea is artisanal rolled into soft curls that yield a bouquet of floral and fruity notes cultivated in the high mountains of nepal with only the first and second flush of the annual harvest.

Temple Peaks Black Tea

grown at a lofty 4, 000 feet, these golden-tipped downy black tea buds literally reach for the sky when growing. gently curled and complex in flavor, the sweet honey tones sing songs of delicious glory. like heavenly temples, this black tea is steeped in history & mystery.

Golden Monkey Black Tea

steeped in ancient lore and imperial exclusivity, this legendary top 10 chinese tea is the finest black tea from the fujian province.

Strawberry Lemonade Herbal Tea

lemonade will never be the same since we came up with this sweet, sour, punchy mix of strawberry slices, golden delicious apples, zingy citrus, sweet rose hips and bright yellow sunflower petals. they'll line up around the block for this amazing fruit-filled lemonade that is a sensation when served over ice.

Tranquil Dream Herbal Tea

take a trip to sleepy land and say "nighty-night" as comfort inducing egyptian chamomile mixes with lemongrass and hibiscus. curl up in your favorite comfy blanket sipping orange blossoms and pleasant mint that will have you relaxed and ready for a night of the sweetest dreams.

Wild Orange Blossom Herbal Tea

florida is calling with a sweetly soft combination of citrus paired with beautiful sunshiny flower blossoms creating an orchard of flavor. a tribute to the plentiful citrus groves along the indian river, this bright favorite blends orange slices, grapefruit, pomegranate blossoms, rose petals and pretty yellow sunflowers.

Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea

a harmonious happenstance, fruit and floral grant a short cut to nirvana in this peaceful medley. soft peach and sweetly effervescent pineapple gently fall across your palate, while calming roman chamomile and lemon myrtle shower over you, creating a truly tranquil treat.

Citrus Lavender Sage Herbal Tea

an herbal blend fit for royalty, this sublime bouquet of fruit and floral is a healthy pick me up for any time of the day. citrusy orange, sweet pineapple and red delicious apples complement and soften to a smooth perfection with luscious lavender, sage and 'superfruit' sea buckthorn.

Sweet Fruit Garden Herbal Tea

taste summer year 'round in every bright and rejuvenating cup. lusciously sweet and sour morello cherries & tart raspberries lead the way, channeling impromptu sun-dipped picnics. highlights of hibiscus soften and refresh while apple, pineapple and papaya play in a garden of quenching delight.

Joie De Vivre Herbal Tea

a toast to 'the good life, ' joy and celebration abound with each sip of this 'champagne' of herbal teas. sip the delicate pale yellow liquor with golden highlights of sweet white peaches, candied lemon, regal figs and a creamy madagascar vanilla ending. a seamless blend of happiness in a cup.

Honeybush Vanilla Herbal Tea

this close relative of south african rooibos is a delicious tisane with a rich honey flavor tinged by genuine madagascar vanilla beans. a very smooth herbal tea that blends well with others.

Pineapple Kona Pop Herbal Tea

journey to paradise as you sink your toes into the warm, white sand beaches of hawaii with each tantalizingly tropical cup. an oasis awaits your senses as fresh grown pineapple & crisp white apple pieces meeting fragrant marigold, orange & mallow blossoms giving this vacation blend a tartly smooth 'aloha' inspired finish.

Zocolatte Spice Herbal Tea

a spicy south american chocolate utopia is evoked with this chocolaty herbal paradise featuring cocoa bits, whole cloves, cinnamon pieces, cardamom, toasted coconut and a kick of red peppercorns. let this spicy chocolate adventure unfold with every sweet & spicy sip.

Azteca Fire Herbal Tea

gorgeous feather headdresses, exquisite turquoise jewels and the famed latin cocoa and spicy chilies were all used as money to satisfy aztecan nobility. this tea is a drink worthy of the gods with the taste of hand-dipped chocolate- covered strawberries emboldened with a kick of chilies that summon the aztecs' favorite luxuries. each sip is as decadent as the last in this tasty chocolaty treat.

Lemon Youkou Herbal Tea

sunshiny spring days inspire this refreshingly bright lemon treat. radiant rays lift spirits to new horizons as the sweet & sour melange of tart citrus pieces and fragrant marigold petals awaken memories of sun-filled cloudless days. the beautifully crisp and soft lemon zing is excellent hot or served over ice.

Swiss Vervaine Melange Herbal Tea

sip and slip away into a calming comfort, as this soothing medley relaxes the mind and body. peaceful vervaine hums softly as blossoms of mallow & sunflower whisper assuring notes of flowery fineness. sweet carrot, orange peel and ginger add additional contentment as pillowy peppermint grants a refreshing serenity.

Wild Orange Blossom Herbal Tea

florida is calling with a sweetly soft combination of citrus paired with beautiful sunshiny flower blossoms creating an orchard of flavor. a tribute to the plentiful citrus groves along the indian river, this bright favorite blends orange slices, grapefruit, pomegranate blossoms, rose petals and pretty yellow sunflowers.

Rooibos Tropica Rooibos Tea

a 'who's who' of tropical splendor, soft caribbean breezes inspire this fragrant red and green rooibos blend, conjuring up a paradise of peach pieces, strawberry bits and rhubarb. smooth out the sails of your voyage with a perfect match of silky rose buds, soft marigold, bright blue cornflower petals and pomegranate blossoms. a favorite since teavana's tea journey began.

Zingiber Ginger Coconut Rooibos Tea

set sail for a sensuous exotic journey to india. this ayurvedic red rooibos wonder has a ginger, toasted coconut and black pepper zest smoothed over with the sweetness of cinnamon, golden delicious apple and almond. a sensually sublime and luxurious voyage of deliciousness.

Sevenberry Sangria Rooibos Tea

get ready to be blown away by this breezy romantic blend of 'superfruits' inspired by the spanish coastal cafes and bars that dot the shore. whole sweet grapes, strawberries, raspberries, black currants, blueberries, cherries and elderberries- seven sweet fruits- frolic in the sun and create a dark fuchsia cup of fruit-filled flavor. amazing and tantalizingly delicious when served over ice.

Opus Rouge Rooibos Tea

inspired by the world's best rich red wines, this most luxurious green rooibos blend is a symphony of sweet and fruity. the blush of red grapes, blackberry, cranberry and black currant blend beautifully, creating a scarlet red hue. creamy madagascar vanilla, sweet orange and hibiscus flowers finish off heady, rich flights of fancy.

Rooibos Chai Rooibos Tea

the sun goes down on the sacred ganges river as thousands of people around the world enjoy classic, pure chai. our red rooibos blend takes its historical spices quite seriously. the ordinary is made extraordinary with spicy cinnamon, cardamom husks, piquant ginger and lightly citrusy lemongrass which brews to a blissful honey-amber perfection.

Cocoa Praline Tart Rooibos Tea

elegant european desserts are evoked in this luxurious red rooibos and honeybush tea with swirls of rich madagascar vanilla, silky sweet fig and pear-infused grandeur. an epicurean's delight peppered with luch chocolate chips and candied macadamia nuts blending together to create an indulgent yet guilt-free dessert tea.

Apple Lemon Pomegranate Rooibos Tea

sunny, clear skies drenching moroccan citrus and spice markets, inspire this green rooibos wonder. stroll through the sublime, aromatic mix of zesty lemongrass, sweet red delicious apple and 'superfruit' pomegranate. the truly zingy whole cardamom and citrus fruit-filled treasures finish with silky smoothness.

Ginseng Vitality Rooibos Tea

this energizing and robust korean legend has been westernized while keeping the holistic eastern integrity. a blend of refreshing ginseng & ginger root, red rooibos with soothing st. john's wort. revitalize, invigorate and stimulate the senses in each bright light sip.

Tulsi Dosha Chai Rooibos Tea

legendary tulsi, the most sacred herb in india, creates an aromatic harmony equaled only by its extraordinary ingredients. red rooibos melts into cinnamon sticks, ginger, whole cloves and rose blossoms. heavenly madagascar vanilla is the height of luxury perfectly balanced by roasted coconut and cardamom to soothe the spirit and mind.

Lemon Lime Kampai Rooibos Tea

celebrate the refreshing taste of lemon and lime in this mouthwatering tea blend. sweet lemongrass, tart apple bits, zesty lime, delicious spearmint, and fruity kiwi are blended with green rooibos tea to create a reason to jump for joy and exclaim, "kamapi!"

Blueberry Bliss Rooibos Tea

fond memories of the bright blaze of wildly delicious 'superfruit' blueberries take you back to childhood summers in the blueberry patch. the sun streams into green rooibos with sweet fruity aromas, capturing the essence of summer in berries, grapes, black currants and hibiscus flowers. blissful blueberry perfection.

My Morning Mate Tea

rise with the sun and kick-start the day with this unbelievably rich and robust caffeine mix of mate, black tea, and red rooibos. a natural energy boost and a healthier alternative to coffee, this morning blend is filled to the brim with sweet cocoa, chocolate and almond bits, pistachio nuts, macadamia nuts and coriander rounded off with warm hazelnut and cinnamon.

Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate Tea

a riot of fruity flavors-bright fruity raspberry meets zesty, zingy lemon creating an unforgettable twist on lemonade. the explosion of phenomenal fruit flavors are complemented by high-grade mate, red & golden delicious apple slices, and peppy lemon zest. bold, brash, tart and terrific, it's outstanding served over ice.

Acai Matetini Mate Tea

the newest craze in cocktails inspired this fusion of real fruit, herbs and flowers with mate tea. our mock martini is a classy notch up, first blending 'superfruits' acai, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry. added to that are crisp granny smith apples & sweet pineapple, brightened with the zesty citrus notes of orange, lemongrass and hibiscus. cheers!

MatEvana Herbal Tea

it's not coffee, is it tea? taste this coffee-like, caffeine-infused mate and red rooibos blend. sweetened with cocoa, chocolate chips, almond bits and enhanced with hazelnut, this mochachino wonder lends a teavana favorite smooth, dark rich sips of that are soft and robust.

Javavana Mate Tea

start off every morning treating yourself to a healthier version of a cup of joe. bold black assam tea, and multi-fired mate merge with chocolate and cappuccino then are mellowed out with a luxurious creamy vanilla and blended into a caffeinated confection of mocha coffee-like wonder.

Caribbean Calypso Mate Tea

steel pan drums come to a pina colada crescendo on this island paradise of fruit and mate. the caribbean's flair is captured with juicy sweet mango, pineapple and red delicious apples added to toasted coconut and zesty lemongrass. refreshing and delicious served hot or chilling over cubes of cold ice.

Samurai Chai Mate Tea

the way of the warrior is strengh, skill, fairness, mercy, power, energy and balance. samurai chai mate captures all this and more. made mysteriously more delicious with a caffeine-rich green mate & green rooibos blend. cinnamon, anise, coriander, cardamom and almond are fortified with candied papaya & pineapple, orange peels, lemongrass and bright blue cornflower blossoms, all combined to help you face every new day full of strength and energy.

Jasmine Tropica Tea Blend

a beloved combination of jasmine dragon phoenix pearls green tea and rooibos tropica rooibos tea. the combination is a fruity delight with just the right amount of jasmine and fresh green tea floating through. it makes a delicious way to enjoy the health benefits of green tea, including egcg. includes 4oz of tea.

Youthberry Wild Orange Blossom Tea Blend

reinvigorate your skin and add vitamins and antioxidants to your diet with this delicious blend of white and herbal teas. this blend combines youthberry white tea with wild orange blossom herbal tea for an explosion of flavor. the combination is also very low in caffeine.

Shape Up Tea Blend

delicious blend of teas that combines the weight loss benefits of pu-erh tea, black tea, oolong tea and mate tea. the fruity flavor hides the potential to help you lose weight! this blend includes weight to go! pu-erh tea, raspberry riot mate tea, six summits oolong tea, and black dragon pearl black tea. includes 8oz of tea.

Strawberry Bliss Tea Blend

'bliss' is the perfect word to describe this combination of blueberry bliss rooibos tea and strawberry lemonade herbal tea. perfect hot or iced, this tea includes a great dose of vitamins and antioxidants. and the rooibos tea may help control allergies and fight colds. naturally caffeine-free.

Jasmine Tropica Tea Blend

a beloved combination of jasmine dragon phoenix pearls green tea and rooibos tropica rooibos tea. the combination is a fruity delight with just the right amount of jasmine and fresh green tea floating through. it makes a delicious way to enjoy the health benefits of green tea, including egcg. includes 4oz of tea.

Relaxation Tea Blend

this peaceful combination contains soothing herbs and three relaxing teas. it is a blend of lavender dreams white tea, jasmine dragon phoenix pearls green tea and peach tranquility herbal tea. the combination of chamomile, jasmine and fruity deliciousness will permeate your mind and body to help you relax. a perfect tea for the end of a long day. includes 6oz of tea.

Detox Tea Blend

this healthful blend combines the best three pure teas in one: gyokuro imperial green tea, silver yin zhen pearls white tea, and monkey picked oolong tea. so you get the tea benefits of white, green, and oolong teas plus the delicious flavor of these straight teas. the combination is a great way to hydrate your body. includes 6oz of tea.

Blueberry Kona Pop Tea Blend

deliciously fruity and refreshing! this blend of our blueberry bliss rooibos tea and pineapple kona pop herbal tea makes a wonderful iced tea treat when paired with our german rock sugar. it is a caffeine-free delight that is great for the whole family. includes 4oz of tea.

Liquid Gold Tea Blend

three of the rarest teas available are combined in a powerful blend of antioxidants, immunity boosters and skin hydrators. this blend includes golden jade green tea, silver yin zhen pearls white tea and monkey picked oolong tea in a deliciously healthy tea blend. includes 6oz of tea.

Chai/chai Tea Blend

one of our most popular and enduring chai blends! this combination of white ayurvedic chai and samurai chai mate has a flavorful, spicy taste that is hard to resist. and there's no need to resist, since it is a healthy delight combining the antioxidants of white tea with the energy of mate. a perfect way to start your day - or just get through it!


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