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our frozen yogurt is made from real nonfat milk and nonfat yogurt, and the taste that started it all. dubbed as the taste that launched a 1, 000 parking tickets by the la times. our signature flavor profile is sweet and tangy with a refreshing finish.


chocolate pinkberry has a rich, indulgent, dark chocolate taste light and delicate, though not as tart as original pinkberry, but the same high quality. chocolate pinkberry is a low fat, healthy treat.


coconut pinkberry instantly brings back tropical memories with its rich coconut flavor and smooth, tangy taste. coconut pinkberry is made with real coconut puree and like all pinkberry, there is no creamy or dairy aftertaste.

Blood Orange

pinkberry brings back a groupie favorite blood orange. with a uniquely bright and citrusy taste, blood orange pinkberry features crisp, complex notes and a refreshing, bittersweet finish. top it with succulent blood orange pieces, fresh blood orange puree and a crisp waffle cookie and youre sure to find swirly perfection. and now there are two ways to enjoy!


a very special flavor returns to pinkberry this spring lychee. its a taste thats fragrant, light, refreshing and truly unique. paired with strawberry & mochi, its sure to please the taste buds.


can you think of a flavor more perfect for spring than mango? and not just any mango, but mango pinkberry. sweet and refreshing its the perfect balance of deliciously authentic mango taste and our signature pinkberry tang.


pomegranate pinkberry is made with 100% california grown pure pomegranate juice and is refreshing, bold and tangy.


tis the season for our newest flavor, peppermint pinkberry with crisp all-natural bits of minty bark and drizzled chocolate, a flurry of minty freshness with the perfect amount of sweet swirled in. pinkberry groupie nicole elizabeth bushnell described it as "frosty, pepperminty, delishness, " mitchell lord called it an "edible winter wonderland, " and melissa porcelli said "breath-taking freshness" after her first bite.

Peach Classic

a peach cobbler-inspired combo with fresh peaches and cinnamon streusel atop peach yogurt.

Peach Fling

a swirly tryst featuring peach yogurt paired with red raspberries, sweet rice mochi, and fresh cut peaches

Peach Decadence

indulge in peach pinkberry paired with almonds and boldly finished with shaved chocolate.

Peach Tropic

escape with peach yogurt topped with luscious peaches, sweet mangoes, and tropical coconut.

Peaches & Creme

a re-envisioned classic peach yogurt topped with sweet peaches and creamy swirly whip.


the best of both worlds swirly goodness with a delicious coffee kick. talk about a good reason to get out of bed. our pinkberry coffee fans are real loyalists and they have demanded its return. hang tight people, youll be seeing joe soon.


meet pinkberrys pick of the season pumpkin! we gave your favorite holiday flavor a swirly update and created a one-of-a-kind treat thats both light and delicious.

Peanut Butter

we put a new twist on an old school favorite with pinkberry pb+j. a nostalgic throwback, peanut butter pinkberry is topped with organic strawberry jam and toasted breadcrumbs. pinkberry groupie and peanut butter lover, mayra cruz-lopez and dan hatfield, called it "authentically delicious" and "life changing!"

Green Tea

one of our 2 original flavors. this unique blend of green tea and pinkberrys signature tang has been known to put one into a zen-like state.

Salted Caramel

this new pinkberry flavor is indulgent, delicious, and complex. it perfectly combines sweet and salty to deliver a one-of-a-kind taste experience that leaves you sweet on salt.


we gave your favorite childhood fruit a sophisticated twist, resulting in something truly extraordinary. summers exclusive flavor, watermelon pinkberry can be topped with fresh watermelon pieces and fresh watermelon puree for a cool, crisp and refreshing treat youll probably want to last year round. so get it while you can!


passionfruit pinkberry is the perfect summertime flavor - made with 100% pure passionfruit juice, the flavor is incredibly refreshing with a strong tart/tangy taste profile and a bold citrus finish.


juicy, fragrantly sweet


smooth, velvety, yellow


luscious, exotic fruit with a smooth texture


tangy, tender, emerald green in color


tart, bursting with earthy, wine-like taste (on vacation)


plump, sweet, smooth


sweet rice cake


mouthwatering chunks of golden tropical fruit


our most popular berry - fragrant, sweet, and juicy

Seasonal Peach

juicy + succulent

All Natural Mixed Nuts

savory mixes of nuts

Brownie Bites

soft, dark and rich chocolate cake pieces

Cap'n Crunch

crunchy, sweet bites

Cheesecake Bites

smooth and creamy cheesecake w/a lemon zest and buttery graham crust

Chocolate Chips

rich morsels of semisweet chocolate


flakes of the sweet, tropical nut

Cookies And Cream

chunks of chocolate cookies sandwiching a cream filling

Dark Chocolate Crisps

light chocolate with crunchy bits

Fruity Pebbles

sweet, fruity, crispy rice cereal

Honey Almond Granola

all natural, sweetened with honey and sprinkled with almond clusters

Organic Fruity Bears

all natural, organic gummy bears treats

Shaved Milk Chocolate

shaved belgian milk chocolate

Toasted Almonds

roasted to bring out their nutty aroma and light taste

Yogurt Chips

sweet bites of yogurt flavored chips

Waffle Cookie

sweet + crispy

Pink Chocolate Gems

sweet + crunchy

Heath Bar Pieces

sweet + crunchy

Cinnamon Streusel

sweet + crumbly

Milk Chocolate Crunch

Peanut Butter Crunch

Luxe Toppings

pinkberry welcomes its new luxe topping line which is imported from italy and includes milk chocolate crunch and peanut butter crunch. these exquisite indulgences are made with the highest quality chocolates, nuts and other fine ingredients by italian artisans who have perfected the craft of sweet, delicious decadence. go ahead, add a little luxury to your pinkberry and make it swirlissima!some toppings may contain highly processed peanut oil.

Swirly Whip

introducing pinkberry swirly whip, our newest exclusive luxe topping. pinkberry swirly whip is a distinctive pinkberry original whipped cream, made fresh daily. it is the perfect topper to our fresh fruit bowl or frozen yogurt!

100% Pure Pomegranate Juice

bold + tangy


rich + golden

Pure And Natural Honey

sweet + smooth

Chocolate Sauce

rich + decadent

Original Pinkberry

All Natural Honey Almond Granola

Fresh Blueberries

Fresh Strawberries

Fresh Pineapple

All Natural Honey Almond Granola

Original Pinkberry

Pinkberry Fresh Fruit Bowl

meet the pinkberry fresh fruit bowl. made to order with your choice of daily fresh cut fruit and topped with our signature pinkberry swirly whip topping - and in case you're wondering, that's our distinctive pinkberry original whipped cream, made fresh daily. the fruit bowl is an incredibly fresh and light treat that's perfect for breakfast or anytime. and mama always said you should eat more fruit, right?

Waffle Cone

our new delicious premium waffle cone, made with no hydrogenated oils, no high fructose corn syrup and no trans fats! customize your cone to your hearts desire by selecting up to two toppings. try it today with salted caramel or with your favorite flavor.

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