Granville Cafe

121 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)
Garlic Tomato Bisque

seasoned with white wine, cream and basil. vegetarian friendly

Butternut Squash Soup

topped with dried cranberries, walnuts and parsley. vegetarian friendly

Monday & Tuesday - White Tortilla Soup

a hearty blend of fresh cut corn, cannellini beans, yukon gold potatoes, red bell peppers, roasted poblanos and all-natural chicken, topped with shredded fontina cheese and our housemade spiced tortilla croutons

Wednesday & Thursday - Mamas Split Pea Soup

special housemade recipe topped with pico de gallo and creme fraiche

Friday & Saturday - Lobster Bisque

seasoned with apple brandy.

Sunday - Beef Stew

all-natural angus beef, pearl onions, baby carrots and tomatoes, topped with our yukon gold & russet mashed potatoes and crumbled blue cheese

The Granville Salad

a mediterranean-inspired salad made with crisp organic romaine lettuce, crisp hothouse cucumbers, feta cheese, red onions, kalamata olives, grape tomatoes, a hint of mint, and tossed with our lemon oregano vinaigrette, add all-natural chicken $2.95, add grilled shrimp $4.95, add grilled salmon $5.95

Spring Chicken Salad

herbed all natural chicken, fresh blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, red onions, imported gorgonzola, pecan brittle and organic spring greens tossed with granvilles caramel vinaigrette.

The Craveable Club Salad

home-roasted turkey, applewood smoked bacon, juicy tomatoes, fresh avocado, hard boiled egg, red onion, blue cheese and crisp organic romaine lettuce tossed with granvilles balsamic and blue cheese dressings.

El Gaucho Salad

fresh organic spring greens, queso fresco, grape tomatoes, jicama, red bell peppers, sliced red onion, fresh avocado, spiced tortilla croutons and pepitas tossed with granvilles chimichurri vinaigrette

Spinach Salad

organic aby spinach, red onions, applewood smoked bacon and grape tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette, topped with our devilish eggs, add all-natural chicken $2.95, add grilled shrimp $4.95, add grilled salmon $5.95

Thai Ginger Salad

fresh organic spring greens, asian slaw, soft soba noodles, ripe avocado, sweet mango, crisp carrots, green onions, grape tomatoes and roasted peanuts with granvilles thai sesame dressing add grilled steak $4.95, add all-natural chicken $2.95

The Granville Caesar Salad

crisp organic romaine lettuce tossed with granvilles classic caesar dressing and topped with housemade croutons and freshly shaved parmesan, add all-natural chicken $2.95, add grilled shrimp $4.95, add grilled salmon $5.95

Taco Trio

one grilled shrimp taco with housemade guacamole & pico de gallo, one all-natural angus steak taco with caramelized onions & tangy bbq sauce, and one grilled all-natural chicken taco with mango and fresh avocado

Sweet Potato Fries

seasoned with fresh herbs and served with your choice of creamy ranch dressing, ketchup or our housemade blue cheese dressing for dipping

Granvilles Artisan Cheese Quesadilla

fresh fontina, gruyere and mozzarella cheeses melted together inside a crisp flour tortilla, with basil pesto, grilled vegetables, caramelized onions and crumbled goat cheese, add all-natural chicken $2.95, add grilled steak $3.95, add grilled shrimp $3.95

Pan-seared Lemon Ahi

pan-seared ahi tuna marinated in preserved lemon & herbs, served with a smoked mozzarella caprese salad, and garnished with toasted pine nuts and balsamic glaze

Lettuce Cups

generous leaves of fresh butter lettuce filled with mango, avocado, grape tomatoes and asian slaw, served with a side of asian dipping sauce. vegetarian friendly, with all-natural chicken $10.95, with grilled steak $12.95, with grilled shrimp $11.95

Gourmet Grilled Cheese Dipper

grilled cheese sandwich on country style bread with petit basque, gruyere and parmesan cheeses perfectly melted together with caramelized onions, deli mustard and garlic aioli, served with garlic tomato bisque for dipping.

Housemade Hummus

made with a hint of lemon, toasted pine nuts, artichokes, and served with fresh-baked flatbread.

Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

home-roasted turkey, red onions and organic spring greens, with granvilles cran-raspberry spread and garlic aioli on sliced brioche bread.

Santa Barbara Chicken Sandwich

warm herbed & grilled all-natural chicken, melted smoked mozzarella, roasted peppers and caramelized onions with basil & pine nut pesto.

Home-roasted Turkey Club Sandwich

home-roasted turkey, applewood smoked bacon, avocado, organic spring greens, red onion and roma tomatoes, with our signature garlic aioli on sliced brioche bread

Pan-seared Ahi Sandwich

sesame crusted ahi, asian cabbage slaw with thai sesame dressing and wasabi aioli.

Caprese Sandwich

juicy roma tomato slices, thick fresh mozzarella, with our kalamata tapenade, fresh basil, organic balsamic spring greens and garlic aioli. vegetarian friendly

Chipotle Chicken Club Sandwich

warm herbed & grilled all-natural chicken, avocado, red onions, melted jack cheese, applewood smoked bacon, organic spring greens and red wine vinaigrette with granvilles chipotle aioli.

Rustic Rib Eye Sandwich

tender slices of 100% all-natural slow-baked rib eye, smothered with caramelized onions, blue cheese, organic arugula, and topped with granvilles horseradish aioli and garlic aioli.

Pastrami Sandwich

not for the faint of heart! premium pastrami slices layered with roasted poblano peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, red onions and melted swiss cheese, with granvilles kalamata tapenade spread and garlic aioli.

Bacon Avocado Melt

gruyere & petit basque cheeses, applewood smoked bacon and fresh avocado, with deli mustard and our garlic aioli.

The Granville Bacon & Blue Burger

100% fresh, all-natural angus beef, applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onions, organic arugula, blue cheese, sauteed mushrooms, with granvilles housemade port sauce and horseradish aioli on a buttery brioche bun.

Southwest Burger

100% fresh, all-natural angus beef, roasted poblanos, cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, red onion, organic arugula and granvilles chipotle aioli on a rustic roll.

The Village Burger

100% fresh, all-natural angus beef, juicy roma tomatoes, organic arugula, and red onion with our garlic aioli on a buttery brioche bun, add caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, or cheese $1.00, add pastrami, bacon or avocado $2.00

Granvilless Chicken & Blue Pizza

trust us on this one! herbed & grilled all-natural chicken and blue cheese with granvilles fig preserve, fontina and mozzarella cheeses, prosciutto, red onions, basil, fresh herbs and pine nuts.

Kalamata Artichoke Pizza

kalamata olives, grape tomatoes, feta cheese, artichokes, fresh garlic, whole milk mozzarella and fontina cheeses sprinkled with fresh herbs and garlic oil vegetarian friendly.

Five-artisan-cheese Pizza

gruyere, petit basque, fontina, fresh mozzarella and whole milk mozzarella cheeses, sprinkled with fresh herbs and garlic oil. vegetarian friendly.

Uptown Mac & Cheese

a great gourmet twist on a classic craveable. aged cheddar and gruyere cheeses with grilled all-natural chicken, crisp asparagus and sweet peas, topped with buttered herb crumbs.

Rib Eye Stroganoff

non-traditional and bold, our stroganoff is made with 100% all-natural slow-braised rib eye and sauteed mushrooms in a rich demi glace & brandy sauce with bow tie pasta, topped with granvilles horseradish aioli, fresh chives and fried onions.

Angel Hair Pasta

capellini noodles, artichokes, fresh basil, grilled fennel, grape tomatoes and garlic, sauteed with olive oil and white wine, add sauteed tiger shrimp $4.95

Chicken Penne Pasta

herbed & grilled all-natural chicken and roasted vegetables in a light marsala cream sauce, topped with toasted pine nuts and crumbled goat cheese with penne pasta.

Spicy Chicken Pasta

chipotle-rubbed all-natural chicken, roasted poblanos and mushrooms, tossed with our creamy corn & herb sauce with bowtie pasta.

Salmon Filet

grilled salmon, topped with our creamed fresh corn & red bell pepper cajun style dressing and served with yukon gold & russet mashed potatoes drizzled with lemon butter sauce.

Home-roasted Organic Half-chicken

oven-roasted organic half chicken seasoned with preserved lemon, thyme & rosemary and served with yukon gold & russet mashed potatoes drizzled with lemon butter sauce and a side of smoked mozzarella caprese salad

Ahi Filet

pan-seared ahi tuna crusted with black & white sesame seeds on a bed of soba noodle stir-fry with a side of wasabi aioli.

Thick-cut Pork Chop

12 oz. thick-cut bone-in pork chop rubbed in cajun spices and topped with a cranberry-mango compote, served with sauteed spinach and our yukon gold & russet mashed potatoes.

Rainbow Trout Filet

fresh pan-seared rainbow trout with a light pepita crust and a preserved lemon & butter pan sauce, served with grilled herb vegetables.

Chicken Marsala

herbed & sauteed all-natural chicken breast topped with granvilles mushroom marsala sauce, served on a bed of angel hair pasta

New York Steak

10 oz. all-natural, aged and hand-cut, usda prime new york steak marinated with granville's sweet chile marinade, grilled and served with housemade wasabi mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus.

Filet Mignon

8 oz. all-natural filet mignon served with yukon gold & russet mashed potatoes and grilled herb vegetables, add sauteed mushrooms or blue cheese $2.50

Land & Sea

tender filet mignon medallions seasoned with granvilles spice rub and accompanied by grilled chili-rubbed shrimp skewers, served with yukon gold & russet mashed potatoes.

Premium French Fries

premium thick-cut skin-on french fries seasoned with sea salt and served with a side of ketchup and lemon aioli.

Classic Mac & Cheese

classic macaroni and cheese topped with buttered bread crumbs

Housemade Herb Potato Chips

thick-cut, sprinkled with sea salt and topped with freshly chopped rosemary and thyme.

Smoked Caprese Side Salad

smoked mozzarella and fresh grape tomatoes tossed with our balsamic vinaigrette

Granville Char-grilled Vegetables

fresh zucchini, yellow squash and red bell peppers marinated in olive oil, fresh garlic and herbs, then char-grilled.

Sauteed Spinach

organic baby spinach sauteed with fresh garlic and olive oil and a touch of preserved lemon

Grilled Asparagus

char-grilled fresh asparagus seasoned with kosher salt and ground black pepper.

Yukon Gold & Russet Mashed Potatoes

our housemade blend of mashed yukon gold and russet potatoes, with cream, roasted garlic and butter.

Ultimate Dessert Sampler

why sacrifice? enjoy the best of all worlds! featuring our popular devils advocate chocolate cake, berry patch shortcake and bruleed banana brownie.

Devil's Advocate Chocolate Cake

deliciously evil chocolate cake topped with a white cream cheese frosting and port-poached cherries.

Lemon Drop Cheesecake

with a crumb topping, an extra creamy tart lemon filling and a side of fresh raspberry coulis.

Brulee'd Banana Brownie

our gooey chocolate pecan brownie served warm, topped with bruleed bananas, caramel sauce and fresh whipped cream

Berry Patch Shortcake

freshly picked berries layered with sweetened cream and a tender almond-topped buttermilk shortcake biscuit.

Ice Cream Trio

one scoop each of hand-crafted tahitian vanilla, dark chocolate and black raspberry chip ice cream with a side of almond-topped buttermilk shortcake wafers.

The Lickety Split

scrumptious banana split with bruleedd bananas, hand-crafted tahitian vanilla, dark chocolate and black raspberry chip ice cream, port-poached cherries, caramel, and kahlua chocolate sauce with whipped cream and granvilles pecan brittle.

Granvilless Berry Lemonade

a medley of fresh seasonal berries sweeten up this summertime treat.

Citrus G2o

crisp & clean water infused with fresh oranges, lemons and cucumbers.

Housed Iced Tea

our china black tea features a mellow yet bright flavor with light, natural citrus notes.

From The Fountain

coke, diet, coke, mr. pibb and sprite


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