Samurai Japanese Restaurant

11308 South St, Cerritos, CA 90703
Tuesday's hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm (Hours of Service May Vary)
Sashimi Appetizer

7 pieces - tuna, salmon & fluke

Sushi Appetizer

tuna, salmon, fluke, crabmeat & striped bass

Spicy Toro Tartar

Vegetarian Sushi Appetizer

5 pieces

Tuna Pizza

Steamed Or Fried Shrimp Dumpling


Wasabi Shumai

wasabi dumpling - powerful stuff

Chicken Or Vegetable Gyoza

japanese dumplings

Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura Appetizer

Vegetable Tempura Appetizer

Agedashi Tofu

fried tofu with sauce

Miso Soup

Clear Soup

Seafood Soup

shrimp, crabmeat, fish cake, scallops & veggies - for $2.00

House Salad

with ginger dressing

Seaweed Salad

Tako Seaweed Salad

squid & seaweed

Spicy Crabmeat & Cucumber Salad

crabstick, cucumber, scallions & tobiko caviar dressed with our special spicy sauce.

Nabeyaki Udon

tempura shrimp, fish cake & veggies with udon, cooked in a japanese traditional hot pot

Tempura Udon Or Soba

shrimp and veggie tempura on udon or green buckwheat noodle soup

Ten Zaru Soba

shrimp tempura & cold buckwheat noodles with dipping sauce

Veggie Tempura Udon Or Soba

vegetables tempura on white udon or buckwheat noodle soup

Steamed Veggies With Udon Or Soba

Yaki Udon Or Soba

shrimp & veggies sauteed with udon noodle or soba noodle with a touch of garlic and japanese sake

Dancing Dragon Maki

crabmeat & cucumber inside, eel & avocado outside (cooked)

Dragon Maki

eel inside & avocado outside (cooked)

Red Dragon Maki

eel & avocado inside, 4 tuna sashimi outside

Futo Maki

crabmeat, egg, shiitake, kanpyo & cucumber (cooked)

Mango Caviar Maki

fresh mango, fresh salmon & salmon caviar

Rainbow Maki

avocado, cucumber inside and 6 sashimi outside

Red & White Maki

spicy tuna inside, topped with super white tuna & maguro tuna sashimi

Rosemont Maki

yellow tail, scallions, chefs special spicy sauce & tobiko caviar inside, crunchy tempura outside

S.s.t. Maki

spicy shrimp tempura rolled with scallions & eel (cooked)


(kani) (cooked)


(unagi) (cooked)

Egg Omelet

(tamago) (cooked)



Flying Fish Caviar



(fried tofu) (vegetarian)


(baby yellow tail)


(japanese squash) (vegetarian)

King Crab

(taraba kani) (cooked)




(tako) (cooked)

Orange Clam

(akagai) (seasonal)

Filet Mignon Teriyaki

tender aged filet mignon seared with chef's special teriyaki sauce

Lobster & Ny Steak Teriyaki

a marvelous combination

Ny Strip Steak Teriyaki

aged to perfection ny strip seared with our chef's teriyaki sauce

Salmon Teriyaki

fresh salmon seared with our chef's delicious teriyaki sauce

Shrimp & Scallops Teriyaki

jumbo sea scallops sauteed with our chef's special teriyaki sauce

Shrimp Teriyaki

jumbo shrimp & veggies sauteed with teriyaki sauce

Chicken Teriyaki

chicken sauteed with our chefs delicious special teriyaki sauce

Tofu-steak & Vegetable Teriyaki

slices of tofu seared with teriyaki sauce

Fish Special Teriyaki

salmon and red snapper seared with teriyaki sauce

Seafood Teriyaki

shrimp, scallops, salmon and veggies

Sushi & Sashimi For Two

10 sushi, 18 sashimi, 1 yellow tail maki & 1 california maki

Deluxe Sashimi Sampler

23 sashimi, chefs choice served with rice

Sashimi Sampler

15 sashimi, chefs choice served with rice

Sushi Sampler

7 sushi, chefs choice and 1 tuna maki

Deluxe Sushi Sampler

10 sushi, chefs choice & 1 spicy tuna maki

The Ultimate Sushi Chefs' Boat (for Two)

this is not just any sushi boat. this is the ultimate sushi chefs' boat! our sushi chefs will prepared the most exquisite and the most exotic sushi and sashimi available today for two of you to enjoy. served on our beautiful sushi boat.

Sushi For Two

14 sushi, california maki, tuna maki & 1 spider mak

Chirashi Sushi

assortments of sashimi on sushi rice

Maki Combo

tuna, salmon & california maki

Deluxe Maki Combo

spicy tuna, salmon & s. s. t. maki


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