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finely chopped parsley, tomato and onion,mixed with a hint of fine cracked wheat, mint, fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.


chopped romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato,parsley, purslane, radish, mint, spices & fried pita bread pieces, mixed with pomegranate and lemon/oil dressing

Lebanese Salad

chopped romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion , bell pepper, radish, fresh lemon and olive oil dressing

Greek Salad

romaine lettuce, tomato, olive, onion, cucumber, bell pepper, topped with feta cheese, fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.,& oregano

Rocca Salad

arugula with fresh lemon juice and olive oil, topped with chopped onion & summak

Zaatar Salad (seasonal)

fresh zaatar(similar to savory ,thyme or sage leaves), onion, summak, fresh lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oi

Rocca/zaatar Salad

arugula & fresh zaatar with fresh lemon juice and olive oil, topped with chopped onion & summak

Badenjan Raheb (priest's Salad)

broiled eggplant, onion, bell pepper, tomato, parsley, fresh lemon juice, olive oil and summak

Zeitoon Salad (olive Salad)

pitted lebanese green olives mixed in a spicy pepper-paste/pomegranate sauce, fresh zaatar leaves (seasonal), pine nuts, chopped onion & olive oil

Chicken Salad

lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad with lemon/oil dressing. topped with grilled whole chicken breast

Chicken Greek Salad

our popular greek salad topped with grilled whole chicken breast

Chicken Fattoosh Salad

our signature fattoosh salad,topped with grilled whole chicken breast

Showrabat Adass (lentil Soup)

freshly prepared with fresh celery,cilantro,potato,carrot & lemon

Jhat Khedra

an assortment of whole fresh vegetables


mashed garbanzo beans, mixed with tahini & lemon,topped with extra virgin olive oil

Hummos Harra

hummos mixed with hot red chili sauce topped with extra virgin olive oil.& pine nuts

Chef's Hummos

hummos mixed with whole garbanzo beans.topped with pine nuts and spices

Hummos Alcazar

hummos blended with garlic, parsley and chili pepper,topped with fava beans(fool mudammas)

Hummos With A Topping

choice of shawerma, chicken shawerma, sujuk,or sautéed tender lamb bits

Baba Ghannouj

broiled eggplant, blended with tahini lemon and a hint of garlic. topped with extra virgin olive oil

Warak Enab

grape leaves stuffed with rice, vegetables & spices


aged spiced cheese mixed with chopped onion, bell pepper, tomato and extra virgin olive oil

Sahen Jibneh

assortment of mediterranean cheese

Labneh B Toom

yogurt cream, blended with garlic and mint, topped with extra virgin olive oil

Labneh B Toom with Sujuk

yogurt cream, blended with garlic and mint, topped with sautéed sujuk (spicy beef sausage bits)

Labneh Harra With Olive Salad

yogurt cream, blended with garlic,mint & hot red chili sauce and topped with pitted green olives, & pine nuts

Laban B Khyar

yogurt, cucumber, garlic and dried mint


aged small eggplant stuffed with walnuts, garlic, , cilantro, chili and olive oil


crushed walnuts, mixed with red pepper paste, pomegranate sauce,and spices

Kbbi Nayye

a blend of creamy fresh raw beef and cracked wheat

K'bbeh Nayye' Ourfali

a blend of creamy fresh raw beef and cracked wheat (spicy, armenian style)

Habra Nayye

creamy fresh raw beef, served with garlic paste

Kafta Nayye

fresh raw ground beef mixed with onion, parsley and spices


cooked lamb tongue served with oil, lemon and garlic dressing. (also served sautéed)


cooked lamb brain served cold cut style with garlic,lemon & oil dressing


thin spicy slices of aged and dried beef. (armenian prosciutto)

Banadoora Jabaliyyi

special large organic tomato topped with our special spices and olive oil

Alcazar Mezza Sampler

hummos,baba ghannouj,tabbooleh,fattoosh,labneh b’toom,shanklish, stuffed grape leaves,fool mudammas,falafel & fatayer

Royal Mezza Sampler

hummos,baba ghannouj,tabbooleh,fattoosh,labneh b’toom,basterma, shanklish,stuffed grape leaves, kbbi nayyé,fool mudammas,falafel,fatayer, cheese boereg, sanboosik b’lahmeh & kbbi mkliyyi

Garlic Bread

toasted french roll with our signature garlic paste, cilantro & tomato


spiced spinach pie (oven baked

Cheese Boereg(grilled Or Fried)

thin flour dough, stuffed with combination cheese then fried to golden perfection


spiced ground beef topped with pine nuts,& toasted in pita bread


spiced ground beef topped with pine nuts & swiss cheese & toasted in pita bread

K'llej Halloumi Cheese

iimported halloumi sheep cheese topped with spices & toasted in pita bread

Kllej Basterma Or Sujuk

basterma or sujuk and cheese toasted in pita brea

Sanboosik B'lahmeh

deep fried flour dough filled with ground beef & pine nuts

Basterma With Quail Egg

toasted french roll slices topped with basterma & fried(without oil) quail egg

Sajj Bread Creations

thin lavash bread, prepared fresh on the premises, topped with zaatar, cheese, both

Fool Mudammas

fava beans stew with garbanzo beans, lemon, extra virgin olive oil,& spices


cooked whole garbanzo beans, with special spices

Fatteh Btahini Or Blaban

cooked whole garbanzo,fried pita bits,topped with tahini or yogurt garlic sauce,pine nuts & olive oil


ground garbanzo beans and spices, deep fried.served with tomatoes,radish, lettuce and tahini sauce

Kbbi Mkliyyi (fried Kbbi)

creamy beef and cracked wheat, stuffed with ground beef,onions pine nuts,spices

Samkeh Mkliyyi (pan Fried Fish)

whole fresh mediterranean sea bass ,11/2 lb.(loup de mer/branzino) pan fried to golden perfection. served with fried pita bread and tahini sauce

Samkeh Mshwiyyi

whole fresh mediterranean sea bass,11/2 lb. marinated and broiled

Samkeh Harra

marinated whole fresh mediterranean sea bass broiled and served with spicy tahini, walnut, pine nut,garlic, cilantro sauce

Broiled Salmon

filet of atlantic salmon marinated and broiled, served with steamed vegetables,rice,fireek,or french fries

Broiled Sardines

imported small mediterranean sardines seasoned & broiled. served on a bed of fresh mixed tabbooleh

Beef Kabab

chunks of beef tenderloin(filet) broiled to your liking

Lamb Kabab

marinated chunks of lamb tenderloin(filet), broiled to your liking

Lula Kabab (kafta) Beef Or Chicken

ground lean beef or chicken mixed with onion and spices, broiled on skewers

Ourfa Kabab

chunks of marinated ground beef and eggplant,lined on a skewer and grilled

Kbbi Al Seekh

creamy beef mixed with fine cracked wheat & spices. skewered then grilled

Shish Tawook

chunks of marinated tender chicken breast, broiled to a golden finish


home made,cashewfilled,finger baklav

Ashta Bi Asal

freshly made cream ,topped with honey,crushed pistachio & almond


jello-like dessert made from milk ,corn starch & sugar,topped with sugar syrup crushed pistachio & almond


rice flour & milk pudding.topped with sugar syrup,crushed pistachio & almonds


rice flour pudding,spiced with cinnamon,cloves & caraway, topped with grated coconut,walnuts & pistachio


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