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sheep cheese dip with butter and sweet hungarian paprika, with fresh bread

Hungarian Appetizer Plate

home smoked sausage, winter salami, korozott & vegetables

Hortobagyi Palacsinta

crepes filled with veal ragout & dollop of sour cream

Duck Liver Risotto - Kacsamajas Rizibizi

sauteed duck liver with onion, green peas & rice

Fried Camembert- Rantott Sajt

served on a bed of rice and tartar sauce

Breaded Mushrooms - Panirozzot Gomba

Chicken Soup Hungarian Style - Husleves

chicken leg and breast with fresh vegetables and homemade noodles

Gulyas Soup - Gulyasleves

chunks of beef and vegetables in a spicy broth with regional hungarian seasoning

Night Owl Soup - Korhely Leaves

sauerkraut, dill, veal and dollop of sour cream

Soup Of The Day - A Nap Levese

Fresh Cucumber Salad - Udorkasalata

with sweet and sour dressing, bell pepper, touch of garlic

Caesar Salad - Caesar Salata

Tomato And Cucumber Salad - Vegyes Salata

with cheese and red onion in a honey mustard dressing

Mushroom Paprikas - Gombapaprikas

fresh mushroom sauteed with onions & bell pepper served over homemade dumplings

Cheese Ravioli Topped With Grilled Chicken Breast - Sajitos Dereley Roston Suit Csirkemellel

with green peas in paprika sauce

Caesar Salad

with duck breast

Grilled Salmon Salad - Roston Suit Lazac Salataval

with fresh greens, red onion & mushroom

Chicken Paprikas - Csirkepaprikas

chicken with paprika sauce, served with homemade dumplings

Stuffed Cabbage - Toltott Kasposzta

cabbage leaves stuffed with pork and rice, served with braised sauerkraut, potato & sour cream

Grilled Chicken Breast - Roston Sult Csirkemell

with roasted potatoes & mushrooms

Mushroom Beef - Gombaso Borjuporkolt

beef roast with mushroom sauce & spatzle (homemade dumplings)

Veal Gulyas - Borjuporkolt

with homemade dumplings

Wiener-schnitzel - Becsi Szelet (rantott Hus)

fillet of breaded veal, with braised red cabbage & potato

Roasted Duck - Sult Kacsa

crispy young duckling served with red cabbage & potato

Grilled Mustard Coated Salmon Fillet - Roston Sult Lazac Szelet

served on a bed of roasted potatoes & mushrooms

Filet Of White Fish - Fogas Roston Vagy Rantva

with mushrooms, served with rice

Grilled Pork Chop - Csarda Modra

with potatoes

Borju Resztelt Maj - Sauteed Veal Liver

with rice or potatoes

Transylvanian Goulash - Szekelykaposzta

veal stew made with sauerkraut, served with sour cream & potatoes

Csarda Sampler Plate For Two - Fatanyeros Csarda Modra

roasted duck, wiener-schnitzel, grilled pork sausage, meatballs, chicken breast, eggs, breaded mushrooms, potato red cabbage, and rice. a hearty meal with a little of everything.


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