New Moon

2138 Verdugo Blvd, Montrose, CA 91020
Wednesday's hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm (Hours of Service May Vary)
Wally's Grilled Shrimp

succulent shrimp grilled with fresh garlic and sliced scallions. inspired by his favorites, for his favorites.

Chinese Shrimp Ravioli

large pillows of tender wonton filled with shrimp and chinese vegetables floating in a light chicken consume with droplets of fragrant sesame oil.

Chicken Pot Stickers

chicken pot stickers ~ 5.95 the unique cooking method of grilling and steaming these delicate appetizers help punctuate the flavorful filling of freshly ground chicken and chinese vegetables.

Vegetarian Pot Stickers

vegetarian pot stickers ~ 5.75 a winning combination of glass noodles, fragrant vegetables, and scrambled tofu gives this appetizer wonderful texture and flavor.

Mandarin Tofu

mandarin tofu ~ 5.95 fresh tofu coated with delicate japanese panko flakes. served with a cantonese blackbean sauce. who would have thought vegetarian could taste this good?

The Original New Moon Chicken Salad

our signature dish of slow roasted chicken rubbed with aromatic herbs is tossed with a melange of crispy, crunchy and nutty delights. we purposely dress our salad ever so lightly so that the combination of flavorful ingredients can be savored. we are widely recognized as the first family to introduce the chinese chicken salad some 45 years ago!

Wallys Grilled Shrimp Over Organic Mixed Greens

local organic greens are lightly tossed in a miso infused vinaigrette dressing, topped with grilled shrimp.

Candied Walnuts Over Organic Mixed Greens

homemade candied walnuts are liberally sprinkled over our organic green salad. served with our miso vinaigrette.

Sizzling Rice Soup

we start with an intense chicken broth, add slices of chicken breast, shrimp and chinese vegetables then top it off with sizzling rice.

Won Ton Soup

the new moons homemade wontons are filled with chicken and vegetables to create a lighter version of this traditional soup. we top our soup with slices of napa cabbage and scallions.

Wor Won Ton

a healthy and hearty soup that is chock full of wontons, chicken, shrimp, barbeque pork and chinese vegetables.

Egg Drop Soup

a comforting soup of minced chicken and vegetables, finished with ribbons of whipped eggs.

Chicken Ye Won Ton

a unique full-bodied soup of chopped chicken, mushrooms, water chestnuts, ribbons of whipped eggs poured over crisped wontons. please note, this delicious soup takes a little extra time for our kitchen to prepare.

Hot And Sour Soup

an exotic blend of spicy and pungent flavors makes for extraordinary results in this classic szechuan soup.

Shelby's Sweet And Spicy Chicken

just like the girl its named after, this dish begins sweet ...then the subtle heat of the black pepper kicks in to give you something worth remembering.

Honey Glazed Chicken With Orange Zest

a winning combination of tender chicken coated with a light golden brown batter and glazed with a sweet orange infused sauce.

Kung Pao Chicken

a northern chinese specialty that combines marinated chicken with whole fiery chili peppers, sweet red and green peppers and roasted peanuts.

Minced Chicken With Lettuce Cups

minced chicken and aromatic vegetables are served over a bed of crispy rice noodles. at the table, we offer a sweet and smoky hoi sin sauce and lettuce cups for you to create a wonderful dish of contrasting textures.

Velvet Chicken

tender slices of chicken breast stir-fried with a healthy and colorful melange of seasonal vegetables. served in a light savory brown sauce.

Shelbys Sweet And Spicy Beef

just like the girl its named after, this dish begins sweet ...then the subtle heat of the black pepper kicks in to give you something worth remembering.

Mongolian Beef

splendid in its simplicity, sweet and aromatic green onions are stir-fried with tender slices of beef in searing heat. the beef remains tender and the onions caramelize to produce a wonderful result.

New Moons Dragon Beef

frightfully hot and colorful, red and green thai chili peppers punctuate this dish of seared beef splashed with dark soy sauce and sherry.

Crispy Orange Peel Beef

crispy slices of beef are wok fried at a high temperature then tossed in a complex combination of rice wine, light and dark soy sauces, and tangy orange zest to create a semi-sweet glaze.

Sliced Beef With Florets Of Broccoli

a classic cantonese dish using sliced marinated beef and florets of broccoli in a savory dark sauce with the essence of sherry.

Shredded Beef And Chinese Snow Peas With A Trio Of Mushrooms

wok seared beef and fresh chinese snow peas in a dark brown sauce with a trio of mushroom varieties that may change depending on seasonal offerings.


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