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Zakuski (sampler Platter)

for those who left their gps in the car, allow our waitstaff to orient you to the possibilities.


beans! we love it; and with walnuts, ah... it is eaten to awaken the appetite


cheese pie. "life without khachapuri is not worth living." evokes passionate praise from the lips of any georgian. a glass of light wine will put you into an agreeable mood.


well-known kavkaz mountain appetizer of cabbage, walnuts, and herbs married with lemon and garlic.

Kavkaz Beet Salad

the mountain folk add beets and walnuts to this sprightly peasant dish.

Salat Olivier

perhaps the most typical of russian salads. one of napoleon's few lasting conquests. try it!

Georgian Eggplant Salad

try this dish once and your wife will never see you again... grumbling.

Salat Vesna

fresh cabbage, berries, herbs, and serious love.


siberian meat dumplings, garnished with yogurt and spicy condiments. have a cup of real russian tea from our samovar to compliment this true folk dish.

Fish Pelmeni

filled with a mixture of salmon and chicken. exquisite!


potato-onion or potato-cheese dumplings. an extraordinary dish, especially if you're from odessa!


peasant-style meat or vegetarian dumplings. it is considered a crime in some circles not to order a beer with this mountain delight.

Tatar Chebureki

recipe passed down to my babushka from the personal chef of genghiz khan

Georgian Green Salad With Cheese

a zesty introduction to your main course.

Ajap Sandali

traditional georgian vegetable ragout. expect eggplant, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, a bunch of herbs, and khmeli-suneli seasoning. our georgian improvement to western civilization

Barba Salad

glorious beets, onions, unexpected spices and herbs

Baba Ganoush

our version of the well-known appetizer. served with bread for dipping.

Ikra Badrijannaya

eggplant with a delicate infusion of herbs, onions, olive oil, and garlic. "poor man's caviar." a vegetarian's dream of heaven when in hell.


almost a meal in itself. beet roots, potatoes, cabbage leaves, and other vegetables and meats, simmered for hours to produce culinary magic. served with a dollop of sour cream, at your pleasure.

Vegan Borscht

"all borscht to the people!"

Peter The Great's Shchi

russian peasant soup with bread on the side. a secret guilty pleasure of the nobility.

Georgian Kharcho

the most popular and hearty beef, rice, tomato, lemon, onion, and cliantro soup from kakhetia. we guarantee this will warm your soul. like everything else from this region, goes well with a glass of dry, red wine.

Ukrainian Mushroom Soup

your babushka's cling-to-your-ribs delight that never fails to bring back warm memories.

Bagrationi's Soup

a reflection of chef's moods. seasonally adjusted to the tbilisi stock exchange. please ask for the secret handshake.

Seasonal By The Glass - Cold Okroshka

yogurt, herbs, and our love. oh, baby!

Georgian Bbq

pork platter with two sides. your choice of potatoes, kasha, red october.

Russian Bbq

beef platter with two sides. your choice of potatoes, kasha, red october.

Vlad's Special(transylvanian Soul Food)

pork ribs impaled and slow roasted over an agonizing fire.


village-style cabbage rolls, filled with a ground beef mixture and simmered in beef stock, to which sour cream is added just before serving to create a rich broth.

Chakhokhbili (georgian Eagle)

another peasant specialty, this casserole will make your mouth water. large pieces of chicken simmered with onions, tomatoes, bay leaves, lemons and sometimes a little sherry -- plus, of course, the chef's secret spices. even stalin melted at the prospect of this aromatic dish. try a glass of young red wine with it and you'll fly like an eagle.

Blue Cheese Cutlets

russian village minced meat delicacy with herb and spices cooked in a bouillon base. pairs finely with beer or vodka. our health food.

Black Sea Pork Steak

(as available) tender pork loin braised with onions, cranberries, and apples. this is the stuff that dreams are made of. please allow 20 minutes to prepare it.

Chicken Kiev

the tsar's and garrison keillor's answer to life's persistent question.

Sliced Leg Of Lamb

pre-fried then baked with quince, honey, lemon, mint and herbs to achieve a sweet succulence. no headman's feast could begin, no bride be blessed, no babe baptized without this memorable dish from georgia - a quintessence of lamb, a feast for lovers. you will never forget this dish. a hearty wine that reminds you of your lover's eyes is the only answer for this magnificent dish.

Chicken Tabaka

pressed, fried cornish hen, split down the middle and, traditionally, fried under a flat river rock. the ultimate definition of tenderness. a strong russian tea or a bottle of cabernet will put you into a pensive mood... "how wonderful the world is!" allow approximately 20 minutes for us to catch a chicken under a rock.


this comes to you directly from the times of ivan the terrible. braised beef (unfortunately, we can't get bear meat) with onions, dry fruit, and our "faraway" spices. this hunter's joy cries out for a good red wine and a long, slow meal to recollect the good times and dream of those to come.


in georgia, it's "wine, women, song -- and chanakhi!" whenever good friends gather for conversation, well-aged red wine, and true fellowship, this festive food is served. it's a lamb stew seasoned with the aromatic spices most characteristic of georgian cooking.

Beef Stroganoff

try this indulgent, yet restrained, marvel. russia's claim to fame.

Vegetarian Stroganoff

unbelievably delicious!


a celebration of spring in your heart! lamb, onions, tarragon, wine, plum sauce. should any be left over, it is best on the second day; or on the seventh day -- when god created georgia!


georgian festive chicken dish with walnuts, onions, garlic, and unique georgian spices. served at room temperature or hot. a wife's subtle trick is to cook this well-known georgian dish before she hands you your honey-do list!

Shashlik (served Thursdays Through Sundays Only -- Allow 25 Minutes)

your choice of meats marinated in yogurt, grilled over various prunings that give shashlik its tantalizing aroma. it is said that this dish saved the yalta accords between stalin, churchill and roosevelt in 1944.

Smoked Fish

rainbow trout or salmon, smoked over a slow hardwood fire in the georgian mountain style. taste this gourmet treat and die happy. market price varies unless the chef goes fishing himself.

Satsivi Fried Fish

georgian festive fish dish with walnuts, onions, garlic, and unique georgian spices. catch of the day. please allow 20 minutes to catch, clean, cook. our chef's whimsical recipe. match with a perky georgian wine.

Babushka's Surprise

fresh-baked apple filled with sweet fruits, walnuts and honey; topped with ice cream.

Napoleon Torte

escape with this sinful retreat.

Zhukov Torte

overwhelms the defenses of all your senses.

Kutuzov Fruit Soup

wild fruit soup. captures the heights of pleasure.

Toad Sweat Ice Cream

not for the faint of heart!


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