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Asian Flank Steak

one of our most popular beef entrees, this recipe includes our special mix of soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil, brown sugar, and other asian flavors. pop it on the grill, or cook in a skillet on the stovetop. everyone loves steak, and this one is the best! grill or skillet 15-20 minutes if thawed.

Baked Chicken, Broccoli And Rice

your dinner table will feel so cozy when you gather to enjoy this savory chicken bake, accented with broccoli florets and rice and pulled together with a cheese and white wine sauce. parmesan gives it a cheesy topping. oven- 45 minutes if thawed, 55-60 minutes if frozen

Baked Parmesan Fish Fillets With Rice Pilaf

if your kids like fish sticks they'll go wild for these mild fish fillets covered with a crunchy parmesan crumb coating. serve the baked fish atop a bed of rice pilaf, which is included. oven- 30 minutes if thawed, 40-45 minutes if frozen

Barbequed Meatloaf

always a family favorite, we've taken meatloaf a step above and glazed it with our zesty barbecue sauce. oven - 1 hour if thawed, 1 hour 20 minutes if frozen

Beef And Asparagus Cordon Bleu

this entree is sophisticated enough for a special evening yet familiar and kid-friendly enough for any night. tender steak is topped with sliced mushrooms, fresh asparagus spears, diced ham and swiss cheese. stovetop - 20 minutes if thawed

Chicken A La Florentine Braided Bread

tender diced chicken and ham combined with spinach, parmesan cheese, and a light bechamel sauce, all stuffed inside baked bread - soft on the inside, crusty on the outside, if you like our heavenly chicken, you'll love this stuffed bread! oven - 20-30 minutes if thawed, 45-50 minutes if frozen

Chicken Wraps With Peach Salsa

you'll love the mixture of favors, colors and taxtures in these wraps. diced white chicken mixes with peaches, green onions, cranberries, red bell peppers and zippy spices, wrap the warm mixture in flour tortillas, which are included. stovetop - 10 minutes if thawed, 15 minutes if frozen

Manicotti Marinara With Italian Vegetables

satisfy your craving for italian food with this substantial nutritious dish, colorful sliced vegetables are layered with cheese-stuffed pasta, flavorful marinara sauce and shredded parmesan cheese. oven 45 minutes if thawed, 55 minutes if frozen

Parmesan Chicken With Creamy Sage Sauce

picky eaters can dine in harmony with more adventurous folks when you serve these baked chicken breasts. the chicken, topped with crunchy bread crumbs, stands on its own. the entree is elevated with a creamy white sauce flavored with savory sage, which you can serve atop the chicken or on the side, oven - 45 minutes if thawed, 60-65 minutes if froze

Pork Tenderloin With Mustard Sauce

you'll be amazed that such simple preparation at home yields this showpiece of a dish. the tenderest cut of pork bakes in a flavor-enhancing marinade and is served with a sour cream-based sauce livened by a slight kick of mustard oven - 45 minutes, or grill - 20 minutes, if thawed

Split Pea And Ham Soup With Corn Muffins

"what's for dinner?" they ask. you'll answer with confidence after you've started simmering this thick, wholesome soup. our recipe features generous servings of split peas, ham and carrots. it pair flawlessly with corn muffins, which are included. slow cooker - 5 hours: or stovetop - 1 1/2 hours

Tuscan Chicken With Penne Pasta

take your family on a culinary tour of tuscany. penne pasta is surrounded by a sauce that tastes kissed by the sun - tomatoes, artichokes, mushrooms, italian herbs - and is thawed, 80 minutes if frozen




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