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Olive Tapenade

cured tomatoes, grilled cipolline onions, sesame flatbread


mixed olives, roasted red peppers, sesame flatbread

Roasted Red Pepper Feta

marinated artichokes, cornichons, sesame flatbread


three dips, marinated artichokes, cured tomatoes, grilled cipolline onions, sesame flatbread


tillamook cheddar and cured tomatoes


la quercia prosciutto, cured tomatoes, mozzarella, basil pesto


cured tomatoes, gruyere, grain mustard


roasted red peppers, grilled eggplant, goat cheese

Campagne-arlington, Virginia

pork, garlic, cognac, plums

Duck Rillette-quebec, Canada

spiced, shredded duck meat

Mousse Truffee-normandy, France

chicken liver, black truffle, madeira

Pheasant-hayward, California

tender pheasant, figs, pistachios

Bresaola-arlington, Virginia

air-cured beef tenderloin

Sopressata-friuli, Italy

dry-cured pork salami

Prosciutto-norwalk, Iowa

nutty, sweet, mild saltiness

Hungarian Pepperoni-arlington, Virginia

salt-cured beef with caraway and paprika

Hubbardston Blue-hubbardston, Massachusetts Rich

creamy with notes of mushrooms and truffles

Roaring Forties-king Island, Australia

full-bodied, honey-sweet, nutty

Cashel Blue Grubb-county Tipperary, Ireland

semi-hard, salty with notes of tarragon, white wine

Bleu Dauvergne-auvergne, France

balanced body with notes of grass and wildflower

Brillat Savarin-normandy, France

triple creme, buttery, rich, smooth

Cahill Irish Porter-county Limerick, Ireland

full bodied, pungent, marbled with guinness

Pont Leveque-normandy, France

soft texture, savory and piquant with bloomy rind

Piave-veneto, Italy

hard granular texture, intense nuttiness

Smoked Capri-hubbardston, Massachusetts Smooth

creamy texture with sharp hickory notes

Ibores-extremadura, Spain

long finish, paprika and olive oil rubbed

Selle Sur Cher-loire, France

mild, creamy, hint of citrus

Silver Chevre-quebec, Canada

creamy, smooth, light, tart

Idiazabal-encartaciones, Spain

firm, rich, slightly smokey with hints of nuttiness

Peconrino Boschetto-sardinia, Italy

dense and creamy, accented with truffles

Pecorino Brillo Chianti-sardinia, Italy

soft delicate sweetness, rind washed in red wine

Ptit Basque-basque Region, France

firm, creamy, sweet and salty


milk chocolate ganache with slow cooked caramel and fleur de sel


bittersweet valrhona manjari chocolate dusted with red cocoa powder


venezuelan chocolate with chipotle peppers and cinamonn/cayene dust


dark chocolate ganache filled with fine pistacchio butter

Warm Clove

dark chocolate with fresh ground cloves, saigon cinnamon, ancho chili, vanilla

Earl Gray

dark chocolate with ground tea leaves and candied violet


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