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Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

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Jungle Shrimp

grilled jumbo shrimp mixed with onions, bell pepper, lemon grass in our delicious chilli sauce

Rolling Duck

crispy roasted duck with spring onion and cucumber wrapped in roti, served with neisha's hoisin sauce

Neisha Tempura

sweet shrimps with variety of mixed vegetables lightly battered, deep-fried until perfection served with neisha's plum sauce

Shrimp Cake

homemade shrimp cake breaded, fried until golden brown, served with authentic plum sauce

Yum Woon Sen

glass noodles cooked with shrimps, minced chicken, cashew nuts and onions in a tasty spicy lime dressing.

Shrimp Bikini

marinated shrimps wrapped with spring roll skin, fried and served with our plum sauce


marinated chicken on skewers, grilled and served with homemade peanut sauce and fresh cucumber relish

Spring Rolls

crispy veggie rolls stuffed with cellophane noodles and mushrooms served with our own special sweet and sour sauce

Golden Calamari

lightly battered slices of calamari, deep-fried served with our exotic sweet and sour sauce..southern thai style

Kanom Jeeb

marinated crabmeat and minced pork wrapped with wonton skin, steamed and served with our special soy wonton skin, steamed and served with our special soy sauce

Larb Gai

minced chicken seasoned with chili, limejuice and exotic thai spicestraditional thai style

Yum Talay

parade of fresh shrimps, scallops, mussels and squids cooked in low heat and mixed with spicy lime dressing

Thai Steamed Mussels

fresh farm-raised mussels steamed with fresh basil leaves, lemon grass and galangal, served with spicy lime dipping sauce.

Nua Num Tok

grilled flank steak cooked with scallions, red onions and spicy lime dressing along with fresh vegetables

Sapphire Jumbo Tofu

we deep-fried our triangle tofu to perfection..accompanied by special peanut sauce

Salmon Rolls

marinated fresh filet salmon, wrapped with jasmine rice, seaweed, sesame seeds, fried until golden brown served with special thai herb sauce

Yum Grilled Eggplant

grilled eggplant cooked with red onions and exotic thai spices, sprinkled with spicy lime dressing, topped with grilled shrimps

Moo Dadd Deaw

we marinated our pork overnight to an absolute perfection...fried and served with our hot sauce

Wonton Soup

marinated ground pork wrapped with wonton skin and served in delicious homemade broth

Tom Yum Goong

it's authentic!shrimps, mushrooms and exotic thai spices in a tasty lemon grass broth

Tom Ka Gai

tender chunks of chicken with thai spices in our homemade coconut broth

Tom Yum Talay

combination of shrimps, scallops, mussels and squids in our homemade lemon grass broth

Tasty Veggie Soup

mixed vegetables, seaweed and shitake mushrooms served in our delicious homemade broth

House Salad

a mixture of fresh premium salad greens with your choices of our homemade spicy emerald, peanut, or our fabulous ginger dressing, come along together with premium chips

Grilled Jumbo Shrimp Salad

shrimps grilled perfectly and served on a bed of mixed salad greens in an exotic lime dressing

Papaya Salad

arinated grilled shrimps served with shredded green papaya mixed with tomatoes and string beans in a spicy lime dressing

Golden Tofu Salad

continental green salad topped with fried jumbo tofu mixed in homemade peanut dressing

Crispy Shrimp Dangerous

beautiful arrangement of crispy jumbo shrimps along together with steam broccoli and glazed with spicy exotic brown sauce, topped with crispy basil leaves

Crying Tiger Steak

our marinated thai steak is thrilling with taste and flavor. this delicious north eastern style comes with steamed vegetables, sticky rice and authentic spicy sauce sticky rice and authentic spicy sauce

Flank Steak Green Curry

this authentic green curry cooked with flank steak, thai eggplant and basil leaves served with crunchy parata roti

Ocean Madness

fresh and healthy!! the parade of fresh filet tilapia, shrimps, scallops, mussels, and squids steamed together with exotic spicy lime dressing

Ancient Jumbo Shrimp

jumbo shrimps stir-fried with our traditional peanut sauce together with kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass

Oriental Sweet And Sour Fish

crispy fish filet, we make sure that the fresh remain moist and juice inside, topped with sauteed pineapple, tomatoes, garlic and white wine in our famous sweet and sour sauce

Passion Beef (critic's Choice)

these three days marinated flank steak topped with ginger, served on hot sizzling platter will definitely passion your tongue

Golden Scallop In Tamarind Sauce

sea scallops fried to golden brown, glazed with our flavorful tamarind sauce and served with steamed vegetables

Gai Obb Bai Toey

aromatic...marinated chicken wrapped with pandan leaves, fried and served with thai tamarind sauce

Neisha's Barbecue Talay

seafood cooked at very high heat with green peppers, onions, pineapple and tomatoes in our homemade barbecue sauce and served on a sizzling platter

Grilled Salmon In Banana Leaves (critic's Choice)

fresh filet of salmon marinated with thai herbs and spices, wrapped with banana leaves, grilled to perfection and served with our exotic lime dressing.

Pineapple Fried Rice (critic's Choice)

shrimps stir-fried with pineapple, cashew nuts, and dry shredded pork with our jasmine rice served on a bed of pineapple shell


your choices of beef, chicken or pork sauteed with fresh basil leaves, garlic and chili sauce

Ginger Ginger Ginger

your choices of beef, chicken or pork sauteed with fresh ginger, onions and mushrooms in our homemade bean sauce

Pad Pak

your choices of beef, chicken or pork sauteed with mixed vegetables in a light brown sauce

Cashew Chicken

tender chunks of chicken stir-fried with cashew nuts and onions in our light brown gravy.

Pad Prik Khing

beef, chicken or pork stir-fried with string beans, kaffir lime leaves in our delicious curry paste

Bangkok Beef With Asparagus

tender beef slices sauteed with fresh asparagus in our light brown sauce

Goong-gai Prik Pow

shrimps and chicken stir-fried with scallions in our gourmet roasted chili paste

Neisha's Roasted Duck

our fantastic marinated duck!and served on a bed of sauteed watercress and glazed with parloh sauce

Scallop With Asparagus

sea scallops stir-fried with fresh asparagus, garlic, black peppers and coconut milk

Neisha Pepper Steak

marinated flank steak sauteed with onion, bell pepper and our homemade spicy brown sauce

Shrimp Zucchini

shrimps stir-fried with fresh zucchini and fresh garlic in our exotic brown sauce

Garlic Seafood

combination of seafood stir-fried in high heat with our thai garlic sauce, served on the bed of broccoli.

Talay Pad Pah

wild and hotexotic thai spices in northern style sauteed with fresh seafood combination

Choo-chee Goong

grilled jumbo shrimps sauteed with homemade red curry paste and coconut milk

Pla Dadd Deaw

shredded mango or apple (seasonal), red onions, scallions in our homemade lime sauce, glazed on our marinated fried tilapia

Crispy Soft Shell Crab

very, sauce lightly battered soft shell crab... served with your choice of: fresh chili and garlic sauce, black beans, vegetables and fresh ginger sauce, celery, onions, scallions and yellow curry sauce.

Crispy Whole Flounder

just like we said.. it's crispy!.. try our original recipe served with your choice of: fresh chili and garlic sauce, black beans, vegetables and fresh ginger sauce

Steamed Rock Fish

do not miss our flavorful steamed rock fish, it's outstanding with your choice of: famous spicy fresh garlic and lime dressing, plum sauce along with peanut lime dressing.

Shrimp Mussamun Curry

shrimps cooked in tasty mussamun curry, potatoes, onions, roasted peanuts and coconut milk

Roasted Duck Curry

neisha' s roasted duck cooked with tomatoes and pineapple in our traditional red curry sauce recipe

Panang Curry

very authentic tasteour homemade peanut curry in coconut milk cooked with your choices of beef, chicken or pork

Green Curry Chicken

tender chunks of chicken, bamboo shoots, thai eggplant and fresh basil leaves cooked in our famous green curry sauce

Red Curry Beef

tender beef slices cooked with tomatoes and pineapple in our original red curry

Pad Thai

traditional thai noodle dish.. rice nookdes stir-fried with shrimp, bean sprouts, scallions, crushed peanuts and egg

Kee Mao Kai

chunks of chicken sauteed with fresh basil leaves and chili sauce, served on a bed of wide rice noodles

Pad See Eaw

choices of chicken, beef and porkstir-fried with wide rice noodle, chinese broccoli and thai soy sauce

Kua Gai Noodle

chicken stir-fried with wide rice noodles, egg and scallions in thai soy sauce

Green Curry Pasta

thai authentic green curry with jumbo shrimp, served on a bed of delicious pacific noodles

Seafood Golden Noodle

seafood combination with broccoli, carrot, baby corn sauteed with our gravy sauce, served on a bed of crispy egg noodle

Poo Goong Obb Woon Sen

shrimps cooked with cellophane noodles, shitake mushrooms and vegetables topped with crabmeat served on a clay pot along with lime dressing

Neisha Sukiyaki

modern thai style sukiyakistir-fried seafood combination with cellophane noodles, mixed with vegetables in our exotic neisha-yaki sauce

Spicy Pacific Noodle

combination of seafood stir-fried with fresh basil leaves, vegetables and our delicious egg noodle in spicy brown sauce

Pattaya Noodle

combination of seafood stir-fried with wide rice noodles, roasted chili paste and fresh basil leaves, sprinkled with crabmeats

Kao Pad

it means "fried rice"served with your choices of chicken, beef or pork with tomatoes, onions, egg in a very flavorful chef's sauce

Kao Pad Talay

this seafood fried-rice is spicy and delicious

Pad Thai Jae

thai traditional noodle dishrice noodles stir-fried with mixed vegetables and crushed peanut (egg optional

Veggie Fried Rice

mix vegetables stir-fried with our flavorful fried rice (egg optional)

Pad Pak Jae

sauteed mixed vegetables, tofu with a touch of garlic in a light brown sauce

Green Curry Vegetables

thai eggplant, fresh basil leaves and mixed vegetables cooked in traditional green curry

Panang Curry Tofu

fried tofu cooked with our homemade peanut curry and coconut milk

Watercress Fi Daeng

fresh watercress sauteed at a very high temperature in spicy light bean sauce

Spicy Eggplant

japanese eggplant stir-fried with fresh chili, garlic and basil leaves in exotic bean sauce

Neisha's Ice Cream

homemade style ice cream, your choices of young coconut, green tea or ginger

Crunchy Asian Crape

your choices of our delicious ice cream served on the bed of crunchy thai roti, splashed with chocolate syrup

Forbidden Island

tropical fruit salad with your choices of our famous ice cream, served in crispy island

Thai Taro Custard

traditional thai custard, it's a grandma's recipe using taro root to make old fashion thai custard

Mango With Sticky Rice (seasonal)

fresh mango served with warm, creamy sticky rice

Double Mousse

incredibly rich, chocolate cake, covered with chocolate mousse almost like eating fudge

White Chocolate Mousse

the most popular and delicious cake yellow cake filled with white chocolate mousse and the white chocolate shaving all over

A La Mode

fried banana served with young coconut ice cream


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