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Assorted Appetizers

varied combination of medu vada, potato bonda, samosa, vegetable cutlet, pakoras served with multi kinds of sauce

Iddly / Sambar Idly

steamed rice and lentil patties

Vada / Sambar Vada

fried lentil donuts dipped in sweet and mild spicy yougurtteamed rice and lentil patties

Chilly Pakoras

Potato Bonda

light marinated potato dumpling in chickpeas batter

Paneer Pakoras

finger style homemade cottage cheese, deep fried chickpeas sauce

Hara Bara Kabob

minced vegetables with spices, bread crumbed and deep fried

Garlic Chilly Pali - Bhaji

fresh garden vegetables cooked in tomato onion special delicate masala served with pau (bun)

Pani Puri

crunchy puries stuffed with potatoes, chickpeas light masala, sweet and spicy sauce and herbal water

Bhel Puri

a mumbai special, puffed rice, crunchy puries mixed with onion, tomatoes, cilantro and topped with sweet spicy chutney

Dhai Puri

crunchy puries stuffed and filled with potatoes, beansprout, topped with yogurt and spicy sweet sauce

Samosa Chaat

broken pieces of samosas, chick peas topped with spicy sweet sauce and a touch of yogurt

Sada Dosai

thin rice crepe

Madhuri Masala Dosai

thin rice crepe filled with potatoes and onions

Banglore Kara Dosai

crepe with layer of hot chutney

Sada Mysore Dosai

thin rice crepe with layers of hot chutney, filled w/ potatoes and onions

Onion Dosai

thin rice crepe with onions topping

Onion Rava Dosai

thin rice crepe with onion toppings

Onion Rava Masala Dosai

crepe w/ onion toppings filled w/ onions and potatoes

Spring Bhel Dosai

crepe filled with potatoes and onions with bhel

Jaipur Paneer Dosai

shredded pieces of cottage cheese, made out of thin rice crepe and stuff with potatoe

Coconut Rava Masala Dosai

cream of wheat, shredded coconut cooked in grill & stuffed with potatoes

Paneer Tuk Tum (Dry)

tender marinated home made cottage cheese, bell pepper, onions cooked in spicy seitan sauce

Mushroom 65 ( Dry)

marinated whole fresh mushrooms capacierem onion cooked in special schezwan sauce

Cauliflower 99 (Dry)

cauliflower marinated w/ flower, sauteed with ginger, garlic and cooked in a special tangy sauce

Vegetable Manchurian (Dry)

marinated chopped assorted vegetables, sauteed with ginger and garlic and cooked in spicy sauce

Vegetable Haka Noodles

soft chinese noodle, mixed vegetables cooked in Indian Chinese style

7 Jewel Rice

basmati rice, garden fresh vegetables and nuts, cooked in Indian style Chinese sauce.

Paneer Fingers (Dry)

finger style homemade cottage cheese cooked in schezwan sauce

Plain Uthappam

plain pancakes

Vegetable Uthappam

tomatoes, peas, chillies and onion toppings

Onion Chilli Uthappam

with onions and chilly toppings

Tofu And Vegetable Uthappam

with tomatoes, onion, peas and tofu toppings

Onion And Peas Uthappam

with onions and peas toppings

South Indian Dinner

Rasam soup with sambar and chutney. Choice of dosai and uthappam and tea chutney, tea & coffee

South Indian Thali

Dosai, roti, rice, sambar, daal, kootu, avail, poriyal, rasam, curd, pickle, papad, payusam, and tea

Pesarat Uppuma

whole ground moong dal, rice and cream of whole wheat topped with onions and chillies

Channa Batura

large football shaped puffy bread served with exotic chickpeas

Poori Bhaji

deep fried whole wheat bread served with spiced tomatoes and onions and smashed potatoes

Special Uppuma

cream of wheat with fresh vegetables garnished with nuts

Shimla Mirch Ka Masala

a whole bell peppers stuffed with minced vegetables cooked in a special Rajasthani style brown sauce

Damaloo Kashmiri

stuffed potatoes with nuts, vegetables and cheese. cooked in a rich exotic tomato based sauce

Vegetable Kofta

dry fruits, cheese & potatoes mixed together into balls and cooked in a rich creamy semi sweet sauce a specialty from Gujarat

Paneer Tikka Masala

chunks of home made cottage cheese, bell pepper, onion cooked in mild or spicy tomato sauce

Paneer Mutter Makhani (Butter Masala)

home made cottage cheese, green peas cooked in a aromatic tomato gravy

Yellow Dal

yellow lentils cooked with tomatoes, onions and exotic spices

Black Dal

kidney beans, black lentils cooked in mild sauce

Diwani Handi (Tawa Ghotala)

fresh shreds of mushrooms and assorted vegetables mixed with indian herbs cooked on tawa with a specialty sauce from Simla

Chana Masala (vegan Jain)

chickpeas in exotic indian spices

Paneer Saagwala (Palak Paneer)

home made cottage cheese cooked with spinach and light spices

Mutter Makhani Kajoo

whole cashewnuts, garden fresh green peas cooked with exotic rich tomato sauce, a dish from Uttar Pradesh heart of India

Methi Mutter Malai

garden fresh fenugreek leaves and green peas cooked in a mild sauce

Corn Palak

delicious corn and garden fresh spinach cooked in mild Indian spices

Corn-Capcicum Masala (Jain, Vegan)

superb corn and sliced of bell pepper cooked in mild tomato sauce

Tofu Ki Kadai (Vegan, Jain avail.)

chunks of tofu, slices of onions, capeieem cooked in tomato based sauce

Tofu Mutter Makhni Kajoo (Jain, Vegan)

cubes of tofu, garden fresh, green peas, whole cashews cocked in tomato basil sauces

Tofu Ya Aloo & Channa (Jain, Vegan)

chunks of tofu, idaho potatoes or chick peas cooked in mild spicy sauce

Tofu Ki Diwani

chunks of tofu, mushrooms, vegetables cooked in onion and cashew sauce

Paneer Burji

shredded homemade cottage cheese, green peas, cooked with mild spice

Baingan Bartha

slices of fresh eggplant, mashed with tomatoes, & onions, cooked with mild indian spices

Tawa Mushroom Paneer

shreds of mushroom and cubes of cottage cheese sauteed with special tawa gravy

Lemon Rice

basmati rice cooked with turmeric, curry leaf, nuts and lemon juice

Bagala Bath

basmati rice mixed with yogurt and tempered with mustard seeds

Bisi Bele Bath

Mixed vegetables basmati rice cooked with southern Indian spices

Tamarind Rice

basmati rice tossed with tamarind sauce and garnished with herbs

Jeera Rice

basmati rice tossed with a touch of spices and a generous amount of cumin seeds

Hyderabadi Biryani

fresh vegetables, basmati rice and authentic spices cooked together in hyderabadi style


large puffy bread


whole wheat fried fluffy bread


soft, thin baked whole wheat


multi layered baked whole wheat

Stuff Paratha

a baked multi layered whole wheat with spices and peas

Ras Malai

Gulab Jamun

Madras Special Payasam


condensed milk, vermicelli, special veggie seas, garnished with raspberry syrup and served with rose ice cream

Assorted Sodas

Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke


refreshing yogurt drink served with Sweet & Salted

Masala Tea

hot tea with aromatic spices

Mysore Coffee

coffee made in traditional south Indian style

Mango Lassi

refreshing yogurt mango drink served sweet

Mango Milk Shake

refreshing milk based mango drink


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