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Asian Too

2221 Town Center Ave, Viera, FL 32940

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)
Vietnamese Summer Roll (2)

a scrumptious blend of rice noodles, shrimp, chinese chives and fresh basil wrapped in a thin rice wrapper. served with traditional peanut sauce.

Crispy Pot Stickers (6) (gyoza)

tender pork dumplings pan fried crispy. served with ginger soy sauce.

Cheese & Krab Wontons (6)

crispy fried wontons stuffed with cream cheese, scallion, krab and fresh ginger. served with sweet plum sauce

Too Panko Tempura Shrimp (6)

our version of panko tempura: japanese bread crumb coated shrimp fried to perfection. served with our special tempura sauce

Egg Roll (2)

classic egg rolls with pork and veggies. served with sweet plum sauce.

Spring Roll (4)

in skin roll filled with veggies and fried crispy. served with chili lime sauce.


steamed japanese soybeans lightly coated with flake salt.

Edamame Hummus

silky puree of japanese soy beans, garlic, lemon and tahini. served with wonton chips and cucumber slices.

Age Tofu (6)

deep fried tofu, served with ponzu sauce.

Tuna Tataki

lightly seared sliced tuna, served with ponzu sauce.

Lettuce Wraps

your choice of chicken or minced pork wok seared with shiitake mushrooms, water chestnuts and crispy rice noodles. served with green leaf wraps and sweet hoisin sauce.

Too Share Platter

a festive mix of your favorites: krab wontons(2), tempura shrimp (2), pot stickers (2), and a bourbon chicken summer roll (2), with their appropriate sauces


a classic favorite with steamed pork wontons - topped with roast pork and scallions

Egg Drop

traditional spiced chicken broth with delicate egg - topped with scallions.


japanese miso broth with seaweed, mushrooms and tofu topped with scallions.

Too Noodle (large Bowl)

your choice of egg or udon noodle with veggies, grilled chicken, barbeque roast pork and fresh shrimp - topped with scallions

Tom Yum (large Bowl)

spicy and sour ai seafood soup with shrimp, krab stick and veggies. add rice noodles, egg noddles or udon noodles

Bourbon Chicken Salad

with our secret bourbon dressing

Sashimi Salad

with ginger soy dressing

Grilled Salmon Salad

with chili lime dressing

Tofu Vegetable Salad

with ginger soy dressing

Wakame (seaweed) Salad

with toasted sesame seeds

Bourbon Chicken Wrap

our secret too recipe - marinated and grilled chicken, white radish, shredded cucumber, green leaf lettuce and carrot in a thin rice wrapper. served with sweet bourbon sauce

Bbq Roast Pork Wrap

bbq roasted pork, shredded cucumber, green leaf lettuce, white radish and carrot in a thin rice wrapper. served with hoisin sauce.

Light Curry Marinated Chicken Skewer (5)

a blend of cilantro, curry and oyster sauce to marinate tender chicken. grilled and served with peanut sauce and your choice of white or brown rice

Hoisin-glazed Beef Skewers (5)

a blend of fresh ginger and hoisin to marinate tender beef. grilled and served with hoisin glaze and your choice of white or brown rice.

Banh Mi Sliders (3)

tender bao buns stuffed with your choice of pork or beef. topped with pickled veggies and fresh cilantro

Fried Rice Bowl

white and brown rice stir-fried with egg, red onion, scallion and mixed veggies in soy sauce

Teriyaki Rice Bowl

choice of white or brown rice with red onions, carrots, scallion, snap peas and sesame seeds in a sweet teriyaki glaze.

Singapore Noodle Bowl

rice noodles stir-fried with bean sprouts, green and red peppers, egg and scallions in a curry spice.

Pad ai Bowl

wide rice noodles with fried tofu, bean sprouts, egg, scallion and crushed roasted peanuts in ai spiced sweet and tangy fish sauce

Lo Mein Noodle Bowl

egg noodles with scallion, bean sprouts and carrots in a garlic soy sauce

Shrimp W/lobster Sauce Rice Bowl

tender shrimp, scallion, egg and mushrooms in a wine garlic sauce.

Bourbon Chicken Rice Or Noodle Bowl

juicy grilled chicken marinated in a special brown bourbon sauce with steamed broccoli

Eel Fried Rice Bowl

sliced eel with egg, red onion, mushrooms, soy, scallion and peanuts. topped with eel glaze

White Rice Or Brown Rice

Vegetable Fried Rice Or Vegetable Lo Mein

Spicy Cucumber Salad

Side Salad With House Dressing

Steamed Vegetables

Kung Pao

zucchini, scallion, red onion, red bell pepper, water chestnut, dry chili and roasted peanuts in a chili soy sauce

Asian Curry

fresh basil, red onion, tomato and green beans in a yellow curry sauce.

Black Bean

red onion, red bell peppers and snap peas tossed in a spicy black bean sauce.

Lemon Grass

green bell pepper, carrots and baby corn in a lemon grass basil sauce.

Ginger Broccoli

broccoli, baby corn and carrots in a ginger soy sauce.

Sweet And Spicy Hunan

snap peas, green beans and red bell pepper in a brown sweet and spicy sauce.

Mandarin Garlic Seared Green Beans

fresh string beans expertly wok seared to perfection in a light garlic sauce.

Sweet & Sour

lightly battered and tossed with pineapple in our tangy sweet and sour sauce.


breaded, deep fried and served with teriyaki sauce and broccoli.


lightly battered and mixed with red onions and broccoli in a sweet and tangy sauce.

Mongolian Beef

in sliced beef with mushrooms, scallions and snap peas in traditional sweet garlic soy sauce

Mandarin Orange

lightly battered and tossed with scallions, snap peas and red onions in a sweet and spicy orange glaze sauce

Szechuan Fish

fresh fish lightly breaded then browned to perfection and topped with zucchini, mushrooms, red onion and baby corn tossed in szechuan sauce

Bourbon Chicken

chicken specially marinated in our secret recipe bourbon spice and then grilled. served with zucchini, broccoli and baby corn with sweet bourbon sauce

General Tso's

lightly battered with broccoli, baby corn and snap peas with sweet and vinegar sauce.

Veggies Too

snap peas, green beans, broccoli, mushrooms, baby corn and carrots in a light white garlic sauce.

Japanese Eggplant

fresh japanese eggplant tossed with scallion in a garlic brown sauce.

Vietnamese Char-grilled Pork

inly sliced pork in a fish sauce marinade grilled to perfection and served with pickled veggies


california roll topped with baked seafood and massago with dynamite sauce.

Mt Fuji

california roll topped with scallops, scallions and a combination of fresh fish. served with japanese spicy mayonnaise

Kraken Eel

smoked eel rolled with cucumber, avocado and eel, then drizzled with sweet eel sauce

Ocean City Spider

soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado and cream cheese.


california roll wrapped with a colorful delight of sashimi and avocado.


smoked salmon, sun-dried tomato, green leaf lettuce and spicy mayo.

Caramelized Beef n Cream Cheese

hoisin glazed beef with cream cheese and chinese chive.

Tekka (tuna)


Ebi (shrimp)

shrimp, cream cheese, cucumber and avocado


yellow tail tuna with scallions


avocado, krab stick, cucumber and massago


salmon, cream cheese, avocado and cucumber

Shrimp Tempura

panko crusted shrimp with avocado and cucumber topped with sweet eel sauce

Spicy Tuna

tuna and scallion served with our special spicy sauce


cucumber, avocado and carrot

Sashimi Or Nigiri

any two pieces: tuna, yellow tail, salmon, eel, ika(squid), white fish, krab stick, shrimp

Sushi Chef Sampler

allow our master sushi chef to create a feast that will please the eye as well as the palate. includes: 4 half rolls (16 pcs total) and 4 pieces of sashimi/nigiri


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