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Kenya Gichathaini

a concentrated citrus fruit acidity combines with a cranberry-pomegranate tartness and a refined fructose-like sweetness. the mouthfeel is silky on the tongue with occasional notes of gingersnaps and coriander surfacing throughout. the finish is delightfully clean and satisfying, leaving you with a short note of hibiscus flower.

El Trapiche Colombia

incredibly balanced with a soft acidity alongside a creamy round mouthfeel. notes of blanched almonds, nougat and cherry make way for a nutmeg and cinnamon finish.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

a delicate and silky composition sustains the crispness of a citric acidity. sweet coriander and lemongrass surface initially while violet and wild honey surge as it cools. the finish brings additional floral notes with a resounding tea-like aftertaste.

Finca La Maravilla, Itzamna, Guatemala

gardenia aromatics soar into a homemade cherry cola flavor with hints of praline and toasted nut. the mouthfeel is soft, round and stable while the acidity blooms right before the finish with a mandarin orange burst before tapering into a lingering tart cider aftertaste.

Finca La Soledad, Itzamna, Guatemala

brown sugar, mango and fudge cool and expand into dried pineapple and honeyed notes. the mouthfeel is creamy yet buoyant with a clean, concise finish.

Kenya Maywal

layered and deep, abundant notes of currant, hibiscus flower and red wine perch beside a pomelo-like acidity. the finish brings a lingering nutmeg-clove spice to the compact body.

Kenya Tegu

ethereal and luminous. lychee, persimmon and botanical notes bring a weightlessness to the muscular and expansive tegu. marmalade and sweet herbs float in the background while the finish hangs onto a hint of spice.

Organic La Perla De Oaxaca, Mexico

we're thrilled to have this coffee in our line-up again. abundant creamy swiss milk chocolate surrounds a lemondrop candy acidity with a tiny edging of fresh blackberries. floral hints of violet blossoms whisper in the background while the finish resounds with warm chocolate cake notes.

Timbio Colombia

anchored and weighted, dark berry notes and melon circle round a chocolate center that sustains into a lingering finish. the acidity adds lift with a lime-like presence.

Kenya Thiriku

expansive and mouth-coating; a lime-like acidity cuts to spirited notes of rhubarb, white grapefruit and green apple. the finish is punctuated with an array of dry spice: clove, cedar and juniper.

Black Cat Classic Espresso

this syrupy and sweet espresso blend has been the staple of our lineup since the very beginning. it is a product of intensive lot selection and close, direct work with the farmers who produce its components. the black cat classic espressos hallmark is its supreme balance and wonderful sweetness.

Black Cat Organic Espresso

henrique sloper's biodynamic fazenda camocim almost certainly produces the most consistently fantastic organic certified coffees in brazil. this espresso delivers a full-bodied mouthfeel, with clean flavors of molasses, butter pecan, and red cherry. sweetness is abundant, finishing with a resonant coating of dark chocolate.

Fruit Bat Espresso

rotund in dimension, accented with tropical fruit flavors and an effervescent brightness. the nose is strongly floral, evocative of hibiscus blossoms and lavender. intertwined in a silken and buttery presence on the palate are residues of mango nectar, dried pineapple, and candied ginger and punctuated by acidity reminiscent of lemon-lime bitters and fresh green apple.

Decaf Water Processed Black Cat Espresso

the black cat decaf espresso is wonderfully fruity with a strong support of tobacco, earth and dark chocolate.

Analog Espresso

black cat analog espresso is a nod to the full-bodied, well-rounded espresso styles that linger in your sensory memory long after the first taste. the coffees are sourced, roasted, and blended with a mind to produce a balanced and integrated espresso experience. the goal is to produce consistent shots that are easily dialed in across multiple calibration platforms, pleasant to drink on their own, and create delicious and flavorful beverages when combined with milk. sweetness, the flavor of dark chocolate, and a mouth-coating texture are the defining characteristics.

Otono Blend

sparkling and buoyant but still offering all the warmth and snap that autumn deserves. pumpkin pie spice, maple syrup and cranberry combine with an dried orange peel acidity in the juicy beginning of the cup. the finish brings candied molasses and a pleasantly tart aftertaste.

El Gallo Organic Breakfast Blend

el gallo offers an enveloping velvety mouthfeel in perfect balance with the mild fruit-like acidity and warming hazelnut nuances. the finish brings cane sugar and a touch of floral.

Intelligentsia House Blend

this blend offers up subtle fruit notes, a slight chocolaty sweetness, and a lively yet pleasant brightness. the medium-bodied brew is a perfect introduction to our coffees.

El Diablo Dark Roast

our flagship dark roast offers a different look at some of the coffees we have available each season. our roasting team tailors the roast to bring out dark baker's chocolate notes with a caramelized sweetness and softened acidity. lasting impressions of molasses and malted barley linger in the smoky finish.

Decaf La Tortuga, Honduras

we mean it when we say this decaf is delicious. orange sherbert and tootsie roll candy combine with a tangy citrus and tamarind acidity. the mouthfeel is creamy and smooth all the way to the malted milk ball finish.

Decaf Librarian's Blend

the librarian's blend is named for that person who always told you to keep quiet when you were studying. this blend is representative of the soul of the librarian: steady, reassuring, and always there with that slight edge of eccentricity. it has a bold base with a bit of sparkle. here's to good reading.

Decaf Organic El Mago Blend

a satisfying cup that offers up crisp red apple and caramelized pear notes with a good deal of chocolate. el mago magically turns this compelling blend into something that is definitely not your typical decaf!

Organic Jasmine Peach

an authentic spring-picked white tea from southern china scented with jasmine blossoms. the delicate, refreshing character of this tea is enhanced with the essence of peaches.

Organic White Peony

the combination of tea leaves and silver and white buds produces a bright, light gold infusion. the delicate, earthy aroma reminds me of thyme or myrrh. the light body and remarkable sweetness pairs well with the flavors of baked grain and fresh herb.

Organic Snow Sprout

white tea, from yunnan, china consisting of entirely the downy white buds of the famed dah ye broad leaf tea varietal. the initial infusion is very sweet with a velvety body that alludes to flavors of tropical fruit, fragrant melon, and gardenia blossom. subsequent infusions release the fruitier flavor aspects accented by a honey-like nectar quality.

Jasmine Green Tea

traditional blend of southern china green tea scented with aromatic jasmine blossoms. only scenting the tea repeatedly can create such a perfumed and fragrantly dynamic cup.

Organic Emerald Spring

the nutty, sweet flavor of organic emerald spring is a perfect introduction for novice green tea drinkers. emerald spring is mildly vegetal without the strong grassy or oceanic notes often associated with some green teas. the nuttiness is complimented by a rich, buttery body that further accentuates the more delicate flavors.

Organic Moroccan Mint

our organic moroccan mint has a potent menthol quality that is further accentuated with hints of jasmine flower and pan-fired green tea. the cooling sensation and delicate body combine to create an extremely refreshing tea that can be enhanced with a touch of sugar or honey.

Organic Dragon Well

our version of this classic style of china green tea comes from the province of anhui. famous for its aroma, sword shaped leaves, light color, and mild flavor, this is a sweet and refreshing tea with a chestnut flavor accentuated by complex grassy notes.

Organic Green Needles

green needles is a pleasantly aromatic spring green tea from hubei, china. the liquor color is deceptively light revealing flavors reminiscent of pine, limestone, and chestnut. our green needles is a crisp and complex tea that is amongst the best that 2010 has to offer.

Bao Zhong

our bao zhong is a lightly baked oolong with delicate flavors of lilac, lily, and green tea. the body is light and delicate. it finishes with a crisp and refreshing, lingering floral note. while bao zhong makes a great hot tea, it's refreshing character can best be enjoyed by placing 4 or 5 tablespoons of tea in a pitcher, covering with cold water, and steeping refrigerated overnight.

Iron Goddess Of Mercy

iron goddess of mercy is loaded with subtle flavors and nuance. the medium oxidation level combined with the high growing elevation produces a floral and fruity cup, with hints of the roasting process. the firing process reduces the astringency without damaging the long-lingering floral finish. each person who tastes this tea is bound to taste something unique.

Organic Earl Grey

our version of the traditional english favorite features real bergamot oil, matched with a full-bodied yunnan black tea to produce an intense floral citrus flavor with a smooth, lingering finish.

Organic English Breakfast

the slightly spicy malt character of our organic english breakfast gives way to sweet dried fruit flavors and delicate notes of spice. the rich and smooth body creates a cup with layers of depth not often found in breakfast teas. the sugary finish is slightly citric with a lingering flavor of toasted malt.

Chai Tea Concentrate

after serving a chai concentrate in our coffeebars for many years, we thought that we could create something better, something more authentic. many chai concentrates are just too sweet, and doug palas, intelligentsia's tea buyer, wanted to create something that struck just the right balance between sweet and spicy. our chai is a blend of black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, clove and ginger. its the place where spicy and sweet meet in perfect balance.

Organic Masala Chai

a blend of traditional indian spices and brisk black tea, our organic masala chai is best prepared with warmed milk and just enough sugar to bring out the spices intricacies.

Organic Blend 333

a long-standing intelligentsia blend of the finest rosehips, chamomile, and peppermint available. the sweet tart rosehips provide a perfect base for the warm honeyed flavors of the chamomile and the soothing character of our peppermint.

Organic Blue Crane Blend

organic rooibos and honeybush from south africa combine to create a sweet caffeine-free alternative to black tea. this african red tea is named as a tribute to the national bird of south africa.

Organic Chamomile

egyptian chamomile blossoms are a great caffeine-free herbal alternative to our teas. the buttery body and apple-like aroma can be enhanced with a touch of honey for a soothing beverage that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Organic King Crimson

the hot tea version of our hibiscus blend is a combination of rosehips, lemongrass, licorice root, and natural citrus flavors. tart and fruity, the layered flavor matches the intensity of the bright red infusion for a great naturally caffeine free cup.

Organic Peppermint

the most potent and flavorful dried peppermint leaves found anywhere in the world are grown in washington state. our peppermint has a bright ethereal menthol flavor that is both stimulating and refreshing.

Organic Rosehips

this red dried fruit from the rose plant is sweet, tart, and slightly fruity with a mild rose flavor. often used to sweeten herbal tea blends, rosehips are an excellent source of vitamin c, without any of the added sugar or caffeine you find in many other beverages.

Da Hong Pao (big Red Robe)

our reserve grade cliff tea is grown in the wuyi mountains, located in fujian, china. the first infusion of this tea has an earthy, roasted quality layered with delicate notes of stone fruit and magnolia. in subsequent infusions, the roasty flavors diminish and the fruit notes become more prominent with undertones of sandalwood and a complex, lingering, floral aroma.

Ginger Plum Oolong

a lush and complex blend of chinese oolong, hibiscus, and natural plum extracts with just a touch of ginger for zip and sparkle. this blend is dense, juicy and soft, with loads of fruit and an invigorating snap.

King Crimson

our stalwart caffeine-free herbal blend seamlessly blends tart with sweet to create succulent, fruity refreshment. dried cranberries, elderberries, and black currant provide a dazzling scarlet hue and luscious berry flavor notes.

The Classic

our classic is a malty, indian black tea accentuated with just a touch of bergamot oil, an essential oil extracted from a sicilian citrus fruit with a delicate, flowery, lemon flavor. this brisk blend is a summer delight and the epitome of iced tea: full of character, sweet, crisp, and refreshing.

The Standard

we have received many requests for this tea and we are happy to oblige. an exquisite black tea that creates an iced tea better than the one you remember. reflecting a deep, rich flavor but never crossing into astringency, this tea is an all-day sipper when the mercury rises.


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