Friendship Chinese Restaurant

2830 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)
Creamy Crab Rangoon

Chili garlic sweet & sour sauce

Seafood Pot Stickers or Pot Stickers

Pan seared or steamed

Wok Tossed Calamari

Pineapple, Szechwan dried chili & basil oil

Friendship Egg Rolls or Vegetable Spring Rolls

Authentic Hong Kong style

Eureka Seafood Tofu

Seafood stuffed tofu with lemongrass crab dressing, topped with crispy vegetable sticks

Bourbon BBQ Baby Back

1/2 slab baby back ribs, Bourbon BBQ sauce

Angry Edamame

Wok-tossed with spicy garlic sauce

Appetizer Sampler

Two of each: Friendship egg rolls, Seafood pot stickers, Bourbon BBQ ribs, Crab rangoon, Pork pot stickers, Vegetable spring rolls

Oxtail Wonton Soup

Oxtail soup with seafood wonton dumplings

Lobster Bisque

Lobster bisque with cream of corn

"Barbarian" Steak

Mongolian beef upgrade. Grilled flank steak with sauteéd asparagus & mushroom, chili cabernet sauce

Salt & Pepper Crispy Beef

Wok-tossed with 5-spice, chili pepper, & fresh pineapple

Peppercorn Beef Tenderloin

Bite-size beef tenderloin tossed in peppercorn sauce with asparagus

Sesame Beef

Glazed with caramelized sesame soy reduction

Clay Pot Pork Belly

Grilled 5-spice pork belly braised with rofu, wild mushrooms, & Chinese sausage in a traditional Chinese clay pot

Choy Sum Beef

Wok-tossed thick slice of beef with XO brandy sauce & gingered choy sum (Chinese broccoli)

Hong Kong Steak

Grilled & wok-tossed beef tenderloin with tempura onion & fresh greens

Sizzling Xian Pork

Sizzling minced pork & vegetable tossed in chili bean sauce

Mandarin Orange Beef

Crispy beef glazed with honey orange sauce

Honey Chicken

Honey-glazed tangy orange chicken, lightly breaded

Chop Chop Spicy Teriyaki Chicken

Grilled and diced chicken breast in spicy garlic teriyaki sauce with diced vegetables

Ginger Curry-Lime Chicken

Wok-tossed with rainbow vegetables and tofu with red curry-lime sauce

Spicy Peanut Chicken

Taking the traditional Kung Pao Chicken to a new level with real peanut butter sauce

Sesame Chicken

Lightly breaded and caramelized sesame soy reduction

"Barbarian" Chicken

Grilled chicken with sauteéd asparagus & mushroom, chili cabernet sauce

Boneless Peking Duck "ál" Orange

Half roasted Peking duck with spicy orange sauce and steamed vegetables

Devil's Cashew Chicken

Tossed with burning-hot Szechwan dried chili (you have been warned!)

Champagne Lemon Chicken

Panko crusted white meat filet with champagne lemon/passion fruit sauce and fresh fruits

Honey Walnut Shrimp

Szechwan aioli and honey glazed walnut

Teriyaki-Miso Salmon

Pan-seared north Atlantic salmon with teriyaki-miso sauce and 5-spice apple

Blazing Crispy Red Snapper

Wok-braised whole red snapper with spicy red chili sauce

Mango Shrimp with Sun-Dried Pineapple

Wok roasted shrimp with apple vinigarette, fresh mango, and sun-dried pineapple

Grilled Hamachi

Grilled hamachi cheek (yellowtail) with garlic satay dressing and "Ma La" string beans

Black Bean Garlic Shrimp

Wok tossed with soy-glazed garlic sauce & steamed broccoli

Bird's Nest on Fire

A bouquet of spicy scallop, shrimp, white fish, calamari, & clams served in a taro root potato basket

Sweet & Sour Fresh Cod with Green Tea

Fresh cod with green tea sweet & sour sauce

Spicy Garlic Scallop & Shrimp

Authentic Hong Kong-style dry tossed with spicy black bean and garlic over steamed baby bok choy

Spicy Szechwan Long Bean

Wok-tossed with peanuts and Szechwan chili

Choy Sum

Wok-tossed Chinese broccoli with red wine & ginger

Spicy Garlic Tofu

Classic spicy kung pao peanut sauce

Sizzling Trio Tofu

Tofu sheet, hollow tofu, fried tofu, and minced long beans with sizzling spicy bean sauce

Pine Nuts Spinach

Wok-tossed garlic spinach with pine nuts

Shanghai Bok Choy & Eggplant

Garlic bok choy with peanut eggplant

Fried Rice (Hong Kong Style)

Choice of 5-spice pork belly, teriyaki chicken, garlic shrimp, or fresh pineapple (no soy)

Curry Basil Chicken Fried Rice

Thai yellow curry tossed with fresh basil & grilled teriyaki chicken

Sausage Fried Rice

Chinese pork sausage and sun-dried bacon

XO Brandy Beef Chow Fun

Dry-tossed with thick-sliced rice noodles in XO brandy sauce

Seafood Chow Mein

Classic Cantonese style, scallop, calamari, shrimp, fish filet, & clams

Firecracker Chicken Lo Mein

Tossed with spicy Szechwan chicken

Brown Rice with Quinoa

per serving

Herbed Garlic Rice with Roasted Almond

per serving


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