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De La Casa

layers of refried beans, salsa fresca, sour cream, guacamole and fresh panela cheese, served with huarache and tortilla dip.

Abuelita Guacamole

traditional home-made served with huarache and tortilla chips.grandmas guac.

Ceviche De Colima

shrimp ceviche, marinated in salsa fresca and lime juice, served with chips

Pico De Gallo

mix of mango, jicama and cucumber with lime, lemon juice and chile powder, perfect for hangovers

Queso Con Chorizo

chihuahua cheese sauteed with onions, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers topped with chorizo, served with chips.cheese with mexican sausage.

Chalupa De Chicharrones

picosa clay boast filled with pork rinds and cacms cooked in a chile de arbol salsa, lime wedges, radished and fresh cilantro, served with 3 corn tortillas.spicy.

Sopa De Tortilla

originating in the state of michowean, this a light chicken broth with fresh tomatoes chile potato and garnished with cheese and tortilla chips.tortilla soup, our own recipe.

Caldo Tlalpeno

originating form the suburban city of thaipa, this is served with fresh cubes of avocado, chopped scallions, shredded chicken and limes with a side of chipotle peppers.tlalpeno style.

Frijoles Charros

mexican cowboy beans, slow cooked with jalapenos, lean bacon and mexican beer

Ensalada Yucatan

fresh orange slices, red bell peppers, onions, green apples and cilantro on a bed of lettuce with our citrus house dressing, with your choice of chicken pibil

Tostadas De Ceviche

shrimp with chopped purple onions, tomatoes, on two tostadas, fresh cilantro and freshly squeezed lemon-lime juice

Jicama Y Mango

iceburg lettuce mixed with jicama, mango and slices of fresh avocado drizzled with our house citrus dressing

Pollo Y Aguacate

grilled chicken pibil, avocado, smoked bacon and tomato topped with fresh panela cheese on a bed of lettuce

Rajas Con Hongos Y Queso

broiled poblano pepper strips tossed with sauteed mushrooms, onions, ezpazote, herbs and cream cheese, served with black beans and warm corn tortillas.poblano peppers with mushrooms and cheese.

Pollo En Salsa De Tomatillo Y Semilla De Calabaza

achiote marinated grilled chicken breast in tomatillo and pumpkin seed sauce.chicken in tomatillo and pumpkin seed sauce.

Pescado Zarandeado

grilled fish filet with roasted tomato-chipotle sauce, served with lime wedges, red rice and warm corn tortillas.grilled fish fillet.

Fajitas Nortenas

grilled skirt steak strips with onions, green peppers, served with red rice, beans, guacamole and warm corn or flour tortillas.steak strips in achiote.

Carne Asada Estilo Sonora

rib-eye steak, grilled and served with a red sauce, guacamole and charro beans, warm flour tortillas.grilled rib-eye steak.

Carne De Purco En Salsa Verde

slowly cooked pork in green tomatillo sauce, served with red rice, beans and warm tortillas.pork in green sauce.

Chiles Rellenos

poblano peppers stuffed with zucchini and corn in a chipotle tomato sauce, served with black beans and green rice.stuffed poblano peppers.

Chayote Con Elote Y Rajas

(squash, corn nibbles and poblano peppers) chayote (squash) tossed with corn and poblano peppers cilantro and scallions, served with red rice, and warm corn tortillas

Enchiladas Entomatadas

two corn tortillas dipped in a riques homemade red sauce, filled and rolled with chicken or cheese, topped with cotija cheese.mexican crumbled cheese.served with red rice and refried beans.saucy enchilados.


shredded chicken, slowly cooked with oregano and onions in a chile chipotle tomato sauce, served with red rice and warm corn tortillas.shredded chicken.

Fajitas De Pollo

achiote seasoned strips of chicken with grilled onions, green peppers, served with red rice, beans, guacamole and warm corn or flour tortillas.chicken strips.

Pollo En Mole Almendrado

grilled chicken in a dark, rich almond sauce, served with rice, beans and warm corn tortillas.grilled chicken in mole sauce.

Lomo De Res Con Cebollas Caramelizadas

grilled beef tenderloin with carmelized onions in piloncillo, served with green rice and vegetables.grilled beef tenderloin.

Pollo Con Camarones

grilled chicken pibil with shrimp in a chile de arbol spicy sauce, served with rice and beans.chicken with shrimp.

El Burrote Grande

a huge flour tortilla filled with your choice of fillings from above list, with cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, bean and big burrito.


crisp flat corn tortilla, with refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, sour cream and your choice of topping from above list

Quesadillas Sincronizadas

two flour tortilla filled with your choice of fillings from above list, with cheese, sour cream, lettuce and guacmole.synchronized quesadilla.


three rolled chicken tacos served with guacamole and topped with cheese.

Panuchos De Tinga

two stuffed thick corn tortillas with black beans, topped with tinga and fresh cilantro


roll telera with lettuce, tomato, refried beans, onions, with your choice of chicken pibil, steak, pork, veggies, chorizo or chicken.mexican sandwich.

Un Taco

soft corn tortilla filled with your choice from above list, with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese and sour cream

El Huarache

hearty corn tortilla in the shape of a sandal, crispy or grilled, topped with your choice from above list, with beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sour big sandal.

Un Tamal

cornhusk wrapped cornmeal filled with shredded chicken in chipotle tamale.steamed.


three deep fried rolled chicken tacos topped with chile de arbol salsa, garnished with cheese.yucatan.

Baja Soft Fish Taco

from ensenada and trijuana, fish taco served with cabbage, salsa pico de gallo and lime wedges

Torta Ahogada

same ingredients as the regular torta.simmered in a hearty traditional red sauce.

Red Rice

Mexican Veggies

Frijoles Charros

Frijoles Refritos

Green Rice

Frijoles Negros

Extra Salsas

Extra Frijoles Negros

Salsa Chile Habanero


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