Danzon Restaurante

2715 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)
Bay Scallop Ceviche

with avocado, chipotle peppers and fresh cilantro. (inspired by a gulf specialty)

Blue Marlin Citrus Ceviche Tostadas

with spanish green olives, diced roman tomatoes, cilantro, avocado and tomatillo salsa (inspired by acapulco guerrero specialty)

Spain Patatas Con Ailoli

famous garlic olive oil and egg potato salad (inspired by villafranca del penedes)

Bayless Barbeque Alitas

spicy chicken wings, served with spicy-smoked bbq sauce (inspired by oklahoma)

Coctel Campechana

fresh blue marlin and shrimp with spicy tomato sauce, fresh cilantro, olive oil and avocado. (veracruz)

Aji-Papa Stuffed Potatoes

golden brown snow balls of mashed potatoes stuffed with ground beef picadillo. serve with creole salsa tomatillo, cilantro, garlic and aji. (a colombian specialty)

Small Soft Tacos Sudados

of pork tinga with chipotle chiles and guacamole. (central mexico)

Fillete De Calamares

grilled calamari with garlic, lemon and extra virgin olive oil sauce, infused with a hint of chile de arbol (inspired by a pacific specialty)

Maduros Platanos Rellenos

(plantain cakes filled with minced-pork picadillo) topped with creme fraiche. (tabasco)

Picante Patatas Bravas

roasted potatoes served in a spicy tomato sauce with nuts and cheese (inspired by a basque country)

Pulpito Octopus a La Plancha

griddled octopus with yukon gold potatoes, diced tomato and green onions (inspired by a galician specialty)

Dorado Taquitos

smoked chicken taquitos served with guacamole, tomatillo, home-made sour cream and queso fresco.

Flameado Panela Cheese

carive cheese flamed table side, served with tortillas for making tacos.

Ensalada Espinacas Con Queso De Cabra

fresh baby spinach salad with goat cheese, toasted sesame seeds, caramelized red onions in a chipotle-honey dressing.

Ensalada Southwestern

grilled chicken, cheese, tomatoes, black beans, sliced avocado, and grilled fresh corn tossed with barbeque-ranch dressing topped with crispy onions.

Sopa Gazpacho Poblano

raw vegetable soup flavored with garlic olive oil and garnished with poblano peppers, cucumber and garlic croutons.

Sopa Crema De Hongos

creamy woodland mushroom soup, a rich vegetable stock flavored with herbs, cream and garlic croutons.

Poquito Mas Frijoles Refritos

black beans fried with garlic, onion and epazote, topped with mexican fresh cheese.

Arroz a La Mexicana

traditional mexican rice with veggies.

Arroz Y Frijoles

black beans with queso fresco and mexican rice.

Pure De Papas

rustic mashed yukon gold potatoes.

Platanos Con Crema

fried plantains with homemade sour cream and fresh cheese.

Patatas Con Alioli

famous garlic olive oil and egg potato salad

Creole Hushpuppies

are round-shaped dumplings of cornmeal or mashed potatoes traditionally served with fried catfish. they are especially popular throughout the south.

Negritos Charros Negros

black beans stewed with onions, cilantro, tomato, bacon, poblano, & cilantro

Sauteed Pink Shrimp

in classic green pipian, with roasted cactus and mashed potatoes. (inspired by a gulf specialty).

Pan Fried Grouper Al Cilantro

(fresh cilantro, guajillo chiles, browned onions, fish broth). roasted yucca. (inspired by a central specialty).

Cochinita Pibil

pork marinated in achiote, baked slowly in banana leaves, topped with pickled onions. black beans. served on a pretzel roll (yucatan)

Charcoaled Tenderloin Tips a La Mexicana

(with a sauce of roasted poblano peppers, tomatoes, cilantro). black beans, bacon (inspired by a central specialty)

Sauteed Duck Breast

garlic marinated in savory mole de espinaca y pistache, baby spinach and pistachios mole sauce served with grilled onions, moors and christians. (inspired by a cuban specialty)

Split Pollo Rico, Border-Style.

half-boned, marinated in garlic and sweet spices, and grilled. frijoles charros, charcoaled green onions, jicama salad.

Charcoal-Grilled Carne Asada

(butterflied tenderloin marinated in red-chile adobo). black beans, fried plantains in sour cream, guacamole. (inspired by a oaxacan specialty).

Trio De Enchiladas

three enchiladas topped with your choice of danzon red sauce, salsa verde or white sauce, filled with smoked pull chicken served with mexican rice.

Tacos Baja Fish Tacos

warm flour tortillas filled with grilled tilapia topped with shredded cabbage, tomatoes and homemade lime-cilantro cream, served with danzon spicy sauce and mexican rice.

Tacos Baja Shrimp Tacos

warm flour tortillas filled with grilled shrimp topped with shredded cabbage, tomatoes and homemade lime-cilantro cream, served with danzon spicy sauce and mexican rice.

Fajitas Danzon Famous Steak

grilled over mesquite fire and served in a molcajete with pico de gallo, black beans, rice, guacamole, garnished with a jalapeno. add sour cream and cheese additional.

Fajitas Danzon Famous Chicken

grilled over mesquite fire and served in a molcajete with pico de gallo, black beans, rice, guacamole, garnished with a jalapeno. add sour cream and cheese additional 1.95

Tumbada Paella De Mariscos

langostino, shrimp, mussels, clams, scallops and fish in saffron rice.

Quick Paella Vegetariana

saffron rice and vegetables

Wage De Coco Y Almendra

dense, chewy fresh coconut pie with slivered almonds, home-made mango sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Tamal Chocolate

wrapped in corn husk warm chocolate tamale baked to order, filled with hot fudge, topped with powdered sugar and vanilla bean ice cream.

Volteado De Pina

upside down pineapple cake with home-made vanilla ice cream, berries and brown caramel sauce.

Nieves Helados Caseros

homemade ice cream sampler: vanilla with brandy, and strawberry with gran torres.


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