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34121 N US Highway 45, Grayslake, IL 60030

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)
Kani King Crab

Asari Clam

Ara Jiru


Tsukune Chicken Soup

Snow Crab Salad

crab, crab cake and greens with yuzu mayo and miso dressing

Sashimi Salad

assortment of sashimi on greens with miso dressing

Crispy Calamari Salad

lightly fried calamari on greens, garlic ponzu and yuzu mayo

2 Appetizer Dishes

omakase sushi plate and dessert

7 Courses Dinners And Dessert

Omakase Sashimi Assortment " Kyoto"

Omakase Sushi Assortment " Edo"

Popcorn Shrimp

deep fried crispy rock shrimp with spicy mayo nad wasabi aioli

Foie Gras Daikon

sauteed foie gras and cooked white radish in buillon

Vietnamese Shaking Beef

sauteed natural mishima beef with special fish soy sauce

Sauteed Lobster With Yuzu Kosho Americaine

sauteed lobster tail with americaine sauce and yuzu kosho

Washington Dungeness Crab Sunomono

steamed live crab meat, crab liver and cuccumber with "nihai-su" vinaigrette

Wara Smoked North West Salmon

japanese hay-smoked wild sockeye salmon made in house

King Salmon "shiogamayaki"

baked king salmon , covered in salt dome . served with "hachou miso" sauce

*hamachi Carpaccio

thinly sliced yellow tail with ponzu and cilantro sauce

Ankimo Ponzu Jelly

steamed monk fish liver with ponzu jelly

Garlic " Jidori" Chicken

grilled free range chicken thigh marinated in garlic lime juice

Uni Wrapped Wagyu Beef With Caviar

natural wagyu beef and fresh sea urchin, topped with caviar

Mushi Awabi

steamed live abalone in natural soy broth

Quail Karaage

deep fried lemongrass flavored quail with rasberry sauce

Seared Ahi Tuna

black pepper and sesame coated ahi tuna with balsamic soy and wasabi aioli

Kurobuta Gyoza

natural berkshire pork and vegetables

Ebi Gyoza

chopped black tiger shrimp and crispy rock shrimp

Tempura Appetizer

two prawns and vegetables

Vegetable Tempura Appetizer


2 skewers of chicken thigh and vegetables


ground chicken ball in teriyaki sauce

Beef Tongue

thinly sliced and grilled. served with sesame oil salt

Kama Shioyaki

please ask server for available fish

Wagyu Beef

nutural wagyu beef from mishima ranch idaho

Kaminabe Wagyu Shabu Shabu

sliced natural mishima beef and seasonal vegetables in chicken broth with sesame dipping sauce

Ankou Nabe

monk fish fillet , liver and vegetables in "shiro miso" broth

Fukiyose Nabe

seafood, chicken, tofu and seasonal vegetables in fish broth

Tsukune Nabe

ground chicken ball and vegetables in dashi broth


boiled soy beans, tossed with sea salt


deep fried seasoned baby taro root

Goma-ae Spinach

boiled spinach with sesame sauce

Agedashi Tofu

deep fried organic tofu with dashi broth


simmered assorted vegetables in dashi broth

Spicy Tofu

tofu and tomato in spicy garlic soy

Duck Breast

with yuzu kosho pepper sauce

Beef Tataki


steamed egg with shrimp, chicken, and mushroom

Pork Tenderloin Kushi Katsu

breaded and golden fried, with japanese demi-glaze sauce

Chicken Karaage

deep fried pepper and garlic flavored chicken

Kumamoto Oyster

3pcs in half shell with ponzu and chilli radish

Seaweed Salad

assorted seaweed in sesame dressing


marinated tuna in hawaiian dressing

Crispy Calamari

served with homemade japanese tartar sauce

Geoduck Butter

sauteed geoduck and vegetables in butter and soy sauce

Tai Aradaki

cooked sea bream head

Kaki Fry

breaded and golden fried oyster

Sunomono Salad

shrimp, octopus, surf clam, cucumber, wakame, tosa-zu vinagrete

Tempura Dinner

crispy shrimp and vegetables tempura served with salad, sashimi, rice and miso soup

Black Cod Misozuke Dinner

marinated in miso and sakekasu and grilled served with salad, tempura, rice and miso soup

Sukiyaki Dinner

sliced beef, tofu and vegetables in our special sukiyaki sauce served with salad, tempura, rice and miso soup

Sushi Dinner

tuna, salmon, yellow tail, albacore tuna, shrimp, scallop, mackerel, flounder and tuna roll served with salad, chawan-mushi and miso soup

Chirashi Dinner

assortment of fish on bed of sushi rice served with salad, chawan-mushi and miso soup

Sashimi Dinner

tuna, salmon, albacore tuna, yellow tail and scallop sashimi served with salad, chawan-mushi, rice and miso soup

Sushi Dinner

10 pieces of sushi and three rolls from limited selections served with salad and miso soup

Premium Salmonteriyaki Dinner

please ask your server served with salad, chawan-mushi, rice and miso soup served with salad, tempura, rice and miso soup

Kurobuta Tonkatsu Dinner

breaded and golden fried natural kurobuta berkshire pork cutlet served with salad, tempura, rice and miso soup

Tempura Ice Cream

green tea or vanilla

Mochi Ice Cream

strawberry, mango, chocolate, red bean or green tea

Ice Cream

coconut, vanilla or green tea

Sesame Flan


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