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1 Levee Way, Newport, KY 41071

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)
Patlican Salatasi-Eggplant Salad

charcoal grilled eggplant flavored with garlic and herbs

Humus - Hummus

chick peas mashed into a paste with lemon juice and flavored with tahini

Soslu Patlican - Sauced Eggplant

small pieces of eggplant in moderately spicy sauce of fresh tomatoes, green peppers, onions and garlic

Barbunya Plaki - Red Kidney Beans

turkish red kidney beans tasted with olive oil and lemon

Ispanak - Spinach Spread

spinach prepared with onion, pine nuts and red peppers

Cacik - Jajik

chopped cucumbers, garlic, mint and blended generously with yogurt

Babaganus - Babagannush

charcoal grilled eggplant flavored with garlic and herbs

Midye Dolmasi - Stuffed Mussels

fresh mussels stuffed with pine nuts, rice and currants

Karides Kokteyl - Shrimp Cocktail

large size shrimp served with grated horseradish sauce

Yaprak Sarmasi - Stuffed Grape Leaves

grape leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts, currants, fresh parsley and mint

Ahtapot Salatasi - Octopus Salad

combination of grilled octopus, red onion, tomatoes, parsley, arugula, olive oil and dressing

Kalamar Salatasi - Calamari Salad

grilled calamari, julian red onion, tomatoes, arugula, parsley, olive oil and dressing

Sigara Boregi - Cheese Roll

delicate fillo dough wrapped with feta cheese and parsley then pan-fried

Amavut Cigerl - Fried Liver Cubes

cubes of calf's liver pan-fried then served with onion and parsley salad

Kalamar Tava - Fried Calamari

calamari rings lightly pan-fried and served with chefs homemade sauce

Hamsi Tava - Pan-Fried Anchovies

seasonal black sea fish ask your server avallability

Midye Tava - Fried Mussels

fresh mussels removed from shells, delicately pan-fried and served with homemade garlic sauce

Balik Koffesi - Fish Ball

pan fried white meat fish marinated with herbs

French Fries

Findik Lahmacun - Mini Meat Pie


chick peas mashed with onions, parsley and garlic deep fried

Cupra - Royal Dorado

(imported aegean sea fish) exquisite and delightful fish served either lightly pan-fried or char-grilled

Akdeniz Levregi-Imported Mediterranean Sea Bass

exotic, tender and delicious white meat served whole recommended char-grilled

St. Peters Fish

delicate, flaky white meat served whole or filet char-grilled or lightly pan-fried

Levrek - Striped Bass

char-grilled white meat fish. also served as filet

Alabalik - Rainbow Trout

fresh rainbow trout pan-fried or char-grilled to perfection the served with removed bone

Kiremitte Alabalik - Casserole Rainbow Trout

rainbow trout baked in casserole with vegetable

Dil Baligi - Whole Flounderq

mild and flaky white meat served whole or filet lightly pan-fried or filet baked

Mercan Baligi - Red Snapper

delicious while meat served either whole or filet lightly pan-fried recommended

Barbun Tava - Red Mulled

fascinating tender white meat, bony but tasty cooked lightly pan-fried

Salmon Izgara - Grilled Fillet of North Atlantic Salmon

north atlantic salmon filet char-grilled and served

Salmon Guvec - Salmon Casserole

chunks of salmons baked in casserole with mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, red bell peppers and garlic

Hamsi Tava - Pan-Fried Fresh Anchovies

seasonal exotic black sea fish. ask your server availability

Karides Izgara - Grilled Shrimp Shish Kebab

jumbo shrimp, lemon, onion and red bell peppers skewers on grill and served

Karides Guvec - Shrimp Casserole

large size shrimp baked in a casserole with mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, red bell peppers, garlic and shredded cheese on top

Ahtopot Guvec - Octopus Casserole

fresh octopus baked in a casserole with mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, red bell peppers, garlic and shredded cheese on top

Sis Kebap - Shish Kebab

special marinated baby lamb grilled to delight on skewers

Adana Kebab

ground lamb flavored with red bell peppers slightly seasoned with paprika and grilled deliciously on skewers

Kuzu Pirzola - Lamb Chops

baby lamb chops marinated and grilled to order

Tavuk Sote - Chicken Sautee

diced pieces of chicken mixture of onion, tomatoes, green peppers and seasoned

Et Sote - Lamb Sautee

diced pieces of lamb mixture of onion, tomatoes, green peppers and seasoned

Izgara Kotte - Char-Grilled Turkish Meat Ball

ground meat spiced with turkish herbs then char-grilled to your taste

Tavuk Sis Kebap - Chicken Shish Kebab

tender chunk of chicken marinated with chef's own blend of herbs sand spices

Tavuk Pirzola - Chicken Chops

marinated chicken with piece of bone grilled to order


freshly ground lamb wrapped around a large vertical split and grilled

Karisik Izgara - Mix Grill

combination of chicken kebab, shish kebab, meat ball and lamb chop

Kusbasili Pide

(lamb meat pide) a delectable chopped lamb, tomatoes, onions and peppers prepared in the oven over the dough

Tavuklu Pide (Chicken Pide)

a second version to our famous pide prepared with cubs of chicken tomatoes, onions, peppers and served

Kiymali Pide

(with ground meat) this savory ground meat is mixed together with tomatoes, onions, peppers and parsley over turkish pide

Sucuklu Pide

(turkish sausage with kashar cheese) this fresh turkish cheese is prepared within the dough and topped with turkish sausage

Pastirmali Pide

(turkish pastrami with kashar cheese) this fresh turkish cheese is prepared within the dough is now topped with melted pastrami

Kasarli Pide (Turkish Kashar Cheese)

turkish kashar cheese

Special: Mix Pide

pastrami, sausage, kashar cheese, eggs, vegetable

Gyro Sandwich

Shish Kebab Sandwich

Chicken Kebab Sandwich

Adana Kebab Sandwich

Kotte Kebab Sandwich

Falafel Sandwich

Mercimek Corbasi - Red Lentil Soup

mercimek corbasi - red lentil soup

Balik Corbasi - Fish Soup

fresh fish mixed with vegetables prepared and ready to serve


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