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Arabian Mocha Sanani

temporarily out - grown on the arid, terraced hills of yemen, a small country on the western side of the arabian peninsula, quartermaine's arabian mocha beans look small, round and uneven. despite their appearance, they yield a full flavor and pungent, wi

Arabian Mocha-java

arabian mocha-java combines the wild, exotic flavors of arabian mocha with the earthy richness of estate grown java. a complex, full bodied coffee.

Aromatica Blend

aromatica blend melds the sparkling acidity of our "lighter" aromatica roast central american coffees with the full body of regular roast indonesian coffees. it is smooth and round with bright, lively acidity.

Around The World Sampler

a great introduction to quartermaine's single-origin coffees. contains four half-pounds, one each of guatemala, sumatra and kenya, as well as one half-pound of red line blend, a blend of coffees from each of the world's three major growing regions.

Barista Brava Breakfast Blend - 2.5 Lb.

a favorite light roast morning coffee for our club customers, barista brava breakfast blend is now available to the general public in a 2.5 lb. "easy open" valve bag with resealable tape for easy closing. note: you are buying a 2.5 lb. bag of barista bra

Barista Brava Hazelnut 12 Oz.

our best selling favorite flavor (tm), barista brava hazelnut is slightly sweet and low acid with a natural hazelnut flavor that lingers on your palette. note: you are buying a 12 oz. bag of hazelnut flavored coffee.

Barista Brava Hazelnut 2.5 Lb

barista brava's popular hazelnut coffee in a 2.5 lb "easy open" valve bag with resealable tape for easy closing. note: you are buying a 2.5 lb. bag of barista brava hazelnut flavored coffee.

Cerified Organic Fair Trade Blend

a blend of certified organic fair trade coffees from central and south america and indonesia. fair trade blend offers medium body, medium acid and complex flavors dominated by caramel and chocolate. note: you are buying one (1) twelve-ounce (12 oz.) sealed valve bag of freshly roasted certified organic fair trade blend coffee.

Certified Organic Fair Trade Bolivia

ranging from 5, 500 to 6, 000 feet above sea-level, the small farms that produce this heirloom variety arabica are higher in altitude than most of the coffee in the world. grown beside rustic forests of citrus and nut trees in lots no larger than 5 hectares, we roast it lightly to give prominence to its bright acid, light body, and notes of black cherry and chocolate. note: you are buying one (1) twelve-ounce (12 oz.) sealed valve bag of freshly roasted certified organic fair trade bolivia coffe

Certified Organic Fair Trade Decaf Papua New Guinea

nice tasting organic decaf coffee is hard to come by. that's why we are so pleased with the flavor of our certified organic decaf papua new guinea. and it's fair trade to boot! grown in the central highlands, this coffee has developed sufficient flavor body and acidity to brew a quite pleasing cup. note: you are buying one (1) twelve-ounce (12 oz.) sealed valve bag of freshly roasted certified organic fair trade decaf papua new guinea.

Certified Organic Fair Trade Sumatra (unavilable)

certified organic fair trade sumatra is a full bodied, complex coffee. hearty and bold, this a a classically "big" coffee.

Clyde's Blend

clyde's blend is exclusively roasted by quartermaine for clyde's restaurant group, which owns and operates thirteen restaurants in the greater washington d.c. area including nine area clyde's, the old ebbitt grill, the tomato palace, the tombs and 1789 restaurant. clyde's prides itself on serving innovative american-style cuisine featuring direct-from-the-source ingredients. medium bodied and smooth, clyde's blend coffee hints of baker's chocolate, nuts and caramel.

Colombia- Out Of Stock

from the andes mountains in colombia's huila region, this coffee is a rare find. shade grown, sun-dried and beautifully prepared, this high-altitude coffee offers more than enough flavor and acidity to stand up to our deep signature roast. 100% typica (an heirloom variety of the ababica species), it boasts penetrating acidity and notes of caramel.

Costa Rica Aromatica - Temporarily Out

same beans as our regular costa rica, but roasted lightly. the light roast pronounces the nascent acidity and floral notes for which this award winning family estate is famous.

Costa Rica Estate - Back In Stock

repeatedly awarded 1st place by the most quality-conscious experts in specialty coffee, our costa rica was grown on a private, family-owned estate. abundant sun, altitudes of 4, 430 to 4, 790 feet, and the rich soil of the poas volcano offer ideal growing conditions. cherries are hand picked when perfectly ripe. beans are washed and prepared with painstaking care. transformed by our deep, regular roast, our costa rica is acidic, rich, medium-bodied and clean-tasting.

Decaf Clyde's Blend

a straightforward latin american decaf coffee with great aroma, full body and notes of caramel.

Decaf Espresso

blended primarily for brewing in espressso machines, this blend is full bodied with a smooth and round character. it is delicious served straight and has enough acidity to hold its flavor in a cappuccino.

Decaf French

in the tradition of our regular french roast, decaf french is long on smoky, "roasty" flavors. lower in acidity than our regular dark roast, this is a bittersweet favorite.

Decaf Hazelnut 12 Oz.

a decaffeinated version of our delicious hazelnut coffee. smooth, creamy, full of flavor with a nice lingering hazelnut taste. note: you are buying a 12 oz. bag of decaffeinated hazelnut.

Decaf House

a decaffeinated blend with great flavor!...full and rich, with all the aroma you would expect from a quartermaine coffee.

Decaf Vine Street

we add a special decaffeinated coffee to make this coffee fuller bodied than our decaffeinated house blend. decaffeinated vine street blend maintains the rich flavor and complex aroma of its caffeinated counterpart.


quartermaine created this blend primarily for espresso machines (we use it in all our espresso drinks made at our coffee bars), although it's delicious brewed in a press pot.

Ethiopia Sidamo

a clean washed sidamo with notes of berry and jasmine, and bergamot. medium body and acidity. conventional process (non-organic). note: organic fair trade ethiopia is also currently available.

Fair Trade Organic Ethiopia

fair trade organic ethiopia offers a pleasing acidity, medium body, and a bright lingering finish. note: you are buying certified fair trade organic coffee.

French (our Darkest)

our french roast is a blend of strictly hard bean coffees that are dense enough to stand up to the intense heat and long roasting time french roast requires. this coffee is smoky, but contrary to popular opinion is very smooth, with low palate acidity.


an intense classic from one of antigua's most reputable estates, this guatemalan coffee offers medium to full body, bright acidity, and bakers chocolate.

Guatemala Aromatica (temporarily Out)

our lighter aromatica roast gives this coffee medium body, a slightly spicy aroma, rich flavors of red fruit and chocolate, and a bright, pointed, complex acidity.

Half-caf Blend

medium bodied with lively acidity and smooth flavor but half the caffeine. carefully blended for cup quality, half-caf's components have undergone no chemical decaffeination process.

House Blend

medium bodied, quartermaine's house blend combines distinctive latin american coffees in a straight forward cup of coffee with crisp, clean flavor.


a classic, full-bodied sumatra, this coffee has low acidity and bold flavors of leather, cocoa, and a hint of coconut.

Viennese Roast

containing 25% french roast (our darkest), the flavor hints of silky smoke, but is subdued due to its full body and round, smooth character.

Vine Street Blend

combining four coffees from esates in each of the world's major growing regions, vine street blend's complex acidity, heady aroma and dense, full body work together to create our most serious cup of coffee.

Assam Choice

produced in the low-lying assam district of northeastern india, assam teas are the exception to the rule that all fine teas are grown at high elevations.

Assam Estate

this refined orange pekoe has a full body and crisp astringency, and rich, malty fragrance (the distinguishing characteristic of teas from the assam region).

Autumn Blend (Returning Autumn '11)

Breakfast Blend

our breakfast blend is a sturdy and astringent cup, blended with enough pungent teas to support milk or sugar. while it highlights indian black teas, breakfast blend gains subtlety from ceylonese and chinese black teas, as well, making it a deep and satisfying cup any time of day.

Ceylon Choice

grown on steep hillsides at high elevations, ceylon choice is characteristically crisp and floral, with a natural citrus note in the taste.

Ceylon Orange Pekoe

our ceylon orange pekoe is a full leaf grade tea from sri lanka, exhibiting a smooth and crisp tea flavor.

China Jasmine

this chinese pouchong tea is scented with jasmine flowers. the flowers are layered in the tea, and then most are removed. the tea retains the jasmine fragrance, yielding a fresh and uplifting cup, with all the bouquet of a garden in bloom.

Costa Rica Estate (TEMPORARILY OUT)

repeatedly awarded 1st place by the most quality-conscious experts in specialty coffee, our costa rica was grown on a private, family-owned estate. abundant sun, altitudes of 4, 430 to 4, 790 feet, and the rich soil of the poas volcano offer ideal growing conditions. cherries are hand picked when perfectly ripe. beans are washed and prepared with painstaking care. transformed by our deep, regular roast, our costa rica is acidic, rich, full-bodied and clean-tasting.

Darjeeling Choice

grown at nearly 7, 000 feet in the foothills of the himalayas, teas produced around the town of darjeeling are the most celebrated of all indian teas. the darjeeling aroma is a fruity, complex fragrance often likened to muscat grapes.

Darjeeling Estate

boasting a full body with intense, bright muscatel flavor and undertones of melon, this moderately astringent tea hails from the puttabong estate.

Decaf Earl Grey

our first decaffeinated black tea. decaf earl grey is decaffeinated using a safe, natural process, which yields the same intense bergamot flavor without any caffeine. by popular demand.

Earl Grey

black tea flavored by oil pressed from the bergamot rind, this is a spicy, citrusy tea with ample body. it is the legendary earl grey.

Formosa Oolong Extra Fancy (Temporarily Out)

this is undoubtedly one of the world's greatest teas, and absolutely the finest formosa (taiwan) oolong. the taste is stunningly sweet, with the naturally occurring flavor of fresh peaches and flowers.

Garden Iced Tea Blend (Temporarily Out)

garden iced tea blend (temporarily out)

Gunpowder - Temple of Heaven (Temporarily Out)

gunpowder tea gets its name from the appearance of the leaves, which are rolled tightly into pellets. the tight roll ensures that this tea will retain its freshness longer than any other.

Hao Ya Keemun (New Crop!) Currently OUT

considered the finest of the congou teas, hao ya keemun "a" yields a richly flavored, red liquor with little astringency and a syrupy, slightly spicy, distantly smoky flavor. with its sweet, apple-orchard aroma, it also makes extraordinary iced tea.

Holiday Blend

a mellow, full-bodied formosa oolong anchors intense high and low-grown indian orange pekoes. holiday blend yields a dark amber liquor with subtle undertones of honey unifying astringent notes of grape, lemon and peach.

India Black Tea Blend

this blend features both the malty boldness of south india teas and the brisk, muscat nuances of the darjeeling region in the north. the result is a balanced cup with a crisp snap in the finish.

India Iced Tea Blend (Temporarily Out)

indian iced tea blend has the unusual combination of a sweet floral aroma with a lively, crisp indian tea taste.

Japanese Gyokuro Asahi

among the finest of the non-ceremonial teas produced in japan, gyokuro ("pearl dew") asahi is prepared entirely by hand, from picking to steaming to drying. the leaves, long, flat and brilliantly green, yield a mellow, full-bodied cup with muted floral notes that recall summertime. gyokuro asahi is grown in the shade to minimize photosynthesis. evidenced by its brilliant color, it is steamed immediately after picking to halt the enzymatic activity that would discolor or "ferment" the leaves.

Keemun Choice

keemun is the most famous of all the black teas of china, and one sip of it captures the unique qualities of that country's best teas: smooth, round, slightly floral and smoky.

Lapsang Souchong

thick, smooth and red in the cup, lapsang souchong has a powerful smoky scent that is thoroughly unmistakable. the leaves are purposely smoked with burning pine to give this tea its potent aroma

Lung Ching Dragon's Well

the most renowned of all chinese green teas, lung ching comes from the peaks of the t'eih mu mountain range in chekiang province.

Moroccan Mint (Temporarily Out)

a blend of peppermint leaves and chinese green tea, morroccan mint is healthful and refreshing.

Quartermaine Special Blend

each year we reserve fine orange pekoe teas for use in our quartermaine special blend. the aroma is subtly malty and floral, the flavor citrusy with undertones of honey and melon. we sometimes change the component teas in this blend in order to preserve its character.

Russian Caravan

this tea is not of russian origin, but is a blend in the tradition of the 19th century russian traders who took yearlong journeys carrying tea from china to the russian capital. this blend of black teas is round, smooth and distinctly smoky.


our sencha is plucked in may, the ichiban-cha season, the best of the three plucking seasons for this tea. made from well twisted, young tea leaves, upon first glance it could be mistaken for grass!

Silvertip Yin Hao (New Crop!)

yin hao jasmine is one of the most beautifully scented teas. in its production, the dark green and "silver" streaked leaves are scented up to five separate times with fresh blossoms.

Young Hyson

young hyson has a bold and heavy flavor for a green tea, and is dried with high heat to give it a slightly roasted aroma.

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