The Best Steak House

3020 E Kalamazoo St, Lansing, MI 48912

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)
Porter House

16 oz bone-in steak 18.26 with tax

T-Bone Steak

12 oz bone-in steak. 14.79 with tax


10 oz bone-in steak. 12.76 with tax

New York Strip

9 oz boneless steak. 10.99 with tax


6 oz boneless steak. 8.79 with tax

Steak and Chicken

6 oz ribeye and monterey chicken breast. 10.72 with tax

Steak and Shrimp

6 oz ribeye and four fried shrimp. 10.72 with tax

Steak Burger Sandwich Aka Best Burger -

1/3 pound burger served on texas toast. add cheese for $.50 plus tax.3.52 with tax

Chop Sirloin Sandwich

1/2 pound burger on texas toast. 4.79 with tax

Steak Sandwich

6 oz ribeye steak on texas toast...6.05 with tax

Gyro Sandwich

ground lamb and beef on pita bread, cucumber sauce on the side. 5.82 with tax

Fried Fish Sandwich

fried cod fillet on texas toast. 3.85 with tax

Chicken Monterey Sandwich

grilled chicken breast on texas toast...4.72 with tax

Pork Chop Sandwich

grilled pork chop on texas toast....3.52 with tax

Chicken Gyro Sandwich

grilled monterey chicken breast wrapped in pita bread...4.72 with tax

Grilled Cheese

2.19 with tax

Add Cheese to Any Item

.55 with tax

Best Burger Combo

6.37 with tax

Chop Sirloin Sandwich Combo

7.36 with tax

Steak Sandwich Combo

8.25 with tax

Chicken Sandwich Combo

7.47 with tax

Chicken Gyro Combo

7.47 with tax

Gyro Sandwich Combo

8.02 with tax

Fish Sandwich Combo

6.60 with tax

Pork Chop Sandwich Combo

6.37 with tax

Gyro Plate

ground beef and lamb, cooked on a verticle spit...9.34 with tax

Pork Chop Plate

two grilled pork chops...........8.02 with tax

Fried Shrimp Plate

eight fried shrimp...10.20 with tax

Fried Fish Plate

two fried cod fillets...10.20 with tax

Chicken Monterey

two grilled chicken breast, extra monterey sauce by request.....10.11 with tax

Chicken Strip Plate

five fried chicken fingers....7.14 with tax

Chop Sirloin Plate

1/2 pound chopped steak patty.........8.24 with tax

Chicken Monterey Salad

grilled chicken breast on a large garden salad served with texas toast...7.14 with tax

Gyro Salad

beef and lamb gyro slices on a large garden salad served with cucumber sauce and pita bread......7.14 with tax

Dinner Salad

garden salad including mixed lettuce, carrot and tomato.....2.63 with tax

Steak Burger Patty and Potato

1/3 pound chopped steak patty, served as a steak rather than as a sandwich, including baked potato and one texas toast, but no salad...5.05 with tax

Chicken Strips and Fries

five fried chicken fingers with french fries and texas toast, but no salad....5.49 with tax

Chicken Monterey Sandwich and Potato

monterey chicken breast on texas toast served with baked potato....6.26 with tax

Extra Chicken Breast

3.79 with tax

Extra 5 Oz Steak Burger Patty

3.07 with tax

Extra 8 Oz Chop Sirloin

4.39 with tax

Extra 6 Oz Ribeye

5.50 with tax

Extra Pork Chop

3.07 with tax

Extra Fish Fillet

3.15 with tax

Extra Shrimp

per piece...85 with tax

Extra Chicken Strip

per piece....87 with tax

Baked Potato

2.20 with tax

French Fries

1.65 with tax

Fried Okra

2.20 with tax

Fried Mushrooms

2.20 with tax

Texas Toast

.55 with tax

Pita Bread

1.37 with tax

Add Sour Cream

.55 with tax

Pickle Spear

.55 with tax


2 slices of bacon added to your sandwich or potato .88 with tax

Grilled Onions -

.55 with tax

Onion Rings

2.20 with tax

Cheese Cake

3.02 with tax

Cheese Cake W/ Cherries -

3.30 with tax

Pies, Cakes, Baklava

2.75 with tax

Chocolate Chip Cookies

1.10 with tax


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Disclaimer: Prices and availability are subject to change

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