Yotsuba Japanese Restaurant

7365 Orchard Lake Rd # West, W Bloomfield, MI 48322

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)
Miso Soup

soybean and fish based broth with tofu, scallion and seaweed

Gyoza Soup With Vegetables

warm vegetable soup with pork dumplings in a soothing broth

Clam Soup With Miso

soybean and fish based broth with tofu, scallions seaweed and clams


boiled tofu and assorted vegetables in broth, served steaming hot with our flavorful sauce

Yotsuba House Salad

freshly-tossed garden greens served with our light sesame house dressing

Seaweed Salad

japanese seaweed marinated in a delicate and flavorful vinegar dressing

Tako Salad

specially-marinated octopus with assorted vegetables

Asparagus And Avocado Salad

asparagus and avocado with a medley of fresh garden greens

Grilled Chicken Salad

grilled chicken breast served with fresh garden greens

Grilled Shrimp Salad

grilled and lightly-marinated shrimp served with fresh garden greens

Sashimi Salad

fresh garden greens topped with tuna, salmon, yellowtail and shrimp balanced with our special garlic dressing

King Crab Salad

generous serving of king crabmeat with fresh garden greens


grilled, skewered and marinated chicken served with teriyaki sauce

Yaki Kamo Nasu Dengaku

baked eggplant topped with duck miso

Tatsuta Age

deep-fried and marinated chicken


pan-fried pork dumplings served with our spicy dipping sauce


lightly-seared, thinly-sliced fresh usda beef served with ponzu sauce and momiji oroshi. our specially seasoned grated daikon

Gyuniku Maki

grilled asparagus delicately wrapped in thinly-sliced beef, served with teriyaki sauce

Roasted Duck

roasted duck breast flavored with honey-orange.

Chicken Fingers For Kids

fried chicken strips served with sweet potato fries


lightly-blanched and delicately salted japanese soybeans


freshly-baked eggplant topped with ginger and bonito flakes

Goma Ae

choice of boiled spinach or green beans served with an aromatic sesame seed and miso sauce

Vegetable Tempura

lightly-battered and deep-fried assortment of vegetables, served with freshly-grated daikon and a special dipping sauce


lightly-blanched spinach served with a special soy sauce and bonito shavings

Oshinko Moriawase

a seasonal assortment of crisp japanese pickles

Agedashi Tofu

deep fried tofu drizzled with a light, warm fish-based broth topped with mushrooms and seaweed

Sashimi Jalapeno

thinly-sliced tuna, salmon and whitefish served with ponzu garlic sauce and jalapeno slices on top

Steamed Clams (6 Pcs)

steamed topneck clams with garlic ginger broth

Spicy Golden Shrimp

six jumbo shrimp baked with our special cream sauce

Spicy Golden Scallop

scallops baked with our special cream sauce

Ebi Obamaki Fry (3 Pcs)

breaded and deep-fried jumbo shrimp wrapped in japanese mint leaves and drizzled with garlic butter

Ebi Chili

six pan-fried jumbo shrimp with tomato chili paste

Fried Oysters

six lightly-breaded and deep-fried oysters


flavorful copeline grilled over an open flame

Saba Shioyaki

salt-grilled jack mackerel served with freshly grated daikon

Salmon Kama Shioyaki


Hamachi Kama Shioyaki

grilled yellowtail jaw meat

Fried Squid Tentacles

lightly-marinated and fried squid tentacles

Ika Fry

lightly-marinated and fried squid

Ika Shogayaki

sautéed squid served with ginger soy sauce

Ika Sugatayaki

grilled whole squid served with grated ginger

Shrimp Spring Roll

deep fried rice paper wrapped with shrimp, shitake mushrooms and avocado

Seabass Saikyozuke

lightly grilled seabass marinated in miso paste

Soft Shell Crab

deep-fried soft shell crab served with ponzu sauce and momiji oroshi. specially seasoned grated daikon.

Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura

lightly-battered and deep-fried shrimp and vegetables served with freshly-grated daikon and a special dipping sauce

Seafood Okonomiyaki (japanese Pancake)

pan-fry vegetable seafood cheese mixture topping with mayo katsu sauce and shaved dry bonito and seawed


lightly-battered and deep-fried small whitefish and julienned vegetables

Steamed Crab Shumai

delicious steamed crabmeat dumpling served with a special dipping sauce

Tuna Tataki

lightly-seared and thinly-sliced fresh tuna served with a delicate sauce

Tuna Tataki Crispy

lightly-seared and thinly-sliced fresh tuna served with a crispy chip topped with tataki sauce and wasabi mayo

Baked Green Mussels (6 Pcs)

baked stuffed mussels with spinach, shitake and cheese

Salmon Tartare

chopped fresh salmon with japanese pickles, served with rice crackers and chef’s special sauce

Kampachi Carpaccio

thinly sliced baby yellowtail served with yuzu paste and ponzu sauce

Ice Fish Fritter

lightly battered, salted and deep-fried small whitefish

Kawa Ebi (baby Shrimp)

fried baby shrimp


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