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Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)
Salade du Grand Père (sah-lahd doo grahn pehr)

Fresh greens dressed with our Dijon vinaigrette, sprinkled with lardons (thick bacon) & walnuts

Salade de Betteraves au Chèvre (sah-lahd duh beht-rahv oh shehvrh)

Roasted beets tossed with apples, walnuts, local goat cheese & Dijon mustard vinaigrette, served on fresh mixed greens

Salade Composée (sah-lahd kahm-poh-zeh)

Celeriac & local apples in Dijon remoulade Spaghetti squash with basil & walnuts topped with Haw Creek Honey Roasted beets with walnut vinaigrette Fresh kale with cranberries & pumpkin seeds in lemon vinaigrette

Poire Pochée au Fromage Bleu (pwahr poh-sheh oh froh-mahzh bluh)

Anjou pear poached in red wine, stuffed with blue cheese mousse, served warm on fresh greens with walnut vinaigrette & toasted walnuts

Assiette de Trois Fromages (ah-see-yeht duh twah fwoh-mazh)

From Three Graces Dairy in nearby Madison County: soft fresh goat cheese, a cow's milk brie & a seasonal creation, garnished with house-made chutney & fruit

Assiette de Deux Pâtés Maison (ah-see-yeht duh doo paht-ehs meh-zhon)

Two different pâtés made in our kitchen: a country-style & a duck liver-Cognac mousse, served with cornichons & Dijon mustard

Gratinée a L'Oignon (grah-tee-neh ah lwahn-yon)

French onion soup (Bien sur!)

Escargots Bourguignon (ess-kahr-goh buhr-gih-nyohn)

Classic escargots in garlic butter under golden-brown puff pastry

L'Os à Moëlle Braisé (lohs ah mwahl brah-zeh)

Braised beef marrow bones with sherry-mushroom balsamic reduction

Brandade de Morue et Coquilles (brahn-dahd duh moh-rooh eh koh-keel)

A typical bistro favorite: mild salt cod, sea scallops & potato, seasoned, puréed and baked 'til browned. Served with toasted baguette

Ravioli de Homard Nantua (rah-vee-oh-lee duh oh-mahr nahn-choo-ah)

A small (4 ravioli) serving Lobster ravioli in crawfish-tomato cream sauce

Quiche du Jour (keesh doo juhr)

Accompanied by Salade du Grand Père or pommes frites (French fries) See our Daily Specials page for today's preparation

Steak Tartare (stehk tahr-tahr)

Thursday Only! Fresh beef shoulder tenderloin, seasoned & ground in house, mixed with chopped onion & cornichon. Served with capers, sliced red onion & toasted baguette. Rawrh! Dinner-size (more)

Moules Frites (moohl fweet)

M-t-w All-you-can-eat! Fresh mussels steamed in savory sauces, served with an order of herbed French fries. Parisienne: White wine, thyme, onions, garlic & butter. Paris-Born Redneck (PBR): Steamed in Pabst Blue Ribbon beer with Lusty Monk mustard & butter. Mediterranean: White wine, onions, tomato, roasted garlic, saffron. La Bleu: White wine, bacon, onions, parsley & blue cheese. Thai: Coconut milk, lemongrass & Thai curry. If you like it hot, just say so- we'll add crushed red pepper!

Truite aux Amandes (tweet ohz ahm-ahn)

Local trout encrusted with almonds, sautéed, finished with fresh lemon juice, white wine & butter, with fresh vegetables & fingerling potatoes

Saumon à la Nage (soh-mah ah lah nahzh)

Fresh, wild-caught salmon poached & served in simmering vegetable broth with seasonal veggies & mussels. Served with aïoli croutons

Poulet Cordon Bleu Bouchon (puh-leh kohr-dahn bluh boosh-ahn)

Our variation: a breaded chicken breast rolled around prosciutto & Gruyere cheese, baked, then finished with lemon juice, white wine & butter pan-reduction. With sautéed fresh veggies & frites

Cassoulet Bouchon (kaa-soo-leh boosh-ahn)

The Languedoc region's classic dish of baked white beans gets a Tarheel twist: we include confit of NCraised poulet rouge leg quarter, house-made garlic-lamb sausage & pork belly

Poulet Roti au Thym (puh-leh roh-tee oh teem)

Time-honored & thyme-dusted NC-raised roast chicken served with vegetables & our authentically French fries

Canard a l'Orange Chocolaté (kah-nahr ah lohr-anzh shoh-koh-lah-teh)

Roasted half-duck rubbed with cocoa nibs, sea salt, coriander & black pepper. Topped with orange sauce, served with our fresh vegetables & frites

Escalope de Dinde Meunière (eh-skaa-loh duh dahnd muhn-yehrh)

A thin (flattened) slice of turkey breast, dredged in flour & coated with egg wash before it's sautéed to a crisp gold. With lemon-parsley sauce, pommes duchesse & sautéed fresh vegetables

Gigot d'Agneau Grand Veneur (zhih-goh dahn-yoh grahn veh-nuhr)

Sliced leg of lamb with the classic "huntsman's sauce," a peppery sauce with red wine & red currant jelly. Accompanied by winter vegetables & flageolet beans

Boeuf Bourguignon (buhf buhr-gih-nyohn)

Beef tenderloin tips, mushrooms, cipollini onions, carrots, thyme & tomatoes simmered in red wine & vegetable stock- a classic stew from Burgundy

Steak au Poivre* (stehk oh pwahv-rh)

Sautéed beef shoulder tenderloin steak & classic black pepper-Cognac sauce, with vegetables & pommes frites

Steak Frites Bouchon* (stehk fweet boosh-ahn)

Beef shoulder tenderloin, pan-fried in fresh garlic butter. Served with our veggies & frites


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