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Onion Soup

A clear, mild soup made from chicken stock Garnished w/ fresh green onions

Classic Miso Soup

A flavorful and savory soybean soup combined with silky tofu and wakame (seaweed). Garnished w/ fresh spring onions

Crispy Wonton Bites

Crispy and chewy in the center, with a decadent cream cheese and crab meat filling oozing out with a bite. Served with our in house sweet and spicy Chili sauce

Pan Fried Dumplings

A combination of fresh minced vegetable and marinated ground pork mixed together and sealed inside a gyoza wrap-per. Served with a dipping sauce mixture of ponzu sauce, sesame seeds and fresh green onions

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings

Delicious chunks of plump shrimp veiled in thin, stretchy, and translucent dough and slearned to perfection. Complemented by our house made dipping sauce

Shiki Spring Rolls

Made fresh daily in-house this mouthwatering blend of 4-spice ground pork, fresh diced vegetable, and glass noodles, is wrapped in a thin crisp spring roll wrapper and fried to perfection. Served with our delicious Thai sweet and spicy chili sauce

Original Seaweed Salad

Wakame tossed with a simple traditional dressing of sesame oil w/ ginger and soy sauce. Topped with roasted sesame seed

Signature Crab Salad

A light and filing, silky and crisp combination of kani, Japanese mayonnaise, and a zest of lime. Garnished w/ fresh green onions and lightly roasted sesame seed

Fresh House Salad`

Copped iceberg lettuce, granted carrots, and purple cabbage topped with shredded cheese and served with a choice of our signature ginger or shrimp sauce

Grilled Chicken Salad

Grilled & marinated boneless chicken lenders lossed together with iceberg lettuce, grated carrots & purple cabbage. Topped with shredded cheese and served with a choice of our signature ginger or shrimp sauce

Shiki Chicken Wings

Large, meaty chicken wings, seasoned with our special mix of spices & deep fried to a perfect golden brown. Includes 4 drumettes & 4 wings, attached

Golden Vegetable Tempura

These crisp Japanese-style treats are great for nibbles or a veggie main course. Hand-battered and lightly fried with zucchinis, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, and onions. Complemented with our house-made tempura dipping sauce

Golden Shrimp Tempura

Delicately marinated jumbo shrimps are crusted with a classic crispy tempura batter and lightly fried with onions, carrots, zucchini & dipped in a light yet flavorful tempura dipping sauce

Boiled Edamame

Fresh soybeans, boiled and lightly salted, Japanese-style, to make the perfect appetizer


Soy sauce base


Sweet glaze

Mixed Vegetables



Fried Rice

Steamed Rice

Tempura Udon Noodles Soup

This simple, yet flavorful Japanese udon soup is cornfort food in a bowl. Prepared with Japanese thick wheat flour noodle, three jumbo shrimp tempura & a hard-boiled egg. Garnished with freshly sliced green onions, crunchy scallions & toasted nori

Udon Soba Noodles

Stir-fry with our signature soy based sauce combined with your choice or protein and an assortment of fresh vegetables

Yaki Soba Stir- Fry

A classic and popular Japanese street food made by stir-frying boiled soba noodles, assorted vegetables, and your choice of protein. Garnished w/ roasted seed and green onions


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