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Papa A La Huancaina

boiled and sliced yukon potatoes topped with peruvian yellow pepper cheese sauce, botija black olives, and hard boiled eggs.

Papa Rellena

fried croquette made with yukon potatoes, filled with sirloin steak, onions, raisins, and botija olives. served with ajicito(spicy sauce) and salsa criolla.

Causa Rellena

layers of mashed potatoes seasoned with lime juice and yellow peppers, stuffed with mayo, onions, boiled eggs, and chicken or tuna.

Avocados Del Mar

chefs specialty, ripe avocado filled with sauteed scallops and shrimp topped with yellow pepper cheese sauce(huancaina).


steamed mashed corn mixed with special peruvian spices, filled with chicken or pork, hard boiled eggs, and botija olives.


deep-fried pastry filled with aji de gallina (chicken) or lomito saltado (beef), onions, black olives, raisins, and hard boiled eggs.

Choritos A La Chalaca

fresh mussels marinated in lime juice with cilantro and onions.

Sopa A La Minuta

beef, tomatoes, and onions in a creamy panca-based soup, garnished with roasted oregano.

Sopa China

chicken or pork, with a soy-ginger-based soup, snow peas, and chinese snap.


peruvian style bouillabaisse with fruit of the sea, tomatoes, aji panca, and corn sider.

Chupe De Camarones

creamy seafood chowder with potatoes, rice, queso fresco, aji panca, and poached eggs.

Aguadito De Mariscos

classic peruvian soup with cilantro, rice, potatoes, red bell peppers, and seafood mix.

Original Cesar Salad

mixed romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and homemade croutons served with a special lite ceasar dressing.

La Peruana

mixed lettuce, fresh tomatoes, cucumber, and ripe avocados tossed in lime vinaigrette

Tetes Original Salad

mixed baby greens, fresh tomatoes, avocados, goat cheese, and pecans tossed in homemade sweet balsamic vinaigrette.

Pollo A La Brasa Salad

mixed lettuce, 1/4 of a rotisserie chicken, tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers, beets, and broccoli.

1/4 Roasted Chicken

1/2 Roasted Chicken

Whole Roasted Chicken

La Fiesta De Alfredo

grilled chicken breast with alfredo sauce mixed with parmesan cheese and tossed with fettuccine.

A La Vodka

homemade vodka sauce, tossed with fettuccine pasta, chicken, italian herbs, and parmesan cheese.

Styr Fry Noodless (tallarin Saltado)

a chinese inspired dish of red onions, red bell peppers, scallions, and snow peas with sesame oil, and kion-ajo (ginger-garlic) sauce, tossed with egg noodles. served with chicken or beef strips.

Angel Del Mar

fresh tomatoes, basil and marinara sauce served over angel hair and mixed seafood.

Original Chicken Salad

shredded seasoned chicken, celery, and pecans with mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Lomo Al Jugo

sauteed beef strips, red onions, tomatoes, and roasted oregano served on a portuguese roll.

Tuna Salad Sandwich

albacore white tuna, red onion, celery, mayo, lettuce, and tomato.

Triple Decker Sandwich

chef's favorite, ripe avocados, fresh tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, and mayo.

Spicy Blackened Chicken Sandwich

spicy grilled chicken, jalapeno jack cheese, re onion, lettuce, and tomatoes served with "panca mayonnaise".

Chicken Club Sandwich

marinated and grilled chicken, bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes served with garlic mayonnaise and ripe avocados for our special latin touch.

Fish Special Sandwich

fresh grilled fish filet, pineapple coleslaw, and parsley tartar sauce served on a sesame bun.

Campesino Burger

this is tete's favorite hamburger. charbroiled hamburger, plantains, fried egg, and "salsa criolla" served on a bun.

El Pollo Sandwich

rotisserie chicken on a portuguese roll with lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

Original Chicken Salad Wrap

shredded seasoned chicken, celery, and pecans with mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Lomo Al Jugo Wrap

sauteed beef strips, red onions, tomatoes, and roasted oregano.

Tico Wrap

sauteed beef or chicken strips, traditional costa rican "gallo pinto" (rice and beans), and plantains.

Oaxaqueno Mexican Wrap

sauteed chicken strips, jalapeño jack cheese, avocado, onion, and peppers with ranch dressing.

Namaste Wrap

sauteed vegetables and beans served with special namaste hot sauce.


fresh fish marinated in lime juice with cilantro and onions, served with potatoes and corn.

Jalea Personal

fried seafood medley and fish, salsa criolla, fried yucca, tartar sauce, and ajicito (lightly spicy yellow pepper sauce).

Pescado A Lo Macho

sauteed breaded fish filet served with white rice and special "a lo macho" spicy seafood sauce.

Arroz Con Mariscos

peruvian "paella", aji panca, rice, calamari, clams, mussels, scallops, and shrimp.

Pescado Frito Con Arroz Y Ensalada

grilled fish filet, served with white rice and garden vegetables.

El Chaufita

chinese-peruvian fusion; fried rice with a "kion-ajo" mix, scrambled eggs, scallions, soy sauce, and sesame oil served with chicken or beef.

Lomo Sin Lomo

peruvian vegetarian stir-fry of fresh tomatoes, red onions, mushrooms, peppers, green beans, celery, and snow peas mixed with french fries and served with rice.

Lomito Saltado

sauteed smoked beef, red onions, and fresh tomatoes mixed with french fries and served with rice. peru's favorite national dish.

Cau-cau De Mariscos

mixed seafood and potato stew seasoned with spicy yellow peppers and mint.

Aji De Gallina

lightly spicy "aji amarillo" sauce mixed with chicken, parmesan cheese, and pecans. garnished with olives and hardboiled egg. served with white rice.

Bisteck A Lo Pobre

seasoned pounded sirloin steak accompanied with fried plantains, fried egg, rice, and french fries.

Milanese De Pollo

pounded and breaded chicken breast served with salad and french fries.


spanish sausage mixed with homemade french fries and topped with a special pink sauce.

Pura Vida, "mae"

a costa rican, "gallo pinto" mix (beans and rice), two pork chops, plantains, and fried egg.

Picante De Mariscos

aji panca sauce (spicy) with mixed seafood, served with rice.

Arroz Con Leche

spanish rice pudding.


a creamy sweet custard.

Tres Leches Cake

delicious cake soaked in three different kinds of milk and topped with light meringue.


popular dessert in peru, made from squash and sweet potato. it is served in a doughnut form and covered with fig syrup.


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