Makeda Ethiopian Restaurant

338 George St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Wednesday's hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm (Hours of Service May Vary)

fresh whole string beans sauteed in a blend of fresh parsley, ginger, garlic and cumin


diced eggplant pan fried in virgin olive oil with a blend of garlic, ginger, chopped parsley and cumin with a hint of lemon


moroccan meatballs made from lean ground beef, a blend of traditional herbs and spices, onions and crushed peppers

D'jaj Bi Zitoune

marinated chicken tenderloins sauteed with green olive and lighlty seasoned, with a selection of traditional spices

Tossed Salad

Fit Fit

Makeda's Best Of The Best

"recommended for two people"

Beg Wat

lamb marinated first in fine ethiopian red wine and then braised in ethiopia's special berbere sauce. hot

Lega Tibs

tender boneless leg of lamb marinated in white wine, then sauteed with rosemary, onions and green peppers

Beg Alecha

tender pieces of lamb braised slowly in green pepper, flavored with an ethiopian herb reduction sauce, ginger, rosemary and a touch of jalapeno pepper. mild

Zilzil Strips

strips of tender lamb marinated in an awaze sauce of ethiopian honey wine, garlic and onions, fried quickly in seasoned butter

Tibs Wat

sauteed prime beef simmered in kaywat and seasoned with special ethiopian spices, a touch of salt, and fine white pepper

Special Tibs

cubed filet mignon sauteed with diced vegetables, onion, tomato, green pepper, and clarified ethiopian herb sauce

Gored Gored

diced marinated filet mignon served in an awaze sauce, (served like steak tartar)

Tibs Fitfit

small cubes of filet mignon sauteed with diced onion, green pepper and sliced tomato, mixed with bits of injera. hot or mild

Gomen Be Sega

fresh collard greens with sauteed filet mignon, finely diced onions and peppers, spiced with cardamom and pepper corn. mild


finely chopped tenderloin of beef seasoned with an ethiopian herb reduction sauce and "mitmita" (a fine powder of chili pepper and red pepper). it can be served lightly cooked (lub-lub style) upon request. hot


finely chopped prime rib, pan fried with ginger, onion, cardamom and white pepper until golden, then sauteed in ethiopia's famous keywat. hot

Doro Tibs

boneless pieces of chicken sauteed and seasoned with ethiopian herb reduction sauce, awaze sauce, hot peppers and onions. hot

Doro Alecha

chicken legs and thighs seasoned with ginger, rosemary and jalapeno pepper and simmered in a hearty ethiopian herb reduction sauce. served with hard boiled egg

Doro Wat

chicken legs and thighs marinated in lemon juice, then sauteed in butter and seasoned with garlic, fresh ginger and fenugreek, then coated with berbere sauce and cooked gently until tender. served with hard boiled egg

Meat Combination

a medley of meat dishes introduced daily, served with three fresh vegetable dishes

Assa Wat

filet of south african haddock, lightly seasoned with white pepper, sea salt and traditional spices simmered in a keywat sauce. hot

Assa Tibs

marinated filet of cape hadie lightly seasoned with fresh herbs, sauteed in shiba wine with african salsa

Assa M' Charmale

filet of south african haddock seasoned with selected fresh herbs and spices, lightly breaded and pan fried with fresh garlic, parsley, cumin and red peppers

Shrimp Alecha

shrimp cooked in a green pepper and ethiopian herb reduction sauce seasoned with ginger, rosemary and a touch of jalapeno pepper. mild

Shrimp Tibs

shrimp marinated in honey wine, rosemary and awaze sauce, then pan fried with hot peppers, onions and greens

Shrimp Wat

tender shrimp sauteed with white pepper and salt then simmered in keywat. hot

Mesir Azefah

a salad of green lentils, chopped onions and jalapeno pepper, seasoned with giner, garlic, white pepper, lemon and mustard seed. served cold

Atakilt Wat

fresh green beans, carrots, potatoes, green peppers, cabbage and onions, sauteed with garlic, ginger and tomatoes a makeda favorite

Shiro Wat

pureed split peas cooked with ethiopian spices. mild or hot

Kik Alicha

yellow split peas cooked and flavored with green pepper, onion and ethiopian herbs

Mesir Wat

lentils cooked with chopped onions, garlic, ginger, olive oil and mild berbere sauce


ethiopian beans cooked and flavored with tomatoes, onions, hot green peppers, and seasoned with special spices, served with a splash of olive oil and ethiopian salsa

Vegetable Combination

your chocie of any five vegetable dishes

Gomen Wat

fresh collard greens sauteed with fine onion, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and ethiopian spices

Pecan Bourbon Tart

a rich traditional pecan pie filling with flavor of kentucky bourbon brimming with pecans in a butter cookie tart shell

Carrot Cake

granulated carrots with a variety of spices baked together and topped with a silky smooth cream cheese

New York Cheesecake

plain, but not ordinary. creamy, firm, thick cheesecake, lightly dusted with graham cracker crumbs

Apple Crunch

heavy crumb bottom filled with fresh apples and walnuts, topped with lots of crumbs

The Ultimate White Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate Mousse

our signature cake, a very light chocolate mousse with an oreo crust and topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings

Royal Champagne

we start with a dense chocolate cake covered with chocolate mousse, then a layer of champagne bavarian spotted with bits of raspberry. it is finished with champagne glaze and a garnish of delicate chocolate lace.

Grand Seuoia

bittersweet chocolate mousse with grand marnier, wrapped in chocolate bark

Chocolate Madness

a chocolate lover's dream, our smooth chocolate mousse with crunchy praline atop a layer of chocolate mud cake, finished with a crown of rich chocolate ganache and a curled piece of chocolate


pistachio, maccachino, flor di latte, caramel chip, raisin and rum cafe latte, mint chocolate cream



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