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Brain Masala

a real south asian delicacy. lamb brain cooked with butter, onions, tomatoes and authentic spices.

Chicken Jalfrezi

delicately cut pieces of chicken breast meat.sauteed with tomatoes, bellpeppers, onions and flavored withvarious aromatic spices like wholecinnamon sticks and cloves.

Chicken Karahi

northwestern and himalayan regionspecialty. diced chicken cooked with northernspices, herbs and tomatoesin traditional style.

Goat Karahi

khyber pass region delicacy whereno feast is complete without this dish.diced goat cooked with northernspices, herbs and tomatoes intraditional style.

Vegi Biryanii

basmati rice cooked with variety of vegetables and exotic spices.

Kachumar Salad.

small cut pieces of mixed greens and tomatoestossed together


cucumber, raisins, cumin seeds and mint.


2 pieces.

Gulab Jaman Taj Maha

made from fresh pasteurized milk, cream and nuts.flavored with crushed cardamom seeds. 2 pieces.

Banarsi Kheer

rice custard flavored with gentle sweet spices likecardamom and cloves. blended with a variety of nuts..

Gajar Ka Halwa

carrot cooled in milk flavored with green cardamomserved with pistachio nuts and almonds.

Murgh Tikka Lahori

the sultan's recipe! supreme chicken breast cut butterfly style or a wholesome leg portion.lightly marinated in spices and lemon juice. breast alone is 50c extra.

Murgh Boti Tandoori

the queen of tandoor. tender morsels of boneless chicken breast marinated in a blend ofvinegar and spices, and gently skewered to bake over charcoal.

Tandoori Chop

a delectable combination of farm fresh spinach cooked in traditionalpunjabi masala and brought to perfection in a blend of curried chicken.

Tandoori Boti (Beef)

tender bites of boneless beef marinated and brought to delicious perfection in the tandoor.served with gentle basting of warm butter.

Seekh Kabab Mughlai

ground beef blended with a rare selection of delicious herbs and spices.barbecued on skewer and tenderly cooked on charcoal.

Seekh Kabab Murgh

ground chicken blended with a rare selection of delicious herbs and spices.


unleavened bread baked in the clay oven at aspecial temperature. served piping hot.

Onion Kulcha

tandoori baked bread stuffed withmildly spiced onions and a touch of butter.

Garlic Naan

finely hand-kneaded unleavened doughstuffed with deliciously cooked garlicand baked to a delightful perfectionin the tandoor. it is something different.

Aloo Paratha

wheat bread layered with butter.

Shalimar Chawal

shalimar's own basmati rice.cooked in a rich stock of savory spicesand brown onions and made aromaticwith a touch of exotic saffron.

Sindhi Chicken Biryani

shalimar's own basmati rice.chicken cooked with exotic spices anda touch of cilantro, peppers and mint.a real aromatic dish.available on certain days

Murghi Korma Shahi

the king of curries. made with succulent chicken, delicately flavoredwith saffron and gently simmered in a blend of yogurt and selected will love it!

Saag Chicken

a delectable combination of farm fresh spinach cooked in traditionalpunjabi masala and brought to perfection in a blend of curried chicken.

Chicken Kofta

chicken meatballs. made aromatic with touch ofexotic spice zeera (cumin seeds).

Chicken Tikka Masala

chicken barbeque cooked with butter in shalimar spices. heartyand tasty.

Saag Gosht

the favorite dish of the punjabi farmer. a combination oftender morsels of lamb cooked with garden fresh spinach, crisp coriander and various aromatic herbs.

Bhuna Gosht

relished by punjabi stalwart soldiers. grass fed lamb, cooked withbutter with a hint of garlic and ginger over a bed of is brought to a simmer in pakistani wild spices.something to remember us!

Beef Jalfrezi

delicately cut slices of beef sauted with tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and flavored with various aromatic spices likewhole cinnamon sticks and cloves.

Aloo Keema

ground beef or chicken cooked with onions, tomatoes, whole gingerand a selection of delicious spices served with potatoes.


north indian delicacy. fat removedbeef shank cooked slowly in mixed spices. garnished with ginger, pepper and cilantro.


combination of lentils and barley.mixed with chicken or beef. slow cooked in authentic spices.garnished with ginger, onions and cilantro.

Kabli Channa

combination of lentils and barley.chickpeas delicately cooked in butter and "garam masala", and caressed with the softness of tamarind and coriander.

Palak Paneer

spinach and cheese cooked with our exotic spices.south indians love it. they eat it like meat.

Mili Juli Sabz

an interesting and tasty variety of fresh vegetables, red ripe tomatoes, spices and herbs. stir-fried and left to simmer in their natural juicethat brings out a rainbow of scrumptious flavors.

Palak Aloo Methi

the pride of punjabi farmland. a wonderful combination of freshlypicked spinach greens. cooked with young potatoes and "kasuri methi".it is seductively tantalizing!.

Daal Masala

the love of every indian and pakistani. considered a poor man's foodbut found on every table. made rich with a variety of lentils stewedwith cumin and coriander.

Bengen Bhujia

garden fresh eggplant cooked with slender bits of onions and tomatoes.made rich with exotic oriental spices.

Paneer Masala

a south indian specialty. cheese cooked in shalimar specialtikka masala. coocked slowly to maintain the balance.


ladyfingers cooked with onions and various shalimar spices.cooked to perfection, garnished with ginger.depending upon availability.

Mutter Paneer

a north indian delicacy made with mutter (peas) and paneer (cubedcheese). one of the most frequently ordered dishes.


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