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order online - Baba Ghannoush from Babylon on
Baba Ghannoush

mashed eggplant with fresh garlic, tahini & oil

order online - Lebni from Babylon on

creamed yougurt, garlic, dill & walnuts

order online - Cold Cucumber Soup* from Babylon on
Cold Cucumber Soup*

(cacik) yogurt blended with cucumber, garlic fresh mint & dill

order online - Hummus from Babylon on

mashed chickpeas blended with fresh garlic, sesame paste & herbs

order online - Eggplant Salad (patlican Salatas) from Babylon on
Eggplant Salad (patlican Salatas)

mashed eggplant with fresh garlic & herbs

order online - Feta Cheese* from Babylon on
Feta Cheese*

(beyaz peynir) fresh feta cheese served with juicy tomato & fresh black olives

order online - Fried Calf Liver(arnavut Cigeri) from Babylon on
Fried Calf Liver(arnavut Cigeri)

served with sliced onion & parsley

order online - Spinach Rolls (ispanakli Borek) from Babylon on
Spinach Rolls (ispanakli Borek)

fillo filled with our special spinach stuffing

order online - Feta Rolls Cheese (sigara Boregi) from Babylon on
Feta Rolls Cheese (sigara Boregi)

fillo filled with feta cheese stufing

order online - Falafel from Babylon on

fried fresh ground chickpeas with paesley & special ingredients

order online - Calamari from Babylon on

order online - Shepard Salad from Babylon on
Shepard Salad

coban salates

order online - Green Salad from Babylon on
Green Salad

yesil salata

order online - Extra Feta Cheese from Babylon on
Extra Feta Cheese

order online - Red Lentil Soup from Babylon on
Red Lentil Soup

ezo gelin

order online - Lamb Chops from Babylon on
Lamb Chops

(pirzola) lamb chops broiled to perfection

order online - Shish Kebab from Babylon on
Shish Kebab

(sis kebab) tenderloin cubes of lamb marinated in our chef's unique seasonings

order online - Chicken Chops from Babylon on
Chicken Chops

(tavuk pizola) chicken chops broiled to perfection

order online - Vegetables Shish from Babylon on
Vegetables Shish

(sis vegetables) fresh mixed grilled vegetables

order online - Kofte Kebab from Babylon on
Kofte Kebab

minced lamb blended with onions, parsley & other spices

order online - Adana Kebab from Babylon on
Adana Kebab

chopped lamb flavored with red pepper, slightly seasoned with paprika and grilled on skewers

order online - Chicken Shish from Babylon on
Chicken Shish

(tavuk kebab) tenderloin cubes of chicken marinated in our chef's unique seasoning

order online - Baklava from Babylon on

order online - Bottom Of The Pan (kazandibi) from Babylon on
Bottom Of The Pan (kazandibi)

order online - Shredded Wheat With Walnuts (kadayif) from Babylon on
Shredded Wheat With Walnuts (kadayif)


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