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Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)
Spring Rolls

assortment of julienne vegetables, mushrooms, and seasoning, stuffed and deep fried to perfection, served with a light plum sauce

Summer Rolls

refreshing dish made with julienne carrots, lettuce, and cucumber lightly rolled with vermicelli noodles and topped with fresh mint and prawn, served with our special plum sauce; $5.95 with tofu

Chicken Satay

chicken breast marinated in coconut milk and spices served with a fresh cucumber salad and peanut sauce

Firecracker Prawn Rolls

prawns stuffed with seasoned crab meat, cream cheese and wrapped in thin rice paper and fried to a golden brown, served with a sweet and sour sauce

Golden Calamari

calamari lightly coated in a seasoned flour and fried to a golden brow, served with a sweet and sour sauce

Crab Delight

golden wonton stuffed with crab meat and cream cheese, served with a thai dipping sauce

Tofu Delight

fresh tofu cut into steaks, and then fried to perfection, served with a tangy sauce

Steamed Mussels In White Wine and Garlic Butter Sauce

steamed mussels cooked in white wine, garlic, lemon grass, and sweet basil

Samui Sampler Platter

assortment of our favorites, chicken satay, spring roll, prawn roll, tofu delight, and crab delight

Duck Salad

a medley of garden greens topped with a seasoned roasted duck, served with our own special thai dressing

Chicken Larb

chicken minced in lime juice, thai herbs, and chili pepper, served on a bed of lettuce, and sliced cucumber

Crying Tiger

grilled seasoned beef sliced thinly, and served with a devilishly hot thai sauce

Yum Salad

delicious salad seasoned with lime juice, chilies, and tossed with julienne vegetables, and thai herbs

Papaya Salad

julienne green papaya, sliced tomatoes and lime juice tossed with thai chilies and garlic, topped with grilled shrimp

Green Salad with Tofu and House Dressing

Yum Woon Sen

refreshing noodles, salad, seasoned with lime juice, chili, and thai herbs

Golden Cashew

sauteed zucchini, mushrooms, onions, carrot, bell pepper, water chestnut and cashew nuts in a special sauce

Samui Basil

sauteed fresh green beans, red chilies, bamboo shoot, garlic, holy basil, and onion

Royal Thai Sweet and Sour

sauteed with pineapple, bell pepper, tomatoes, celery, onion, and cucumber in tamarind sweet and sour sauce

Classic Prikkhing - No Coconut Milk

sauteed with fresh green beans, carrot, prikkhing paste topped with freshly chopped lime leaves

Samui Garlic Sauce

stir fried with broccoli, onions, carrots, and served on a hot plate

Rama Jungle Spinach

served on top of a bed of sauteed spinach, bean sprouts, and thai peanut sauce; $10.95 with roasted duck

Thai Firewalker Eggplant

stir fried eggplant, bell pepper, onion, carrots, garlic, basil, and chiles with black bean sauce

Oriented Ginger Garden

sauteed fresh napa cabbage, green onions, baby corn, garlic, ginger, carrots, celery, and mushrooms with oyster sauce

Samui Thai Barbecued Chicken

barbecued chicken marinated with coriander, garlic and pepper

Family Seafood

combination of seafood, prawn, scallop, squid, mussel and salmon, with yellow curry sauce mix vegetable

Imperial Beggar Bag

pan-fried minced chicken, preserve sweet turnip, ground peanut and chive, served with toasted sesame bun and peanut sauce

Green Curry

simmered with green curry paste, coconut milk, thai eggplant, green beans, and topped with fresh thai basil

Red Curry

simmered with red curry paste, coconut milk, bamboo shoots, red and green peppers, topped with fresh thai basil

Panang Curry

prepared with panang curry paste, bell peppers and thai basil

Yellow Curry

simmered in yellow curry paste, coconut milk, potato, and red onions

Swinging Jungle Curry

simmered with red curry paste without coconut milk, a medley of vegetables, bell and thai basil

Three Stooges with Tofu

baby corn, green beans, carrots, tofu, and mushrooms in a delicious stir fried

Veggie Curry

prepared in either a red or green curry sauce

Samui Spicy Tofu

stir fried tofu prepared in a hot wok with chilies, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, carrots, onions bell peppers and zucchini

Samui Midnight Eggplant

triple decks roasted eggplant stuffed with tofu and spicy tomato relish

Laughing Yogi

vegetarian duck curry prepared with red curry paste, coconut milk, tomatoes and pineapple

Swinging Abalone Curry

yellow curry prepared with potatoes, carrots, onions and veggie abalone

Capitol's Garden

simple stir fried made with a medley of veggies and tofu

Pad Thai

a delicious quick stir fried thin rice noodles with ground peanuts, eggs, diced and topped with chives, served with fresh bean sprouts, and lime

Pad Kee Mao

stir fried wide rice noodles, eggs, bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, hot chilies, tomatoes and thai basil

Pad See Ew

stir fried wide rice noodles with eggs, chinese broccoli, garlic, and a thick soy sauce

Ba Me Hang

made with egg noodles, ground peanuts, green onion, cilantro, bean sprouts, and spinach prepared with spices

Evil Basil Noodles

sauteed with garlic, green beans, bamboo, onion, bell pepper, chilies and basil, mixed into light gravy, and topped onto a quick wok fried rice noodle

Pad Woon Sen

pan fried bean thread noodle with tomatoes, pineapple, mushroom, carrot, celery and onion

Pan Fried Sukiyaki

pan fried bean thread noodle with egg, celery, napa cabbage, onion, spinach and thai sukiyaki sauce

Samui Fried Rice

stir fried jasmine rice with egg, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, and cashew nuts.

Evil Basil Fried Rice

stir fried jasmine rice with egg, onions, red chili, bell peppers, and thai basil

Chili Paste Fried Rice

stir fried jasmine rice with onions, green peas, carrots, chili paste, and egg.

Yellow Curry Fried Rice

stir fried jasmine rice with pineapple, raisin, cashew, egg, green peas, carrots, and onion

Mix Vegetable Fried Rice with Tofu

Panang Salmon

fillet of king salmon top with stir fried panang curry sauce

Angry Fish

fillet of salmon with the chef's special chili sauce

Three Flavors Halibut

fillet of halibut with tamarind sauce

Grilled Fillet of Salmon with Smashed Cucumber Salad

Roasted Duck Curry

prepared with red curry paste, coconut milk, tomatoes, and pineapple

Steamed Dover Sole with Soy Sauce Ginger and Scallion

Pla Rad Prik

deep fried whole trout with chef's special chili sauce

Samui Earth and Ocean

stuffed dover sole with prawns, crab meat, bacon, and seaweed served with spinach coconut glaze

Steamed Jasmine Rice

Steamed Brown Rice

Thai Sticky Rice

Cucumber Salad

Thai Peanut Sauce

Black Sticky Rice Pudding with Logan Berry

Thai Tapioca Pudding

thai tapioca pudding prepared with young coconut meat, corn and drizzled with coconut sauce

Mango, Or Coconut Ice Cream

Raspberry Sorbet

Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango


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