Inka Heritage

602 S Park St, Madison, WI 53715

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

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Ceviche De Pescado Inka

the freshest fish in seattle with atouch of yellow chili pepper

Ceviche De Camarones

fresh shrimps tossed in leche de tigre"

Ceviche Marino

avocado stuffed with chicken, peas, carrots, afresh seafood (tilapia, crab leg, mussels, shrimp, squid)nd potatoes in a homemade mayonnaise, garnished with olive and tomato (veggie optional)


touch aji amarillo, stuffed with shredded breast chicken, tomatoes and avocado


a three flavors of potatoes rolls the one topped with shredded breast chicken, the second with smoked salmon and the other with fried fish smothered with aji panca and onions


fresh half avocado stuffed with shredded crab, and shrimp in a homemade white sauce and gratinated with parmesan cheese


avocado stuffed with shredded chicken and vegetables in a homemade mayonnaise sauce

Papa A La Huancaina

boiled potatoes covered in huancaina cream peruvian yellow chili pepper mixed with milk and white cheese, garnished with boiled egg and botija olive

Yuccas A La Huancaina

fried yucca in their simple texture with a huancaina cream sauce

Chicharron Limeno

aromatic broiled pork served with fried sweet potato and creole sauce

Tamal Peruano

peruvian tamale, ground corn is formed into dough and stuffed with smoked pork, botija olive, boiled egg, served with creole sauce


afro-peruvian fire roasted beef heart skewer marinated in aji panca, herbs, spices, served with creole sauce, huacatay cream boiled potato and peruvian corn

Papas Rellenas

padded potato croquettes of mincemeat and spices, filled with mash sirloin, boiled egg, botija olive, walnuts and raisins accompanied with creole sauce

Ensalada Inka

organic mixed greens marinated in our mixture of citrus garnished with fresh avocado, carrots, choclo, and a mix of five cheeses

Aguadito De Pollo

revitalizing cilantro soup cooked in a base of cilantro, chicken, peas, carrots and rice


seafood soup style bouillabaisse with fruits of the sea flavored with fish and aromatic herbs

Chupe De Camarones

our signature soups, peruvian shrimp chowder made with base of aji panca, shrimp, rice, carrots, peas, yellow potato, choclo, white cheese, poached egg and a head on shrimp

Lomo Saltado

bite sized usda choice black angus beef tenderloin wok flambeed at the moment, with onion, tomatoes and cilantro, accompanied with steamed rice and fried potatoes

Lomo Inka Heritage

grilled usda choice black angus tenderloin, with tacu tacu, rice and canary bean pancake grilled, served with fried egg, sweet plantains and creole sauce

Lomo A La Huancaina

grilled usda choice black angus beef tenderloin with grilled mushrooms both on top of a delicious huancaina cream served with boiled potato and white rice

Tacu Tacu Con Lomo Saltado

tacu tacu, rice and canary beans pancake grilled, served with bite sized usda choice black angus beef tenderloin wok flambeed at the moment, with onion, tomatoes and cilantro

Seco De Cordero

juicy lamb stew, cooked with cilantro and beer, served with beans and rice, garnished with fried yucca and creole sauce

Aji De Gallina

tender shredded breast of chicken prepared in a peruvian cream sauce of aji amarillo, garnished with roasted walnuts, fresh parmesan cheese, black botija olive, boiled egg, served with white rice and boiled potatoes

Arroz Con Pollo

aromatic cilantro rice with a light touch of beer, topped with tender grilled chicken, and garnished with peas, red pepper, cilantro and creole sauce

Escabeche De Pescado

lightly fried fish fillets smothered with aji panca, onions and red peppers accompanied with sweet potatoes, white rice and garnished with black botija olive and boiled egg

Arroz Con Mariscos

paella style tasty rice mixed with fresh seafood in a peruvian red chili pepper sauce, topped with whole head on shrimp and creole sauce

Pescado A Lo Macho

lightly fried fish fillets prepared with mussels, crab legs, squid, shrimp, and covered with a spicy garlic and onion sauce. accented with white wine and served with rice.

Trucha Andina

grilled peruvian trout in fine spices accompanied with huacatay huanca boiled potato and inka salad

Pescado Inka Heritage

a flavored lightly fried fish fillet, stuffed with shrimp and shredded crab in a homemade white sauce gratinated with parmesan cheese, served with white rice

Tacu Tacu De Camarones

rice and canary beans mixed and grilled served with shrimp in a delicate sauce with a touch of white wine


crispy tilapia, seafood, yucca, plantains, fried chunk yellow corn and creole sauce accompanied with peruvian sauces

White Rice

Lima Beans

Fried Sweet Potatoes3

French Fries

Peruvian Fried Corn

Homemade Salsas

rocoto, aji de la casa, huancaina


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