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Dahi Papdi Chaat

mid afternoon finds north indians detouring to their favorite pushcart for this cooling snack of flat papdis, potatoes and garbanzo beans smothered with yogurt and chutneys.

Dahi Batata Puri

i still remember making the trek to the pushcart at elko arcade in mumbai for these puris filled and topped with yogurt and tamarind chutney. make sure you finish the best part, the tangy mixture at the bottom of the plate, after the puris are gone.

Dahi Pakori

my grandma would have us help her grind lentils which were then made into dumplings and soaked in hot water to make them soft to their core. they are dipped in yogurt and served with mint and tamarind chutneys.

Bhel Puri

at 3pm sharp everyday the bhel puri wala would pass our neighborhood ringing the bell on his pushcart. he would serve this zesty mixture of rice puffs, potatoes, onions and chutneys covered with sev in a recycled newspaper. ask for it sweet, medium or spicy.

Sev Puri

the bhel puri walas other specialty: flat papdis with potatoes, onions, and chutneys topped with sev and, when in season, raw mango.

Pani Puri

you will find vendors with pushcarts and even bicycles selling this fiery, mint water filled in puffed puris. make a hole in the puri, stuff it with potatoes and garbanzo beans, add a little tamarind chutney and fill up the puri with the spiced water. the whole puri goes in your mouth.

Aloo Tikki

pushcarts with large taavas have these potato patties lined up in a circle ready to be served with cholle and chutneys. the crisp skin hides the soft interior.

Samosa Cholle

i looked forward to my parents having guests over because it meant samosas would be served. our samosas are served with a side of cholle and chutneys.

Cholle Bhature

the big puffy thing. break off a piece of bread with your hands, dab the pickle and scoop the cholle into your mouth.

Mix Veg Pakoras

there isnt a better snack served on a rainy day with a cup of tea.


the dosa pushcart would set up everyday at 4pm around the corner from amitabh bachans bungalow in mumbai. the dosa wala would always put the first dosa made at the foot of ganeshji's altar. he would roll out these savory crepes with filling, on a taava, and serve them with sambar and chutney. please choose from plain, masala (potato) or vegetable filling.


the dosa wala was simultaneously working a smaller taava flipping crispy, savory pancakes topped with tomatoes and onions.


the dosa pushcart also had an idli steamer which, every hour or so, would turn out these light and fluffy rice cakes with sambar and chutney.

Veg Kathi

this hearty paneer roll is a favorite for vegetarians.


this traditional north indian breakfast invokes memories of mom in the kitchen rolling parathas on tavaas and serving them hot with yogurt and achaar. please choose from an aloo (potato) or gobi (cauliflower) stuffing.

Pav Bhaji

linking road in mumbai had a row of stalls all serving bhaji with pav. you would see the bhaji on a taava with a ring of amul butter around it. the bhaji is intended to be scooped up with the pav.


the dhokla seller would come to your flat in mumbai on his bicycle selling this gujurati favorite out of a large steel drum. you give him an approximate quantity and he would weigh it on his balance weight scale and give it to you wrapped in a newspaper.

Chicken Kathi Kebab

it is mesmerizing watching the workers at bade miya, in the shadows of the taj hotel in mumbai, flip the paratha and add egg to it. it is rolled together with spicy chicken.

Lamb Baida Roti

bade miyas popular late night snack is this roti made on a taava and stuffed with minced lamb.


on friday, the holy day for muslims, the streets leading up to the mosque are lined with vendors selling biryani in huge clay pots. the layers of rice and bone-in meat cook together all day long. the choice between lamb and chicken is a tough one.

Koliwada Fish

as you approached the end of linking road in mumbai, the aroma of fried fish would draw you to this wood shack. you tell the owner the quantity and he would drop it into hot oil with his free hand. he would serve it to you in a newspaper with a side of onions and chutney.

Keema Samosa

a lamb filled version of the popular samosa.

Shami Kebab

this hyderabadi specialty of ground lamb and lentils is served over rice. it is renowned for its smooth texture and delicate composition.

Kulfi Falooda

kailash parbath in mumbai was my post-exams destination for this saffron flavored ice cream topped with vermicelli and basil seeds and a hint of rose.



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