Vert Brasserie by Wolf Gang Puck

6801 Hollywood Blvd Ste 411LOS, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)
Crispy Suckling Pig

black plum puree, sweet bean, chinese 10 spice

Spring Rolls

maine lobster, prawns, 10 spice honey

Chinese Chive Crystal Dumplings

alaskan king crab, shrimp, kurobuta pork

chow Fueng Rolls With Braised Kobe Beef Short Ribs

chilies, scallions, cilantro, crispy garlic, hot sesame oil

Summer Sweet Corn & King Crab hot & Sour Soup

sweet prawn wontons, chive, thai basil, fried ginger

Steamed Baby Bao Buns

slow braised red cooked pork belly, chinese honey-garlic glaze

tiny Dumplings

pork belly, black vinegar, chili oil, ginger, cilantro leaves

Chili dan Dan Dumplings

organic chicken, chili garlic sauce, crushed peanuts, green onion

Crisp Lettuce Cups

maine sweet shrimp, rice sticks, pickled ginger-serrano chili vinaigrette

Steamed Diver Scallop And Shrimp Sui Mai Dumplings

ginger-garlic crab sauce, fresh chives

Tasting Of Dim Sum

chive crystal dumpling, dan dan dumpling, tiny dumpling, scallop-shrimp sui mai & shrimp hargow

Hot Pot Of Slow Cooked Boneless Kobe Short Ribs

star anise, young greens, eggplant, wild mushrooms

Stir-fry Kobe Beef With Chili Garlic & Sweet Bean Sauce

golden chives, peas, eggplant, crispy baby spinach

szechuan Style Steak Au Poivre

smoked chili-shallot sauce, scallions, kobe beef taro fritters, la you hot oil

Prime Filet Of Beef 10oz.

American Wagyu kobe Style Ny Sirloin From Snake River Farms

Grilled Lamb Chops Marinated With Korean Gochu Jang Chili

pickled ginger sauce, crispy garlic, wild arugula salad

3 Course Menu

4 Course Menu

Singapore Style Chili Prawns

fresh crab, fried garlic, chili, scallions, shallots, pickled ginger

angry Two-pound Live Maine Lobster

spicy szechuan chilies, fried garlic, scallions, black bean dust

Spicy Assam Prawns indian Spiced

curry leaves, garlic, mustard, yogurt, cardamom, fenugreek

Whole Sea Bass Baked In A Fragrant Salt Crust

zhenjiang black vinegar, ginger, shallots, scallions, mala flavored oil

Maine Black Cod Broiled With Chinese Ginseng Honey

roasted black sesame vinaigrette, chili-orange noodle salad

Steamed Wild Skeena River White King Salmon

baby bok choy, ginger, tokyo leeks, aromatic soy & toasted sesame oil

Crispy Skin Szechuan Baby Chicken

snow peas, tokyo leeks, asparagus, szechuan pepper salt

Crispy Glazed Wolfe Ranch Quail general Tso

garlic, dried chilies, ginger, black chinkiang vinegar

Whole Roasted Duckling peking Style

with traditional garnishes (for two)

Shanghai Noodles

fresh chilies, thai basil leaves, slow cooked oxtail

Hong Kong Soft Noodles

golden chives, wild field mushrooms

Spicy Chicken Chow Fun

fragrant thai basil

Yu Choi & Choi Sum Greens

garlic chives

Stir-fried Summer Sweet Corn

fresh water chestnut, fresno, thai basil

Sweet Peas And Wild Mushrooms

snap and snow peas, crimini, shiitake

Hunan Spicy Eggplant

roasted shishito peppers, chili, crisp garlic

Lop Cheung Sausage Fried Rice

char siu pork, scallions

Xo Fried Rice

maine lobster, fried shallots, budding chives

Farmers Market Fried Rice

snow peas, peppers, asparagus, red onions

Raspberry Royale

rosewater creme brulee, buttermilk honey cake, flower tea sorbet

Tobu Bananas

sugar roasted bananas, tonga sweet cream, hazelnut crunch


popped rice, fried jasmine rice ice cream, espresso

Birds Nest

bellweather fromage blanc, huckleberry compote, blue sorbet

Chocolate Jun-paku

walnut brownie, gingerbread dream cream, candied satsuma

Mango Sakasama

valenicia pride mango, creamy yogurt genoise, palm sugar glaze, cassie ballard, pastry chef


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