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Ceylon Teas Sampler

ceylon tea ceylon estate op, lover's leap, nuwara eliya and ratnapura are from orange pekoe (op) grade. "pekoe" describes medium-size, slightly coarser tealeaves. tea that tastes good as a bop (broken orange pekoe) will be even better in its op grade. to be classified as pekoe, the tea must be composed purely of the new flushes - a flush being the flower bud plucked with two youngest leaves.

Lover's Leap Estate Bop

don't confused lovers leap estate ceylon tea offered by tea time with other online sellers! the quality is totally different in cup color as well the taste.

Nuwara Eliya Estate Fbop

the nuwara eliya lies in the mountainous region of the central part of the island of sri lanka. tea grown in this area produces the finest ceylon black tea. it is medium bodied, clean and crisp aroma, displaying lots of fruit with a sweet finish.

Ratnapura Estate Special Op

about fifty miles east of the capital colombo. ratnapura means 'city of jewels'. the leaves of this tea are long and wiry, with a silvery tip. this ceylon black tea has a full and pungent flavor that is very refreshing. it is a great morning tea. our finest ceylon tea.

Tea Time Ceylon Estate Blend Op

this is a signatured tea time ceylon. from the dimbula region of a respectable tea estate produced only for tea time. the taste is smooth and round. the robustness is typically ceylon tea which goes well with milk and suitable for any moment from sun rise to sun set. grade orange pekoe is a premium grade.

Anhui Premium China Black Tea

this is a classic china black tea from the famous anhui region. this tea is full bodied with deep burgundy depth and delightful oaky notes. perfect either hot or iced. we use this tea at tea time lounge to brew our popular black iced tea.

Chinese Black Teas Sampler

a must for chinese black tea lovers. this package contains all of our premium chinese black teas: anhui premium, keemun hao-ya a, keemun hao-ya b, pu-ehr superior and yunnan gold.

Keemun Hao Ya A, Organic

the anhui province in northern china produces the burgundy of teas. due to its incredibly rich bouquet and dark red color, keemun is considered one of china's finest black teas.the "hao-ya" grade is the best of keemun teas. hao-ya roughly translated, means "needle leaf", referring to the beautiful tightly twisted leaves.

Keemun Hao Ya B, Organic

this tea comes from the famous tea growing province anhui in china.the flavor has a bit more hearty overtone than grade "a" and a hint of natural smokiness. try also our hao-ya a for the best grade of keemun, which has a delicate flavor.

Lapsang Souchong Imperial

his special tea with its exotic smoky flavor comes from fujian province, china. after plucking, the leaves are withered over cypress or pine wood fires. the leaves then are rolled, and placed into wooden barrels for oxidation process takes place which resulted into the leaves' own pleasant aroma.

Pu-ehr Tuo Cha

this pu-ehr tea is hand-formed into the shape of tiny bowls or "tuo cha" (birds nests). deep earthly taste. try our specially selected quality. one tuo cha makes one cup (8oz) and may be repeatedly brewed

Pu-erh Superior

tea leaves are buried and aged in the earth for seven years allowing special microflora fermentation processes to form unique compounds in the tea. one of the few teas that gets better with age. health benefits are lowering body cholesterol, lipids compounds and improve digestion. exotic earthy taste, clean, smooth and rare tea.

Yunnan Black Gold

yunna means southern clouds, the tea gardens grow high (3, 000 to 6, 500 ft.) in the mountains of the yunnan province of china that are bordered by vietnam, laos and burma. this brightly/copper-colored tea has a pleasant characteristic yunnan tea that you can't miss it.

5 Stars Breakfast Teas Sampler

this package includes five selected fine breakfast teas for you. it includes five 50g (1.76 oz.) samplers of: bristol bay english breakfast, irish breakfast, russian caravan, scottish breakfast and east frisian blend.

Bristol Bay English Breakfast, Bop

this tea provides a strong cup to wake up in the morning. the hearty, robust blend of assam/ceylon bop has the typical flavor that makes english breakfast tea so popular. enjoy this full-bodied liquor that also goes well with milk.

East Frisian Blend

this tea is an assam broken leaf blend. a pleasant malty cup of tea.

Irish Breakfast

if you love a strong cup of tea, look no further! this tea is the strongest assam bop blend we offer. it provides an abundance of maltiness and heartiness for a robust moring tea cup. perfect with milk.

Leopard Blend Assam

the beautifully tippy, extra long leaves in this tea are a blend from distinctive estates of assam region. this tea came out on top at one of our tasting sessions described as a hearty liquor, displaying lots of maltiness, yet with a very smooth finish.

Moroccan Breakfast

unique tea only available through tea time. spiciness with malty undertones. a medium-bodied liquor with rich flavor but not too heavy. a fine breakfast tea that will also be gentle for the afternoon. one of our best selling blends.

Russian Caravan Finest Blend

world famous tea mentioned in many tea books. a black tea with a slightly smoky flavor. this tea reminds the teas which brought overland from china in the last century through the silk road.

Scottish Breakfast Blend

a wonderfully smooth cup of tea with a hint of maltiness. recommended by tea time drink any time of the day with or without milk.

Assam Decaf

no caffeine but still has the full malty flavor and heartiness of a classic assam tea.

Ceylon Decaf

a smooth, mellow decaf however round and robust which is typically ceylon tea. good at any time of the day and can be enjoyed with milk and sugar according to preference.

Darjeeling Decaf

enjoy the delicate darjeeling tea also known as the "champagne of teas" with no caffeine.

Earl Grey Decaf

enjoy the most popular tea with that wonderful bergamot flavor in black tea base without caffeine.

English Breakfast Decaf

a strong and robust classic english breakfast with no caffeine. it goes well with milk.

Mango Black Tea Decaf

exotic black tea with mango flavor scented by mango flowers. decaf but still flavorful and fruity.

Masala Chai Decaf

authentic chai is here! fine indian black tea to which is added ginger, cinnamon, cardamon and vanilla pieces. no caffeine but still so flavorful.

Sencha Green Decaf

few decaf green teas can be this good.

World Decaf Teas Sampler

this package is a wonderful introduction to fine classic decaf teas including: assam, ceylon, darjeeling, earl grey, english breakfast, mango and masala chai.

Balance Tea - New

blended according to ayurvedic teachings this herbal tea soothes and balances. the manifold, finely composed ingredients result in a taste experience, which is both delicious and aromatic.

Evening Time - New

chamomile is one of the oldest medicinal plants known and researched. back in times of the romans it was already known for its various health benefits.

Herbal Chai

if you want to get in on a herbal treat, try our herbal chai. rooibos blended with cardamon, cinnamon, ginger and a bit of vanilla. see tea time's "brewing instruction" for this delicious drink.

Linden Flowers

linden flowers is another herbal tea that has a sweet floral taste. brews up into a nice beverage that you can enjoy all day long.

Masala Chai Decaf

authentic chai is here! fine indian black tea to which is added ginger, cinnamon, cardamon and vanilla pieces. no caffeine but still so flavorful.

Tea Time Pure Peppermint

high quality domestic peppermint leaves are cut and sifted to our standards. incredibly refreshing.

Wellness Tea - New

smashingly tasty and healthy at the same time. this exquisite herbal blend stands out for its slightly sweet aroma, its note of lemon and a touch of refreshing peppermint. an ideal companion for anyone under pressure, looking for a revitalizing effect

Yerba Mate

yerba mate is the beverage of choice in south america. the taste is strong and vegetative with a slight bitterness. it is traditionally drunk from a gourd through a metal straw called a bombilla.

Yoga Tea - New

a classic among the herb blends! the slightly character and yet aromatic taste is both an inspiring and relaxing experience.

Masala Chai

masala chai is a black tea from india to which ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla pieces are added. the tea is brewed very concentrated, and then hot milk is added to it. unlike the pre-sweetened mixes that most coffeehouses use, our freshly brewed chai is authentic, and flavorful.

Gopaldhara Silver Pearls White Tea

opaldhara silver pearls. wonderful floral aromas permeate the liquor and the muscatel flavors come through on the finish. this white tea is from india and the only one from this region as most quality white teas come from china.

White Egret Pearls White Tea

made from the unopened bud and the first leaf of the most delicate harvest of only specially selected tea plants, the leaf is rolled into a small ball which captures its intense floral-bell pepper flavor. the ball opens up as it brews to release the complexity of this superior tea.

White Pomegranate White Tea

a beautiful white tea with pomegranate pieces. delicate taste and wonderful aromas.

White Teas Most Exclusive Sampler

we make it now available for you to try out the best of the best white teas available at the moment.

Yinzhen Silver Needles White Tea

from fujian province, considered as the highest grade of chinese white teas.

Bai Mu Dan Special, Organic

from mainland china, the liquor of this fine tea has a shimmering clear infusion with a delicate lingering fragrance and a fresh, mellow, sweet taste. this white tea will charm you. recommended for tea connoiseurs.

Black Iced Tea

this basic black tea is suitable for all your refreshing moments. the tea can be combined with pearls, half/half cream and a bit honey. enyoy your tea time drink.

Chrysanthemum Iced Tea

a classique refreshing iced tea. a must for iced tea lovers. try to brew not too strong. a little sugar syrup or pearls added makes the drink heavenly.

Iced Black Teas Sampler

special selected samplers that chill you down! you get 4 samplers of: english breakfast, irish breakfast, assam blend breakfast and welsh breakfast.

Iced Fruit Teas Sampler

four premium flavored iced teas are selected for you: mango, peach with flowers, rose congou and vanilla iced tea.

Iced Fruities Teas Sampler Nr.1

selected "iced tea samplers 'fruities 1' " contains of: apricot/grape fruit iced tea, kiwi-rasberry mint iced tea, papaya/black currant iced tea and wildberry mint iced tea.

Vanilla Iced Tea

a classic black iced tea, with vanilla! kids, men, women just love it.

Mango Passion Fruit Iced Tea

a hint of mango, the refresshing of undertone passionfruit makes your iced tea very special. light redyellowish liquor crystal clear through glass.

Mint Berry Iced Tea

refreshing tickles of mint in combination with the wildeness sensation of wildberries will chill you down and refresh you instantly. the sunset reddish color of the liquor will definitely encouraging for the next glasses.


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