Akikos Restaurant

431 Bush St, San Francisco, CA 94108

Hours of Service:

Monday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

(Hours of Service May Vary)

amber jack (kyushu, japan)


black sea bream (cyprus)


wild black sea bream (kagishima, japan)


sea bass (local)

Tennen Hirame

wild 'ika jime' halibut (chiba, japan)


monkfish liver (boston)

Hara Sake

seared salmon belly (marlborough, new zealand)


'cold smoked' golden eye snapper (chiba, japan)

Kuro Maguro

black tuna (nagasaki, japan)

Kuro Maguro 'Zuke'

soy sauce cured black tuna (nagasaki, japan)


mackerel (sanriku, japan)


king salmon (marlborough, new zealand)

Shiro Maguro

white tuna (canada)

Shiro Toro

white tuna belly (canada)


ocean trout (australia)


salmon roe (alaska)


bean curdskin (japan)


egg omelette


flying fish roe (japan)


sea urchin (santa barbara)


Moriwase Nigiri - 6pc

Sashimi Tasting - 12pc


sweet shrimp (canada)


scallop (hokkaido, japan)


octopus (japan)


snow crab (alaska)


yellow tail, scallion, shiso, sesame

Negi Toro

tuna belly, scallion, pickled daikon, sesame


salmon, avocado, scallion, yuzu jalapeno, tare, sesame


soft shell crab, avocado, scallion, soy paper


tuna, scallion, avocado, crispy shiso, pickled carrot, sesame


avocado, sesame


egg omelette, avocado, cucumber, spinach, sesame


english cucumber, sesame


soybeans, sea salt


soy bean soup, seaweed, shimeji, tofu, scallion


spinach in sesame, soy dashi


japanese cucumber, wasabi, choice of octopus or scallop


medley of greens, cucumber, avocado


niman ranch beef, tare, kim chi jus, tendon crackling

Hamachi Kama

broiled yellowtail collar, ponzu

Saba Shio-Yaki

mackerel, chives, ponzu-daikon


black cod, squid miso, aka su reduction, roe, koji egg yolk


fried silken tofu, roe, dashi


fried shoft shell crab, ponzu


fried monterey squid, sansho, spicy aioli


fried baby mackerel, fennel, aioli

Nigiri with Tonkatsu

Nigiri with Chicken Teriyaki

Nigiri with Beef Teriyaki

Nigiri with Udon (Excludes Miso Soup)

Nigiri with Tempura

Nigiri with Saba Shio-Yaki

Nigiri with Salmon Teriyaki

Sashimi with Tonkatsu

Sashimi with Chicken Teriyaki

Sashimi with Beef Teriyaki

Sashimi with Udon (Exclude Miso Soup)

Sashimi with Tempura

Sashimi with Saba Shio-Yaki

Sashimi with Salmon Teriyaki


amber jack (kyushu prefecture)


wild black sea bream (kagishima prefecture)


blue fusilier (kouchi prefecture)


striped jack, white trevally


young snapper (miyazaki prefecture)


threeline grunt fish (nagasaki prefecture)

Tennen Hirame

wild 'ike jime' halibut (chiba prefecture)


thorny head (hokkaido prefecture)

Aka Mutsu

red fish aka deep sea grouper (wakayama prefecture)


'cold smoked' golden eye snapper (chiba prefecture)


chub mackerel (nagasaki prefecture)


black tuna (nagasaki prefecture)


silver pomfret aka butterfish (chiba prefecture)


ribbonfish (fukuoka prefecture)


young barracuda (fukuoka prefecture)


young yellowtail (nagasaki prefecture)

Tennen Sawara

spanish mackerel (kagoshima prefecture)

Nama Sake

"first run" wild copper river salmon (alaska)

Hon Maguro

single pole and line caught wild bluefin tuna (boston)

Hanasaki Gani

blossoming crab, miso butter (hokkaido prefecture)

Ensui Uni

unprocessed sea urchin (hokkaido prefecture)

Tokujyo Uni

russian sea urchin (kaigara island)

Kuruma Ebi

imperial shrimp (hokkaido prefecture)

Shiro Ebi

baby white shrimp, caviar (hokkaido prefecture)

Nama Ebi

madagascar shrimp

Kuro Awabi

japanese black abalone (hokkaido prefecture)

Miyazaki Wagyu

japanese black cattle, truffle pealing, moshio

Borgo Conventi (2013, Collio, Italy), Pinot Grigio

Refreshing & well balanced with intense ripe pear flavor

Nobilo 'Icon' (2013, Marlborough, New Zealand), Sauvignon Blanc

Strikingly aromatic with tropical pineapple, backed by hints of citrus zest & pink grapefruit

Groth (2013, Napa Valley, Ca), Sauvignon Blanc

Lush, full melon/citrus character in the aroma & in the flavor. Crisp backbone that gives the wine an exciting liveliness that balances the rich creaminess

Robert Mondavi 'To Kalon Vineyard Reserve' (2012, Napa Valley, Ca), Fumé Blanc

Stone fruit flavors fold into citrus, floral & mineral notes with a complex & long finish that perfectly expresses the rare, old-vine sauvignon blanc of to kalon

Domain Wachau (2013), Gruner Veltliner

Laced with delicate herbal notes & aromas of white pepper, balanced with tropical fruit flavor & hints of ripe yellow apple; medium bodied with a crisp acidity, harmonious, juicy fruits

Simi 'Reserve' (2012, Russian River Valley, Sonoma, Ca), Chardonnay

On the nose, toasty & smokey notes with aromas of lychee fruit, green apple, apricot & a subtle perfume of honey, vibrant flavors of fresh fruit & zesty citrus

Cuvaison 'Estate' (2012, Carneros, Napa Valley, CA), Chardonnay

Lovely aromatics of honeysuckle, lily, acacia blossom & clove spice. Charming mix of white peach, apricot, nectarine & lime zest all tied to a bright, long, refreshing finish

Chateau D'esclans 'Whispering Angel' (2013, Provence, France), Rosé

A tangy rosé with light strawberry jam & fresh citrus character, full & crisp with a bright cherry mineral & clean delicious finish

Hugel (2012, Alsace, France), Riesling

Elegant, refeshing & thirst-quenching, it is the perfect expression of a truly drinkable classic riesling from the alsatian region of france

Stock and Stein (2013, Trocken, Germany), Riesling

Bone dry with searing acidity, showing a tantalizing aromatic nose of winter citrus and a hint of bouquet grain

Louis Latour (2012, Cóte De Beaune, France), Meursault

Fresh, distinguished wine with considerable elegance & a long, subtle finish. Excellent intensity here with all the elements you would expect from a meursault

Domaine Faiveley, Grand Cru 'Les Clos' (2012, France), Chablis

A classic grand cru chablis with elegance, white flower citrus & a racy mineral nuance that complements the long complex finish. 'Les clos' at it's finest

Schloss Johannisberg 'Trocken' (2013, Rheingau, Germany), Riesling

Enticing nose of honeydew melon, nectarine & sweet lime lead into a pure & balanced finishing that is lively, elegant & crisp

Louis Roederer (Nv) (Reims, France), Champagne

Structured texture, richness & length are distinctly winey

Nicolas Feuillatte (Nv) (Chouilly, France), Brut Rosé

Fresh, vibrant & beautifully balanced with raspberry fruit

Veuve Clicquot 'La Grande Dame' (2004, Reims, France), Champagne

This 'téte du cuvee' from the house of clicquot never disappoints with its rich flavors of brioche, nougat, apricot, vanilla, frangipani & jasmine

Wild Horse 'Unbridled' (2012, Santa Barbara County, Ca), Pinot Noir

Aromas & flavors of fresh strawberries, forest floor & hints of vanilla from 100% french oak aging

Argyle 'Nuthouse' (2012, Willamette Valley, Oregon), Pinot Noir

Exquisite aromas of ripe cherry & blackberry fruit & subtle earth notes, hints of spice & toasty oak all lingering beautifully on the finish

Simi 'Landslide' (2010, Alexander Valley, Sonoma, Ca), Cabernet Sauvignon

Deep, dark & nearly opaque with a ruby edge, evocative aromas of chocolate laced with cinnamon, blackberry, plum, black cherry & exotic wood spice

Overture (Nv) (Oakville, Napa Valley, Ca), Meritage

Elegant & complex, notes of bright cherry & red currant underpinned by earthy tones of cocoa, cedar & vanilla

Opus One (2011 Oakville, Napa Valley, Ca), Meritage

Polished & supple tastes of cassis, nutmeg, raspberries, dark chocolate, cola, fresh oak & forest floor

Casa Silva 'Reserva' (2010 Colchagua Valley, Chile), Carménère

Full bodied, aromas of blackberries, plums, chocolate, toffee, white pepper & spice

Quintessa (2011 Rutherford, Napa Valley, Ca), Meritage

Spicy dark berry flavors are complicated by black olive, currant, wild herbs & a hint of leather that are lifted by an attractive violet element on the rich finish

Château De Pez (2010 Saint Estèphe, France), Bordeaux

Powerfully ripe wine solidly based on a structure of dark tannins & dense black currant fruit. The wine has elegance, power & density

Domaine Aurélien Verdet Chambolle-Musigny (2010 Côte De Nuits, France), Burgundy

Black cherry, blackberry & violet aromas & flavors highligh this rich red, lively & balanced with a spice & mineral tinged finish

Domaine Jacques Prieur Gevrey Chambertin 'Premier Cru' (2011 Côte De Nuits, France), Burgundy

From younger vines in the grand cru vineyard 'le chambertin' this wine is bright, with hints of blackberry, violet & a rich minerally finish

Château Margaux (2001 Margaux, France), Bordeaux

Deep purple, pure & intense, with floral notes, loads of blueberry, black currant & violet-infused fruit. An excellent vintage for château margaux



Asahi Kuronama


Koshikari Rice Beer

Coedo Amber Craft Beer

Tama No Megumi Bottle Conditioned Pale Ale

Kanchiku Ocean Malt Weizen

Masumi Okuden Kantsukuri (Mirror of Truth)

Comfortingly Familiar, Surpassingly SMOOTH

Akitabare Koshiki Junzunkuri (Northern Skies)

Pleasingly dry & mild, a well-crafted sake

Miyasaka Yawaraka Junmai (Sake Matinee)

Smooth & gentle with a hint of wild plum

Dewazakura Dewasansan (Green Ridge)

Mellow, with a green apple tartness and

Dewazakura Izumi Judan (Tenth Degree)

A potent sake for martini fans - crisp & bone dry

Kokuryu (Black Dragon)

Deeply mysterious with rich yet welcoming flavor

Dewazakura Omachi (Jewel Brocade)

An ornate, full-flavored ginjo, using japan's ancestral brewing rice

Masumi Arabashiri (First Run)

Lovely aroma, lively taste, a graceful finish

Dewazakura Oka (Cherry Bouquet)

Delightful, flowery bouquet with a touch of cherry & melon


Slightly off dry on the palate, medium to medium plus body

Junmai Daiginjo (Autumn Elixir)

Complex & delightful with a touch of persimmon

Tedorigawa Kinka (Golden Blossom)

Vivid & poised with a delicately fruity flavor

Tamagawa Kinsho (Heart of Gold)

Full-flavored with gamboling fruit & floral displays

Hoyo Kura No Hana (Fair Maiden)

A truly light sake with sweetness, delicacy & finesse

Dewazakura Mini-Daiginjo (Sakura Boy)

Mildly mellow & fruity with a clean finish

Iki Na Onna (Lady Luck)

Trim & saucy with a caress of wild honey

Tedorigawa Yamahai (Chrysanthemum Meadow)

Enticing imprint of honey and herbs at first sip, segueing at mid-range into a sake of surprising clarity

Sayuri (Little Lily)

Creamy nigori offers a refreshing aroma

Kikusui (Perfect Snow)

The kind of nigori sake, reminiscent of pure snow, with a crisp, dynamic flavor despite its sweet, full-bodied flavor and rich aroma

Kamoizumi Nigori (Summer Snow)

Premium unfiltered sake; rich, creamy and brimming with exuberant natural flavor. Mildly sweet, yet surprisingly robust. Aromas of rice, sweet cream and strawberries

Kikusui Funaguchi

Fresh sake which is not subjected to either pasteurization or blending, being rich, yet light in taste

Jikusei Funaguchi Kikusui Nama Sake

Year aged ginjo nama genshu is a rich and dense sake

Dewazakura Namagenshu (Green Ridge)

Unpasteurized, delivers a noticeable lift at first sip, followed by a pleasant tartness and a brisk finish

Kokuryu Ryu (Gold Dragon), Daiginjo

A well rounded sake with gentle, yet assertive undertones of cedar wood and earth balancing delicate yet robust aromas of rice, brewed with the highest grades of fukui's local rice and famous soft water

Tedorigawa Mangekyo (Kaleidoscope), Daiginjo

This rare nama daiginjo has the taste of perfect daiginjo, with such abundance of floral & fruity undertones, it is nearly impossible to describe them all. Limited to production of only 400 bottles per year, mangekyo is aged two years at sub-zero temperatures resulting in a brilliant silky-soft work of art

Masumi Yumedono (Mansion of Dreams), Daiginjo

A luscious, deep reaching gold medal winning daiginjo. The array of flavor nuances include peach, melon and strawberry and can be savored by itself, or served at any point of the meal

Dewazakura Daiginjo (Mountain Cherry), Daiginjo

This fragrant and bright sake is perfect for wine connoisseurs. If it were wine, it would be a rich and complex white burgundy, or a sangiovese. Juicy flavors of stone fruit, berries, rice and honey combing with a mouth watering acidity and dry finish making this a wonderful drink to pair with food

Dewazakura Yukimanman (Snow Country), Daiginjo

Aged 5 years at sub-zero temperatures, this initially bright and fruit forward work of art matures into a silky, mellow drink with hints of buttered toast and ripened fruit

Kokuryu Ishidaya, Junmai Daiginjo

Gently matured for years at low temperatures, this junmai daiginjos unparalleled mellowness and fullness of flavor are world renowned and is the most important sake in their portfolio which bears kokuryu's original name

Kokuryu Nizaemon, Junmai Daiginjo

Named after kokuryu's founder, this rich, elegant sake uses every precious drop collected from 18-liter tobin bottles and matured using kokuryu's proprietary yeasts, and gravity drip method. Only 20 bottles were allowed to enter the country this year

Kokuryu Shizuku (Droplets), Daiginjo

Pure elegance, named after the fresh, clear liquid collected drop by drop from cotton bags filled with sake mash, its flavors are simply clean and beautiful

Kokuryu Hachijyuhachigo (No. 88), Daiginjo

88 is a very lucky number in japan. To say it is perfectly balanced is an understatement. Rich with umami, & a perfect accompaniment with food, it is so extraordinary that it doesn't need food to match its greatness

Tedorigawa Tsuyusanzen (A Thousand Drops of Dew), Daiginjo

Spirited and lively, yet sophisticated all at once, this nama daiginjo combines vast amounts of floral and fruity flavors overlaying a staunch core structure

Koshi No Kanbai Chotokusen (Pinnacle of Perfection), Daiginjo

A legendary sake in japan that can be enjoyed chilled or warmed, and enhances any part of the japanese meal. Its flavors are so balanced, experts can hardly describe it

Koshu Masamune



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