Fudpucker's Beachside Bar and Grill

108 Santa Rosa Blvd, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548
Friday's hours: 11:00am - 10:00pm
Fried Ravioli

incredible ravioli stuffed with a delicious blend of ricotta, romano and parmesan cheeses then fried to a delicate crispness. served with our incredible marinara sauce

Smoked Tuna Dip

a gulf coast favorite, our fantastic tuna dip is served with crackers and fresh veggies (carrots, celery, squash and cucumber)

Crab Balls

loads of succulent blue crab mixed with father fud’s secret ingredients and rolled into little balls of sheer delight, then fried to perfection and served with our homemade sensual sauce

Chicken Nacho Grande

crisp tortilla chips topped with melted colby and monterey jack cheeses are baked and garnished with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, black olives, jalapenos and finger lickin’ chargrilled chicken chunks. (whew!) served with picante sauce and sour cream. mucho excellente

Gator Tail A La Fud

take a walk on the wild side with this special treat from the bayou. some of the best tail you ever wrapped your lips around

Famous Hush Puppies

you’re in for a real delight when you order some of father fud’s secret recipe hush puppies. you get 8 per order, served with our sensual sauce (blend of mayonnaise, honey, and creole mustard). kids love em’

Fried Dill Pickles

as southern as it gets and mighty tasty if i do say so myself! tangy pickle spears battered and fried to perfection and served with our own ranch dressing

Fried Shrooms

a trip your taste buds will remember. fried and served with ranch dressing

Cheese Sticks

aged mozzarella cheese, battered and fried just right. served with marinara sauce

Onion Rings

perfectly battered, thick and tasty, fried crisp and chewy. served with ranch dressing

Buffalo Wings

a dozen of the best wings on the beach! we select the choicest chicken parts and pieces and serve em’ up "buffalo" style with crunchy celery sticks, carrots & honey bleu cheese dressing

Fried Chicken Tenders

chicken tenders, breaded with our homemade breading mix and fried up golden brown. served with our homemade honey mustard dressing


the most succulent of cephalopods (squid that is) sliced thin, delicately battered and fried to perfection. served with our very own sweet and sour sauce. come on, give it a try!

Popcorn Shrimp

a generous portion of popcorn shrimp lightly battered (but not assaulted) then fried to perfection. served with your choice of cocktail, tarter or remoulade sauce

French Onion

a classic - featuring sweet yellow onions simmered with garlic butter and wine in a luscious beef broth. topped with croutons and swiss cheese

Squashed Crab Soup

homemade right here at the fud with yellow squash, crab meat, cream, onions, and father fud’s secret spices. you’ll write home about this one

Seafood & Chicken Gumbo

fresh shrimp, fish and chicken simmered in a spicy roux based sauce thickened with fresh okra and sassafras file. ya just gotta try it!


homemade right here at the fud with fresh ground beef, onions, bell peppers, jalapenos, kidney beans and father fud’s extra special spices. hot, spicy, & topped with colby and monterey jack cheeses

Fruit & Nut Salad

salad mix with dried red cranberries, mandarin oranges, carrot slivers and pecans. awesome and healthy too!

Chicken Caesar’s A La Fud

to heck with the king, this salad is fit for an emperor. a mound of fresh romaine lettuce is tossed together with croutons and our own extra special caesar’s dressing and topped with chargrilled chicken and parmesan cheese

Chargrilled Chicken Strippers Salad

a totally healthy combination of garden fresh greens, veggies, and 1/4 pound of chargrilled chicken strips. try it with our homemade honey mustard dressing. you’ll love it!

Chef Salad A La Fud

a classic chef salad, only different. fresh lettuce is garnished with an assortment of seasonal veggies, eggs, colby & monterey jack cheeses, ham, crumbled bacon and chargrilled chicken

Broiled Snapper A La Fud

snapper, dusted with father fud’s secret seasoning then broiled with butter, garlic and a splash of white wine. topped with our amazing creole cream sauce

Paneed Chicken Creole

tender breast of chicken lightly breaded and pan-fried to perfection then topped with a delectable creole cream sauce. magnifique!

Surf & Turf

the “ultimate” combination featuring our incredible 14 to 16 ounce chargrilled ribeye and your choice of 6 fried shrimp or 2 charbroiled shrimp kabobs. unbelievable!

Chargrilled Ribeye

arguably the most flavorful steak due to its high fat content, our ribeye is handcut daily right here at fud’s. each 14 to 16 ounce steak is marinated in our secret basting sauce, dusted with father fud’s secret seasonings and chargrilled to your specifications. excellent!

Shrimp Creole A La Fud

fresh gulf shrimp topped with our signature creole cream sauce and broiled to absolute perfection. wow!

Creole Snapper A La Fud

a tender and flaky fillet of snapper fried to perfection and topped with popcorn shrimp, our incredibly creamy creole sauce and a blend of monterrey jack and cheddar cheese. simply delicious!

Stuffed Shrimp Parmesan

fresh shrimp loaded with crabmeat stuffing and topped with our signature parmesan cheese sauce, then broiled with butter, garlic and secret seasoning

Stuffed Snapper

sweet and succulent snapper stuffed with crabmeat dressing then broiled with garlic butter and secret seasoning

Broiled Snapper

snapper, dusted with father fud’s secret seasoning then broiled with butter, garlic and a splash of white wine. topped with our amazing creole cream sauce

Snapper Parmesan

a signature item here at fud’s featuring our incredible snapper topped with creamy parmesan cheese sauce, toasted bread crumbs and secret seasonings all baked to perfection

Chargrilled Fudpucker

the perfect way to try our namesake “triggerfish” - we chargrill this delectable fish as only fud’s can do with secret basting sauce and special spices. a favorite of tourists and locals alike. incredible!

Chicken A La Fud

two breasts of chicken are basted and chargrilled to perfection, then topped with bacon and monterey jack cheese for a taste treat that’ll tickle you tonsils!

Finger Lickin Chicken

tender strips of ever so succulent chicken breast breaded and fried to absolute perfection. served with our homemade honey mustard sauce and oven fresh bread

Fish & Shrimp Combo

delicate filets of fish team up with our famous fried shrimp a la fud, this combo is just right for those wanting a little variety

Seafud Platter

a veritable feast featuring large portions of fresh fish and shrimp fried to a golden brown, our signature crab balls and a cup of our world famous seafood gumbo! this is our “best selling” entree and a seafood lover’s delight

Chicken Alfredo

a new item here at fud’s featuring chargrilled chicken blended with our creamy alfredo sauce and fettucini noodles. topped with diced tomatoes and green onions. wow!

Shrimp Alfredo

fresh sauteed gulf shrimp with our creamy alfredo sauce a la fud. served with fettucini noodles, lots of parmesan cheese and topped with diced tomatoes and green onion. dats amore!

Crab Cakes

father fud’s secret recipe featuring loads of sweet “blue crab” meat pan-fried in the traditional cajun style. served with our sensual sauce on the side

Popcorn Shrimp

a humungus portion of popcorn shrimp lightly battered (but not assaulted) then fried to perfection

Fried Shrimp

succulent shrimp lightly battered (but not assaulted) then fried to perfection. this is our most popular entree

Shrimp Scampi

fresh gulf shrimp is broiled in real butter with minced garlic, onion and wine, then dusted with secret seasonings. it’s excellent!

Fried Fish

our incredibly tasty fish of the day, lightly breaded and fried to a delicate crispness

Chargrilled Shrimp

large gulf shrimp skewered with tomato, red onion, green pepper and squash then butter basted and grilled to perfection

Bbq Bacon & Cheese Fudburger

smoked bacon and cheddar cheese atop a ½ lb. fudburger smothered with "crazy mother pucker’s bbq sauce

Pulled Pork Pucker

hickory smoked pork perfectly pulled for taste and tenderness. topped with "crazy mother pucker’s" bbq sauce

Ultimate Chicken Pucker

a marinated and chargrilled chicken breast topped with monterey jack cheese and hickory smoked bacon

Ultimate Grilled Chicken Wrap

our special recipe grilled chicken wrapped with smoked bacon, monterrey jack cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato and sensual sauce

Fud Dog

the ultimate hot dog. a quarter-pound all-american "dawg" topped with our world famous chili and cheese. served with french fries

Fried Chicken Pucker

a classic chicken sandwich featuring a perfectly breaded and fried chicken breast

Shrimp Pucker

a hearty helplin’ of scrumptious popcorn size gulf shrimp fried up nice and crisp and served between buns with all the trimmings

Chargrilled Chicken Pucker

a plucked portion of tender chicken breast basted and chargrilled to perfection

Crab Pucker

one of father fud’s scrumpdelicious cajun style crab cakes sauteed and served on a bakery fresh roll with all the trimmins

Ultimate Fish Pucker

the best fish sandwich on the beach! crispy fried fish topped with grilled onions and american cheese

Bacon Cheese Fudburger

crisp smoked bacon and melted cheddar cheese atop a world famous fudburger. who could ask for more?

Fud Philly

a mound of thin sliced “prime rib”, sauteed mushrooms, onions and peppers topped with monterrey jack cheese. served with our homemade horseradish cream

Chargrilled Fish Pucker

triggerfish basted and chargrilled to absolute perfection. the best fish sandwich on the beach!

Mushroom Swiss Fudburger

one of captain fud’s all time favorites. a fudburger supreme piled high with fresh sautéed mushrooms and 2 slices of swiss cheese. mmm mmm good!


a mighty sizable 1/2 lb. share of beef seasoned with fresh cut onions and garlic, then chargrilled to perfection.

Fried Fish Pucker

a heavy duty portion of fish lightly battered and fried to a crisp golden brown

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