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The Zincy Sammer

okay, so we took this recipe from a quaint little deli in germany. sue us! corned beef, kraut and swiss with 1000 island dressing on marble rye.

The Midwest Sammer

we took the classic turkey club and added a little midwest flavor to it. what yells midwest louder than ranch dressing? baked turkey, honey ham, bacon and swiss with ranch spread, lettuce and tomato on whole grain wheat.

Roast Beef & Cheddar

five for five??? fat chance with this sammer! like a gin and tonic; the name says it all! hot roast beef and melted cheddar on an onion roll with hot au jus.

The Sicilian Sammer

this recipe came from a friend's dear sicilian grandmother so if you don't like it you are going to have to tell her about it. we just can't break her heart. salami, pepperoni, ham, italian dressing, a bit of mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion on italian white.

P.e.t.a Sammer

guacamole, tomato, onion, cucumber slices, lettuce, green olives on whole gran wheat.

Hot Ham And Cheese

hot ham & swiss with mayo, on italian white.

Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

we have taken an old school classic and put a grown up twist to it! texas toast, loaded in the middle with aged cheddar, muenster & colby jack cheeses and paired this sammer with a tomato basil bisque that is to die for.

Choose One Meat

corned beef, roast beef, turkey or ham.

Add One Cheese

swiss, cheddar, provolone, pepper jack or american.


lettuce, tomato and/or onion.

Select Bread

italian, marble rye, whole grain wheat or onion.

Pick Your Dressing

mayo, mustard, spicy mustard, horsey sauce or honey mustard.

The Stout

this is our version of the bbq chicken pizza and its way better than the original. we start with a guinness infused bbq sauce topped with a blend of provolone and cheddar cheeses. then cover it from edge to edge with marinated chicken breast and freshly sliced red onion.

The Barge

we named this one after ourselves so you know it's going to be good. marinara sauce with a splash of sam adams topped with our five-cheese blend. now comes the good part marinated chicken breast, pepperoni, red onions, and banana peppers all topped with just enough crushed red pepper so you know it's there.

The Blanco

this is a basic cheese pizza that isn't so basic. olive oil infused with roasted garlic and a wisp of heineken atop your choice of crust. then it's topped with provolone, mozzarella, cheddar, ricotta and parmesan cheeses with just a touch of basil.

The Buffalo Chicken

you've had the dip at some point; we just added a pizza crust. we started with spicy buffalo cream cheese, topped it with marinated chicken breast and buffalo hot sauce. then finished with provolone and cheddar cheeses and away you go.

The Traditional

what pizza menu would be complete without this one? marinara sauce infused with samuel adams boston lager covered with a five-cheese blend and topped edge to edge with sandwich style pepperoni.

The Ranchero

sounds a little southwestern, well it is. we start this one off with a drizzle of our homemade ranch spread, top with mozzarella and provolone blend, add chicken, bacon and roma tomato and sprinkle with our own southwest spice blend and finish it off with cool ranch dressing.

The Cheese Burger

ketchup and mustard, 2 cheese blend, ground beef, red onion, bacon, topped with american cheese and diced pickle.

The Aloha

marinara sauce infused with samuel adams boston lager, 2 cheese blend, pineapple chunks and ham.

Build Your Own

choose one sauce: marinara, bbq, olive oil, or buffalo. choose one cheese: parmesan, provolone, cheddar, mozzarella or five-cheese blend. toppings: roma tomatoes, mushrooms, banana peppers, green olives, black olives, marinated chicken breast, roasted garlic, sandwich pepperoni, ground beef, bacon, ham, pineapple, sausage, spinach, red onions, crushed red pepper.

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